Common Sense Insights

Why make history if you do not learn from it.


When you act for something separate from you is when it’s not for self.


One tells his story to earn from it.

Why judge another of a believe, when he/she just believes but has no 100 percent proof, when you believe yourself?

Why eat animals when you don’t need to eat them?

Why keep on following same methods of “helping” when the problems just keep getting bigger and bigger?

Why give presents to a little baby who doesn’t even know wtf your doing?

We give to receive;
Like with children, give them toys so they may shut up and leave you at peace.

Knowledge is useless if it is not lived practically equally by all for all as one being –we may call this being existence or the universe.

Why justify suffering, fame, child abuse by just being lucky for your own happiness?

Why use the SECRET for wealth when Wealth is a Secret?

Why are we MEAN to find the MEANING to life?

What does it MEAN?–War?–Abuse? Dishonesty? Love?

What does it MEAN to be well MEANING?

Why be lazy when it just ‘breeds’ laziness?


Where there is suffering, love does not exist.


As I look within me, I find that:
I am the child abuser
I am the destroyer
I am the rapist
I am the murderer
I am the thief
I am the dishonest politician
I am the gutless soldier

How do I stop all this?
Responsibly being honest about the self.
Therefore, slowly within me, I become everyone and everything that exists.
When you get to heaven, what do plan an doing for infinity???
Why get sick if you do not learn from it

Why apply yourself in anything when it does not serve what is best for all (religion, beliefs, spirituality)

Why fret about shit when all it does is make you I’ll]

Why spend an entire life time worrying about your smallest move

Why cry over spilled milk

Why spend your time and energy on that which is not practical

Why cry for a God on a cloud when he is obviously not coming

Why allow animal abuse when obviously the animals as your equal does not appreciate the experience as much as you do


I am real. I exist. I am here.


If you don´t stop history, the history stops YOU


Why this world is not life?
Because common sense has become uncommon in this world
common sense should be common -but it isn´t
thus this world is not of life


If we listen to the judgment we speak
we will know where to start within self


The drop may know it is in the ocean

but seldom does it in know the ocean is in the drop/itself


All BeLIEfs are of the mind and is a program that we believed. So we lie to our self in any belief. So it is to unfold as we learn to BE and leave the LIE


Destiny not defined by
What you see
Gives You freedom just to BE


Only we are able to think ourselves to be who we think we are, how we think other people are and how we think events are. Our perception of our reality is created by what we individually think about


If I Am


You Are

What is the problem?

We Are!


Existence knows no separation within and as itself – Thus all is ONE.


What is the problem?


Woman and men who are married and have children keep saying to me: ‘Why do you look so young’. I say to them it is because I don’t have children and am not ‘married’. Then they sigh and say with regret and finality in their voices: ‘Yes children and marriage make you old.


What you think other people think of you holds you back not what other people think of you and then forget.


We live between the boundaries that we create ourselves in the first place and get confirmed by others so locking us in place like a puzzle piece


What is to BE equal … (at first sight / bare sight)??

All is, BEING, existing…
all ‘the’ BEINGs, exist, and that is equal to all as one manifesting this existence.

all the rest is the knowledge and information, connected by the mind to, all in existence. (separation)
all beings communicate between each other, as they are HERE, in existence, existing, as one. Beings are ONE.


Hate is like masturbating

its draining, it’s soothing at first, it leaves us sometimes feeling dirty, and some may say it’s fun, until we realise there’s a mess to be cleaned.

It up to each to clean their own, someone might slip.


Self abuse, fear, anxiety etc cannot be real because it is not who we are.


All illusions are to cease to exist and truth is to remain for eternity.


‘Be still, and know that I am god’

be still, and see what enslaves


What does this mean?


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