‘Ascension’ Tools

Here follows Practical Tools for Ascending from the Mud of Existence as we approach 2012:

Self Forgiveness:
Self Forgiveness is the Tool with which you stop yourself as the Creator creating the future through repeating the past, over and over again – only changing the Pictures, using the same pattern as base – thus, remaining in the past as memory as self-definition.

Self Honesty:
Self Honesty is the Tool with which you discern and check whether you have already forgiven yourself for participating or creating an experience or not. This is thus to Review the pattern and the picture and see if you have stopped participating and creating it.

Breath / Breathing:
Breathing is the Tool used if you’ve already forgiven yourself, but must still walk through an experience you created in the past before you stopped yourself through Self Forgiveness.

If you fall in your self-trust – that means, you do not trust your own Self Forgiveness and when the event from the past enter your present and instead of breathing through it, you go into suppression or action, emotionally or energetically based – acting as if the situation still exists – not realising you’re purely walking through your past which will stop once it is no longer being fed with energy through your creative active participation: You will Time-Loop and must start the Process of Self Forgiveness and Self-Honesty around the event again – until you can Trust you to Never again participate in the pattern or create an experience that do not consider all life equally.

Obviously you’re going to be challenged by the past which stretch through many, many cycles through many, many lives.
Thus, to deny what enters your existence through claiming you have somehow not created it, will simply activate a time-loop or multiple time-loops that’ll prove to you, that you are responsible for everything in existence as the actual creator – even that which each other exist as, as personalities, cultures and beliefs was created by each other and therefore; we’re responsible for each other.

Thus – Stop Creating a Reality that is Not Considering all Life Equally.

Step 1:
Stop yourself with Self-Forgiveness

Step 2:
Check yourself with Self Honesty

Step 3:
Breathe through Past Patterns ‘till they no Longer Exist

Step 4:


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