Clear the Temple

I am in the temple of thought – who nose the truth? What chains us to the eye but the money we need to satisfy the Eye? These are the money changers we must clear from our temple.

Strange again; in Afrikaans, the temple next to the eye is called “slaap” – directly translated, it means ‘sleeping’ or ‘to sleep.’ In our thoughts, we sleep, and we are sheep looking for a shepherd. When the hurt gets enough, we may hear and see how we sleep here in our reality. Our reality is in the Eye of the Beholder centre of our temple, in a line behind our eyes. This is where, and from where, we project our holographic mind reality, using our mind in relation to our physicality. When we die, all that changes is that we start from a different frequential form – still creating in the same way.

Strange, we equate everything in this reality of 3D to time. But, look – see, it is the flow of our perception. We measure it in time to give us power and control. Yet, time does not exist; a moment ago is gone – the moment to come is not here – only present is present. In the present, as the present, is the flow of ourselves. In essence, the present is as timeless as we allow ourselves to be. When we attempt to tie present to time, we only enslave ourselves.

Then, we enslaved ourselves to the ultimate systems. How? Time is money – time and money – both illusionary systems we allow to control our self-expression. We also use it to control each other. When are we setting ourselves free? What are we enslaving our children in?

What did Jesus demonstrate when he chased the money diggers from the temple? Did he show we must banish thought from our minds? When Jesus said, “Judge not,” did he realise that only thoughts can judge? Stop thinking – no judgment. He must have understood it! Looking at his self-expression, no-thought made his journey possible.

Clear the temple – clear the mind – set yourself free. Remember, knowledge is the tree of good and evil, whose fruit is judgment. Or, equated thinking is the polarity of good and bad, which messes with true self-value and removes the Image and Likeness of God from your self-perception.

Wake up from the sleep. Wake up from thinking. Clear the temple. Be present as the presence.


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