Have you ever been able to do anything in this world faster than one breath at a time?: And to this you’ll answer yes.

The mind and thoughts are faster than a breath.
But look, you’ve constructed your life, one breath at a time – not with your mind – but with your breath.
And whatever you did and wherever you were in every breath, and whom you have been as the breath – knowing or unknowing – present or not – aware or not – who you have been in every breath of your life – is the bricks, the building blocks of who you are today.

You might’ve had some epiphanies, but if you have not deconstructed your life, completely, breath by breath to birth through self forgiveness, you will not enter anything else but what you have created yourself to be as the breath of your life.

And in this is the greatest danger, to determine what’s real and what is not – your actual breath and who you are as the breath and whomsoever had an influence in that actual breath is who you really are.

How you really hide from all of this, is through the mind as the thoughts – all of this, is happening all at the same time, too fast to see. Because have a look, you don’t even see, every breath you take – how would you ever see, every thought you have.

Thus suggested to start, to first become aware of every breath and deconstruct layer by layer, in reverse, every breath of this life.

This will give you an opportunity to re-birth yourself as life.

Unfortunately, if you allow the mind, in any way, to form any opinion or idea or comparison about anything during the time that you are deconstructing yourself as the breaths you have been, the mind will screw you into oblivion with knowledge and you will have to die physically to be reborn again.

So look again, everyone is where they are, because of all of the breaths they have taken – everyone is who they are, because of all the breaths they have taken – everyone is what they are, because of all the breaths they have taken – everyone is why they are because of all the breaths they have taken: Your very reality is implied in every breath you take. In every breath, by implication – permission is given through their breath for everything to exist as you, in this reality.
Your breath has constructed you as who you are as the reader of this words right now, everyone’s breath together, is the construct of this reality.

One by one each will have to deconstruct themselves to understand how this reality came about, and the breath will force this issue in all ways.


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  1. very nice! thanks for posting!

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