Becoming Aware of the Mind

Okay – In terms of Those ‘Walking’ their ‘Processes’ and ‘Stopping the Mind’ – Becoming-‘Aware’ of the ‘Mind’ – because that’s the First-‘Step’, where you usually Become-‘Aware’ of the ‘Mind’ – so I’m just gonna show some ‘Practical’-‘Points’ for Those ‘Embarking’ on this ‘Process’ of ‘Facing’-Themselves, ‘Facing’ the ‘System’.
Okay – When you ‘Start’ – it’s going to ‘Feel’-like there is a ‘Flood’ of ‘Stuff’ ‘Emerging’ from Within-You in terms of ‘Manifestation’ of ‘Thoughts’, ‘Emotions’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Reactions’ – I mean… it’s gonna ‘Feel’-like you’re going-‘Mad’, you’re gonna-‘Think’ you’re going-‘Mad’, you’re gonna-‘Think’ you Are ‘Mad’; because ‘all of a sudden’ you’re ‘Realizing’ How-Much it is that you’re ‘Actually’ ‘Thinking’, How-Much it is that you’re ‘Actually’ ‘Experiencing’, How-Much it is that you’re ‘Actually’ ‘Reacting’ – it’s like… Understand: it’s Always ‘Existed’ ‘Like-That’, in terms of your ‘Thoughts’ and your ‘Reactions’ – but you were ‘Asleep’ While Within that ‘Total’ and ‘Entire’ ‘Storm’.
And Now it’s like – you’re ‘Waking Yourself Up’ Within-it; and of-course it’s going to ‘Seem’ like a…‘Hurricane’, ‘End of the World’-‘Storm’ type of thing. Therefore we ‘Press’-Upon the ‘Matter of Breath’ being so ‘Extremely’-‘Important’ While you are ‘Waking-Up’ within that ‘Storm’ – because Now while you’re ‘Waking-Up’ within that ‘Storm’, you’ve got to ‘Stabilize’-You Within-it, meaning: Realizing that ‘these-things’ that are ‘Running-Around’ Within-You ‘Rampantly’ are Not-Really ‘Who You Are’; You ‘still’ have to ‘Realize’-Yourself within ‘Who You Are’. So you can ‘say’ the First-‘Point’ is ‘Waking-Up’.

The Second-‘Point’ Is: ‘Direction’. Wherein you start ‘Directing’-Yourself, Within ‘Standing’ within that-‘Storm’ and saying: No. No.

“No, I Do Not accept this, I’m not going to participate in-That.” So That will be your Second-‘Step’: would be ‘Directing’ – you know, In that ‘Waking-Up’, like going “Oh, Crap”, you know, “if I don’t ‘Stabilize’-Myself Within-this, I’m going to get-‘Lost’ Within-this All…” Stop that ‘Lostness’, you ‘Breathe’, and you ‘Direct’-Yourself and you go “Stop” – “No” – and ‘Gently’, Not with Anything-Else but ‘Simply’ “No.” – and – ‘Stop’ and ‘Not Going-‘there’’ – you know –if it ‘Feels’-like ‘Everything’ Gets ‘Too-Much’: ‘Change your Environment’, ‘Change the Scene’, ‘Change what you’re Doing’; Participate-More in the ‘Practical’ ‘Physical’-‘Reality’, and Not spend so-much ‘Time’ in your-‘Head’.

Then from-There you’ll start ‘Stabilizing’, and in the ‘Stabilizing’ you’ll be able to Start ‘Looking’ at the ‘Things’ – meaning: ‘Everything’ will start ‘Slowing-Down’, because You’ve ‘Slowed-Down’ Yourself Within that ‘Storm’; So you’ve kind of…Taken that-‘Storm’ and Taken-it to…’Freeze’-‘Frame’ – ‘Slow-Motion’; And then you can start ‘Playing’ your-‘Scene’, your ‘Whole-Scene’ within that-‘Storm’, wherein You’re ‘Realizing’… it’s like You’ll ‘Realize’: the ‘Storm’ is almost like a ‘Reality-Show’, ‘TV-Show’ – where you can go ‘Play’, ‘Pause’, ‘Forward’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Stop’ – You Are the ‘Director’ of that ‘Whole-Experience’.

So then you can Start ‘Looking’ at the ‘Thoughts’ that ‘Come-Up’, you can Start ‘Looking’ at the ‘Memories’, the ‘Reactions’, all Those ‘Type of Things’ – Within ‘Breath’.

The ‘Starting-Point’ within-it ‘All’ is ‘Self-Honesty’ – to within ‘Self-Honesty’ start ‘Seeing’ ‘All’ the ‘Points’ that start ‘Coming-Up’ as the ‘Thoughts’ and the ‘Reactions’. And your ‘Process’ within that ‘Self-Honesty’ is your ‘Self-Forgiveness’ = to ‘Release’-Yourself from that ‘Whole-Construct’ as your ‘Thoughts’, ‘Emotions’, ‘Feelings’ in the ‘Manifestation’ of a ‘Storm’; and then ‘Clarity’ will start ‘Coming’ – wherein you’ll Start ‘Breaking-Through’ – where…You’ll start ‘Seeing’-Yourself Beyond-That which-is this ‘Constructed’ ‘TV-Reality-Show’, which will start ‘De-Pixelating’, meaning: it’ll…the ‘Light’ will start ‘Evaporating’ and you’ll start ‘Seeing’ ‘Deeper’ within the ‘Darkness’ that is You, that’s ‘Always’ ‘Been’ ‘Here’.

Okay – so just a quick ‘Reference-Point’ about ‘Walking’ The ‘Process’ – In relation to – ‘Walking’-Into the ‘Storm’, ‘Waking-Up’ in the ‘Storm’.


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