Caring and Love vs. Realization and Practical Common Sense

caring is an action we participate in because it’s what we’re told is ‘good’
and ‘right’ and ‘ethical’ – we do it because we feel bad for someone ‘other’ than ourself

this is different from seeing that what exists on the earth is what we have created, and that it is actually ourselves that are experiencing the suffering –
so naturally you see that it must stop – so you go about doing what is practical to stop it

imagine you were blind and had always felt pain in your life but were not able to understand where the pain was coming from – you would then focus on the feelings which made you feel ‘good’ in order to dull the pain or try and forget about it.

then imagine that suddenly you could see! and you looked down and saw that you were standing on a field of sharp nails – ah ha! you would now see exactly and specifically where the pain was coming from – and it would be common sense to begin walking off of that field of sharp nails. and you would do everything in your power to walk away from that field of nails.

– what would not be common sense, would be to continue focusing on good feelings in the hope that the pain would go away.

so, as I see it, ‘caring’ takes place in the blindness of the mind.

practical correction of what we have allowed is possible when the ‘I’ is opened, when we realize for ourselves exactly what we have allowed and created in this world, and then we do what is practical to STOP it


Common Sense and Making Sense


Common sense, as how I understand it so far, is that which you see in an instant, which you cannot deny in self-honesty. There is no way around it, it stands absolute. It is that which you know that you’ve always known here as yourself, but didn’t want to recognize and see because of its implications/consequences. It is that which you see, when you go ‘ooooh, I seeeeee, of couuuuuurse, obviously, I knew that, why didn’t I see that before?’.

As you might have seen, I find it hard to ‘define’ common sense. What is common sense? And even more interesting to consider is : what is the difference of common sense to making sense ?

Let me write about the second one a bit. Making sense. How I have experienced this, is when you go and create an explanation, some kind of logical theory, a story to that which you are experiencing. In other words, is when you try to see, and then force yourself to see something, to be able to ‘place’ this experience within yourself, so you can ‘handle’ it. So, in this, it is some form of control – creating an explanation, logical theory, story to be able to ‘handle’ your experience, and without this, you can apparently not ‘handle’ it. I wonder, why am I putting “handle” between these things: ‘ ‘. It is funny, because if the experience is here within myself, then it is me, so, how can I not be able to handle myself? It is me. Then you’re actually saying that this experience of you is greater and bigger than you, how can this be? Only in separation. So, what I have experienced with this, is that I would try to ‘calm myself down’, to say it like that, in making my experience within me be understandable in a way. And then I would work with this understanding of my experience in self-forgiveness, instead of directly working with the experience itself. So, interestingly, it is a way to not have to face my experience of myself here, directly, immediately and instantaneously. Instead, I ‘disguise’ it in an understandable story and in this, hide it within me.

To give you an example of my personal experience, at a certain point I was faced with all kinds of emotions related to events of my past. I wrote the entire thing out, everything that I had experienced. But then later, I approached this story in a way of trying to make sense of what I had been experiencing, explaining to myself why certain things had occurred in a logical way. So, in se (basically), what I was doing, is analyze these experiences, like scientists do, in an objective way. I saw my story as something I had to investigate like a researcher, as something out there, separate from me. I made myself a nice explanation of everything, so I had an understanding/interpretation of what had happened and why. From there I started to apply self-forgiveness. It was quite ‘easy’, from the perspective that I didn’t have many reactions coming up, but I started having this painful headache on the level of my eyebrows and cheekbones. I got the suggestion to stop for a while and write about my experience in the very moment. I did that and I realized that what I had done, is, I had created a distance between me and my experiences in my story, so that I wouldn’t have to experience them again. I had looked at the story as something separate from me, as a way to protect myself, so that the story couldn’t touch me/hurt me. I took a breath and placed myself here, in my chest, instead of up there in my head. I took the story, and read the words as myself, one and equal. Immediately all these emotions and tears came up, quite overwhelming. Then I really saw, okay, that’s what I was trying to prevent from happening. But see, the emotions were still there, I hadn’t released anything. I continued with self-forgiveness, but this time I dared myself to see the emotions, reactions, experiences within myself as me here in the moment, and worked from there, no more as a separate experience of which I was trying to make sense of ‘there’.

An interesting difference is thus, directness, the directness of seeing immediately here. Common sense is seen directly here, in an instant. When you make sense out of something, it is only but a possible explanation, an option so to speak, that takes time to get ‘there’. Thus, making sense requires time, when common sense is here immediately as me. So, let’s take a look at this. What is self-honest? Can self-honesty exist in the seeing of only and merely an option/interpretation/opinion of past knowledge and information design of mind of what is here? Are you then really seeing? In making sense, there exist the opportunity and possibility to only see that which suits you the best – there is no such thing in seeing what is common sensical. When I say what suits you best, I don’t mean, what is best for you as all as one, but for you as an individual, as how you have defined yourself to be in relation to and trough your mind = enlightened self-interest.

Have a look for a moment at the words ‘making sense’, it is something that needs to be made, produced, through thinking. And when you have to make something, you’re stating that it is not yet here. How? Because you’ve separated yourself from it. Interesting to see, making sense involves thinking about a moment, and within that you trap yourself in time, when common sense is as self-expression, instant HERE.

In seeing directly, there is no escape, there is no excuse, there is no justification, there is no hiding – because you see what is here and you can not bend that into something that you would prefer seeing to protect your self-defined existence of and through the mind. Escape, excuses, justifications, hiding exist in making sense, because you can mold the explanation, logical theory, story to hide that which you fear seeing. When actually, it is in that which you fear, that an opportunity exists for you to realize yourself. It must be, that’s common sense lol. We resist going there, because we know it is an ‘exit’ from our self-defined existence of mind. The fear is there as a protection mechanism of the mind to protect its own existence, to prevent us from realizing ourselves as a moment of self-honest self-expression here – here which is one and equal as all, because that would be the end of the existence of our mind as we continue stopping resisting our fears and facing them in every moment. So, in making sense of something, you’re actually making sure that you can continue living the same self-dishonesty, because you’d create the situation/experience through making sense – to support your (my) (mine) self-definition of mind. You can still take a direction that will allow you to continue to exist as you are. So, you can ‘choose’ what you do and then apply yourself according to that ‘choice’. When in seeing directly, common sense, you see that there is only one solution, one direction, one option, and thus – no choice. So, here you have the illusion of choice revealed. Choice can only exist in self-dishonesty. And if no choice exists, no free will exists. Free will – to be free to will what you will, you as how you self-defined yourself of mind. And the mind runs as programs, where is choice in programs?

When you take a look at choices, when you for instance make the choice to take a certain direction that makes sense to you, instead of seeing directly and taking the only direction that is common sense. Who then is making that choice? Is it fear? If fear directs you, can you be free? The answer is no, because fear consumes you. If you make a choice in and as fear, it is fear that took you in a certain direction and not you HERE. When you take the choice to take a certain direction according to what makes sense to you – you designed an ‘illusion of choice’ through the construct of ‘making sense’. The direction that you take is thus according to an illusion, so obviously the direction in itself is an illusion. And thus, free will does not exist and then again, choice not either, because a choice wasn’t made, as you were directed by fear.

It’s interesting. I am a student at university and when you take a look at science, how it works, scientists actually do not know what is the truth. And they know they don’t know. They make sense out of things and then will accept a certain theory as the truth until it is proven to be false. The truth that is presented to us by science, is merely a summing up of interpretations of what is here. And yes, multiple interpretations exist, so multiple truths exist, but why then even bother in finding out the truth? And scientists know they cannot know the truth, yet people trust and accept science, and so we live in multiple interpretations of what is here, instead of living here. The only reason why science exists, is because we accept it to exist. And we accept science to operate this way, because we allow ourselves to operate in the same way as making sense out of situations, events, experiences, existence. And in turn, science will support us to continue as we are in making sense out of everything and so the cycle continues. Time to stop the cycle and where else is that possible than with and in self.

Because if not, all take the direction according to their interpretation of what is here, doing what is best for themselves as an individual. And within this, no-one is doing what is best for all as one as equal as self HERE. All is moving in different directions at the same time all the time. Is there then direction really? If all is moving in different directions at the same time, do we not stay exactly as we are? The world is a mess in rudderlessness, there is no steering, no direction, because there is no common sense practical living, self-directive principle here as all as one as equal. There is no direction, because direction is presented through an illusion of choice in which you’re being directed by an external force as fear for example. What is then directing? Certainly not you as self as here. So, give up the illusion of free will to do what is best for you, for it is not, you’re only making sure that everything stays exactly as it is. Apply common sense – in doing what is best for all, you’re automatically doing what is best for you.

A question as an example to consider: What is the common sense, of for instance karma where you go through lifetimes and lifetimes to apparently improve and purify, yet we do not see anything improving, there is only more shit and more anger and more frustration, because we are fucked up and this world is fucked up? Is this common sense? Or is this a theory as a way to make sense of this existence? Where is the story of karma an escape? It is in the acceptance of suffering of others, because ‘hey, they are being punished for a previous life. I do not have to take this being’s suffering into consideration, because I am not experiencing it.’ We obviously do not know who we were in our past lives. So, why accept this theory of ‘they experience it, so they deserve it’. What if they experience suffering, because you have been messing up in a previous life? Isn’t that perfectly possible as well? Still, we prefer to go with the theory that we deserve the life we live because of our application in our previous life. Now, if we take a look at what is here, here is the suffering of all. And I am here. Am I then not all as here? Am I then not the suffering of all as here? What am I then responsible for? Much more than my own individual life, isn’t it. Because if I accept and allow suffering in me, I accept and allow it in others and this world as me according to the principle of oneness and equality. And if I accept and allow suffering in others and this world as me, I accept it in and as me. If this continues, all that will exist is suffering – until we stop.

And, have a look, if you accept the theory of karma, when will we then see some improvement? It would imply that we have for thousands and thousands of years gone through lifetimes to ‘learn lessons’, but look at what is here. Obviously, we still have got loads of ‘lessons’ to learn, from the perspective of understanding/realizing what the fuck we’re doing to ourselves. But time is playing and running out and the suffering is growing. If you look at what is here, do you really think that in, say, 100 years, things will have become better? No. So, this karma stuff is not even practical. Practicality is common sense.

To continue on practicality, let’s take another example. There exist a theory in this world that one glorious day a guy named Jesus is coming back to earth to save us all. That’s a very nice theory. Yet, for thousands of years we have been waiting and waiting, suffering is growing and this earth is in the process of being destroyed. Would it be practical to wait some more? No, it’s not. There is no common sense in waiting for someone to come and save us in any way whatsoever. It’s another excuse to continue as we are doing, because apparently, it’s not our responsability, some saviour will come and clean our mess. Really? Come on.



Common Sense points about Organic Robotics


Each are programmed–

with several of the following














reading skills


social skills

sex skills

dishonesty skills

denial skills

personalities–several according to events,space and time

Food preference

In essence– all perceptions run according to programmes based on a send receive principle with a definition about it called self here in the physical

thus to really see what is here–one must become all beings that is here in fact–in programme as we are spread as the ONE in many parts

this is the key to see the physical

and in this self forgiveness –self honesty and eventually–when we are all beings in fact as the physical–COMMON SENSE


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