Desteni – Early Investigations in Process

Bernard: Ok here we go!

Let’s start in the beginning phases when Sunette was going into the dimensions. The portal has been opened and the directive was simplistically to go out there and find beings and she was going on and what would happen then is she would find interesting beings and then bring them through the portal. Initially we were also busy with the demons. And at this stage, the early stages, the White Light was still in existence and we primarily had demons coming in and demons challenging and trying to in every way possible prove that they can stand and that they have a right to stand – and that forgiveness as a directive point is not valid and that our starting point – that means that the fact that existence can change at all – was seen according to the demons as not being possible. Demons regarded existence as primarily an extensive, deceptive, untrustworthy place where they – as demons – were safe from the deception of Heaven.

Obviously at this stage, we didn’t really realize the extent of what was going on. We were investigating, and it was interesting because the experience was that Heaven existed as levels of vibrations, frequencies and that you moved through these levels – which in many cases correlated with (for instance) what was found by Robert Monroe and Eckancar soul travel and so on – we would move through various dimensions.

If you look, for instance, at Eckancar soul travel you were not allowed to travel the various Heavens without permission of the “God” of those Heavens. Here Sunette was just going – and obviously she didn’t know these things – so she just went and there was no limitation as to where she could go, so she just went and spoke to beings and met with different beings.

She would bring them to us and we would discuss things with them and find out what was their perspective was, and they were quite surprised to be able to communicate with Earth, because it was not a “normal” thing. Communication with Earth was in essence very difficult, and in cases where it did happen, it was regulated very stringently. It was not just allowed to happen. Beings were not just allowed to move around freely in Heaven – everything had to go by permission of the White Light.

Now, what was interesting in this was that – during this initial process, obviously, we were also facing various points through the portal – we did not realize exactly what the Portal could do and what extent all of this actually – how it actually worked all of it – so we had to start to “test.”

Darryl:“Are you saying that this happened on its own? Or… I understood that it was placement.”

Bernard:It was a placement, but we didn’t know to what extent that placement worked – how did it practically work. We had no idea exactly of what it entailed. It was placed as a “protection” of Sunette specifically, to make sure that no harm could come to her in any way whatsoever.
The placement itself was me, placing myself as I understood myself to be within the context of existence – as I understood everyone to be through a process of self-realization, which would include the Self-realized in terms of all of existence: the Physical, the Metaphysical, every part, Sound – I at that stage already realized Sound and was Directive as Sound. And I…

Darryl“So you’re saying that the portal is a manifestation of self-realization?”

Bernard:That is what it later showed. I mean, there’s a fascinating thing, is: Who you are, you can’t see.
So therefore, you can only See who you are once you start looking at the effect that it has on your world. Many of the things we did had ‘effects’ that we did not expect – which confirmed that the action was effective.
For instance, when the White Light was removed, and understand the “removal” of the White Light was not an “act” of removal – it was an act of standing equal as it – and in that Equality, it wasn’t equal to me standing as it, because it was only energy – I wasn’t “only energy.” And that which the White Light created out of energy which was – for instance the angels- immediately disappeared with the White Light, immediately was no longer existing, indicating immediately that it was purely as it was stated: pure energy beings, the angels. Brilliant energy beings, which was very limited in essence.

Darryl:“It was that the White Light coming to a realization that it wasn’t equal, therefore…”

Bernard: No, the White Light was just energy, and energy has a beginning and an end. It simply was no longer “valid,” – if you want to call it that – because it was based on a point of separation and control. And when it was challenged as Life Equally, as Existence Equally – what is here – it could no longer sustain its deception. And simplistically that which was linked directly to its deception was immediately no longer here, no longer existed – It simply returned to its origin, which is the Physical. All energy always returns to its origin. Energy was generated from the Physical. All energy is generated from the Physical. It has a ‘source’.

So those points like the Soul Construct and the Akashic Records and so on, that was linked to all the beings so that we removed shortly after that – that was an act of removal – as was the act of the removal of the Higher Selves and the One Atom Gods and the God Selves and all the beings that was placed as maintenance of the deception to keep the beings on Earth controlled.

Why was it necessary to keep the beings on Earth controlled? That must obviously be the ‘big question’. Why was there such an extensive investment of beings made on every human being to make sure that every human being remained on their preprogrammed ‘Soul path’ – that they do not step off it? It was because the Physical was realized to be the actual source of all – call it “power” in existence.

Darryl:“So if they had human beings realizing that…”

Bernard: That would mess up the whole game of deception, which is why essentially all communication with Spirit, in essence, we had always a sense of deception. We were obviously very aware of that.
But I viewed it from a different perspective. I viewed that as long as we remained in the context that “because these Spirits are deceptive, that we must not approach them,” we will never be able to get to Oneness, in essence. At that stage, I had not yet realized the importance of Equality. I only looked at the point of Oneness. So therefore, if there is any point in existence with which we are not standing one as Directive Principle as ourselves, that point will have power over us – which is in essence one of the big mistakes most are making in their Ascension process and in their process of Enlightenment – is that they are focusing on a polarity instead of Self Realization. And when you focus on a polarity, you’re in essence are weakening yourself to the point that where you reach the opposite point of the polarity which now you would perceive to be “enlightenment,” – you actually reach the bottom of it meaning, it reverses back to the opposite end, and you will end up as a demonic entity. Because you will return to the opposite end of the scale of the polarity to the extent, that you have allowed yourself to deceive yourself as this “light being.” And obviously you will place all and everything of yourself into your realization and enlightenment. Therefore, by the time you get to the point of the polarity, you will have no more energy left. And therefore your fall will be immediate and will be to the extent to where you will be at the opposite polarity of an “evil” manifestation.

We have found beings that has gone through that one extreme extent, and then ended up in one only application where they wanted the end of existence. Now we wouldn’t say that the end of existence is not to the benefit of all – I mean that in such a deceptive reality as what we have created – the end of existence certainly is a very valid option. But there is the possibility, and hear it is just a possibility – that we could stand from here and develop actual understanding and Common Sense on how Reality actually operates.

Now from our perspective, the important point was that we did not want to come across as any form of “saving” of anything. No “Saviors.” It is simply the important point of Self Realization. Therefore, we started investigating the extent of the problem that we are facing. In that we obviously first started focusing on communicating with various beings.

And I started looking at communicating again with beings that I’d communicated with before through other deep trance mediums to see if that communication through the deep trance mediums before and this one could correlate, because there was no way Sunette knew about it – therefore I could test the information from that perspective.

And we also started looking at the whole point that was emerging – because as the Soul Construct and the Akashic Records and the White Light was all out of the way, an interesting thing happened automatically. All beings in existence – now understand that was all those that was in this existence – we are not talking about parallel universes or whatever you want to call them, there were many of that but this existence- all beings immediately turned into an equal form. They no longer had a projected form that would normally take on a human form or an animal form – whatever they choose to be – they were all the same form, which was egg-form which could only be identified by a sound signature that would be similar to a frequency resonance that would indicate who the being is.

Now, you must understand that what we realized quite early on, was that time as you understand it, do not exist in the dimensions. So we could “stretch” time or we could make it shorter. Simplistically, we could take a million years and look at it in five minutes, and look at all possible outplays. It seems vast, but imagine that Sunette is actually able to do that in the Physical for instance, as the portal.
So we could look at all of that – obviously, I can do similar things. So we can look at these things together, but we can also look at it by having billions, or an uncountable amount of beings looking at various options, to test out all choices that ever could exist in consciousness, which we started doing. We started testing out the choices, and obviously, what was fascinating was this peculiar manifestation that happened in terms of everyone suddenly equal.

Another thing that was interesting was that there was no sexuality in Heaven – although you could in your own ‘heaven’ create a point of expression. You didn’t have the physicality to actually express the expression as one would understand it to be here on Earth.

So we re-introduced sexuality in Heaven. And we did it differently: all beings coming together in ONE exercise of expression from one specific perspective: that unless you can work together at the highest level of intimacy -all as one within the dimensions where all is known anyway – there is a problem.

So therefore that was introduced – which is fascinating enough – each expression, All as One which is now understand it is simply an expression which you would now not yet be able to completely understand because, that is yet to come within the orgasmic experience on Earth where your orgasm is an expression. and no longer a “release.” What it is mostly now is a release and or an energy swap, or a vampire action – all depending on what you’re doing in your mind while you’re having sex – it will determine what happens in the actual process. These are expressions, and in these expressions the beings would actually ‘clean out existence’ – that means everything that is not of Life is deleted; which is what will eventually happen with sexuality – in your expression you will delete anything that is not valid in a single action, and thus your physicality will remain clear from contamination of any form of energy.

But first we had to investigate what was going on. So in that we started realizing or we started considering the possibility of being able to bring a being anywhere on the planet through the portal. We realized that must have been possible through an interesting point. I would for instance say, “I want to speak to Martin Luther King.” And they’ll say to me, “But he’s not in the dimensions.” So I will say to them, “Where is he?” “Is he reincarnated.” So I’ll say, “Okay, where is he reincarnated?” They’ll say to me, “He’s somewhere in Eastern Europe.” So I will say to him, “Okay. Get him!” Because at that stage we had already established that we are able to speak to a being even if they are reincarnated – which means we should be able to get the being through the portal, we don’t know exactly what will happen. We did not completely understand to what extent the Physical was playing a role at that stage.
So what would happen is we would have Martin Luther King coming through as who he exist as in the dimensions, as a soul. But not as ‘who he is’ on Earth. Who he is on Earth is a Physical program. Who he is in Heaven was a Mental program.

Now who he was in Heaven was obviously based on the Soul Construct and the Akashic Records. That means, a series of lives and memories that built an idea of the being. So we could actually start to trace back the various lives. So we didn’t immediately realize obviously this is how it works. So, for instance, we would begin to call various beings.

And I had various discussions, 10, 15 years ago with Lin Yu Tung, or about Lin Yu Tung, so I say, “Okay. I’d like to speak to Lin Yu Tung.

Darryl:“Now, who’s this?”

Some philosopher a long time ago. I mean, I didn’t know about the yoke until I was connected to it through a deep trance medium. So I wanted to again speak to this being. I wanted to know what did the message mean a long time ago that I got, because I never really understood the message. And they said to me, “No, he’s not in the dimensions. He’s on Earth.” So I say, “Okay. On Earth. Where is he?” They say, “No. He’s in the East. He’s incarnated as Emoto.”
So I say, “Okay, Emoto. Cool.”

So at that stage we’d been playing with Sound already, and already established a fascinating thing. In researching Emoto, is that Emoto was stuck in a particular point, which he’s accepted as the limitation of the crystallization of water: that every single crystal will always form a different crystal. And we’d already investigated that and stood as, for instance, state as the word, “Love, as Love Universal,” all the crystals changed into the same crystal, which means you have Actual Oneness and Equality Manifest in an Actual Expression as a Single Living Word – which has not yet been proven by Emoto, and I was very keen to let Emoto know that. I mean, ‘there’s something for you to investigate, because what influence the structure of the crystal you are viewing under the microscope which is linked to a particular word – depends on the viewer, the observer. That means: who you are is actually projected in the crystal you are looking at. That means your belief is what you are looking at. You are not really looking at your actual Living Word – you’re only looking at your belief.

So if you photograph a crystal with the word ‘Hitler’ and you believe Hitler to be an ‘evil man’, your water crystal will take on the form as it did in the Emoto pictures as “evil” – while that is not the true nature of Hitler- that is actually how you view Hitler. That is the whole quantum theory thing ‘the observer influence’ – I mean, if you are not standing clear, you are not really looking, you’re actually looking as you which means: you are only seeing you – which is how we contained all the minds of all the human beings on Earth. That’s why you cannot see anyone else but you. That’s why you can’t move outside you unless you break down yourself through Self Honesty. And no matter who you are, you are stuck as you – which was a point of great importance to get through once we understood how all the points work.

And we found some of the governments and some of the psychics being able to travel around in the dimensions, and we closed that off and we created a ‘mirror effect’ so they don’t even know they are cut off from what they used to be able to do.

Darryl:“I was going to say, it’s like we’re in a big… one of those fun-house mirror rooms where all you see is yourself.

Bernard: Yeah, It was very important that this be done, because the only way that a process could develop where everyone reaches Self Realization at the same time, was through containing them within themselves so they could face themselves and become Self Honest – which is exactly what happened.

So all energy you now generate returns to you, prepare your process. It does not in essence affect another, except through their permission. If they give permission, then obviously, permission is a very wide concept. I mean, permission could be simply “acceptance,” or “allowance,” or ignorance. Understand that ignorance is not an excuse. Your whole design of you is now actually in your hands. And all it does is it goes according to the Law of Balance, according to your desire, and the bigger your desire, the longer it will take before you face yourself and the bigger the fall.

The Law of Karma we found was never in effect.

Darryl: Right

Bernard: The Law of Karma was misused within the Soul Construct to have only some face Karma, while the elite never faced Karma. Which is exactly the way it operates on Earth in terms of the elite, they do not face the consequences of their actions – the elite do not face the consequences of their actions. That is starting to change, now. Now the Law of Karma is actually starting to actually work in its correct way.
Because look at the common sense. If the Law of Karma, that has been there from the beginning of existence was functioning correctly without interference, then everybody would have known one thing: If I do this, there is a consequence, and therefore I won’t do it. But once we started doing something and there was no consequence because the consequence was through a split in the energy between two polarities moved to the responsibility of another -using the concept of Love, so that the person is actually responsible never pays for the shit – but the person stuck in Love and believe they’re doing something “good,” they’re actually paying for it.

So there’s those that go around “loving, loving, loving”- you’re really causing yourself a massive, massive wake-up call in your process because, what have you done? You have kept deception in place through taking on the responsibility through love of these beings so that they never learn their lesson. And therefore, now you are enslaved to them. You are actually at the highest level of enslavement that can exist, which is Love – because you have actually created the deception through “Love.”

Obviously they don’t want to hear this and obviously they are not going to just change. And therefore, those that had thought they were first, will be last. They will be the last ones that will Realize, unfortunately. Hopefully, some will hear and actually stop and reconsider with Common Sense and Self Honesty exactly what we are saying.

So now back to Emoto. So we then attempted to contact Emoto, which was fascinating at that stage because we still had the (the White Light’s) gridlines in place – we didn’t realize the gridlines were still in place, we didn’t even realize initially – we knew there was a substance within which everything existed and that was a form of a magnetic substance which had geometrical gridlines that looks like – you’ve seen some of these pictures with the “light beings” sitting, with all these lights and those lines coming from them and like they are on a map like kind-of-thing? Something like that. It permeated the Physical, it permeated Heaven, it was everywhere.

So, what was fascinating was that Emoto would move immediately from his body to the Portal and we could immediately talk. Which was fascinating I mean, initially we now test this: ‘Move there. Is there anything happening to the body? What’s going on? The body on the other side is still fine, What happens? ‘We don’t know’. Now we want to establish what happens.
So we attempted to find a connection to be able to communicate with Emoto in the Physical. Didn’t want to work. So I said, “Okay, what is going on?” I mean, this is supposed to work – Why are we able to communicate through the quantum reality but not the physical reality? What is going on here? What is it that we’re we not realizing?

Obviously at that stage we haven’t realized that the Physical reality existed in complete separation, only as the Physical – and thus that’s why for instance, you can’t see the thoughts of another human being. You are also not able to actually even express all your thoughts because you’re not even aware of all of all your thoughts. You are actually contained completely in a bubble as yourself.
And it’s possible to exist like that in this reality, without actually having a major effect on anyone else but through various specific actions. Most of your actions just go to nothing, and only gets stored in your physical body. And that is why is possible to have hateful thoughts about somebody without actually killing them – because you are contained in a body by a system that protects everyone else from you. Because if you really have to be honest about your thoughts, there have been many times where you wanted to kill God, you wanted to kill various people. I mean you got really angry at all kinds of things, and I mean – you didn’t. So your thoughts are not really powerful.

What is really actually going on is something that is not yet realized by most.
What is really going on, is that everything that happens in your life was Preprogrammed. And at this stage, you are now continuing with that preprogramming – and that you are programming your life according to your desires, and according to your line of separation and according to your true nature, which is exactly what is going on inside you. So, initially, it will work.

But then, comes the cracks at the point where you expect it least: You’ll lose it all. You will go into the Job experience.

The Job experience is very specific. Don’t misunderstand the Holy Book’s of this reality. They are specifically written in Sound – you’ll notice that they are using words and sounds in very peculiar ways. They are particularly and specifically programmed to achieve certain objectives. These objectives were not always known by those that perceived they understood reality. The whole purpose of Earth is: the purification of existence. It is the realization of who you are in actual fact.

What has happened is fascinating because, a creation has taken place which is basically a Trinity – where you have God ‘the Father’- which is the Physical, you have God ‘the Son’- which is the Mind and you have God ‘the Holy Spirit’ – which is Presence – which is your Structural Resonance.

Now, the Structural Resonance in essence, is like an emanating ‘radio tower’ that emits a signal according to your program and it connects to all the other towers and they are all on a magnetic gridline – and according to these gridlines, your life events are ‘plotted’ just like in a game that you play on . And as you connect to a point or are directed to your next point, and then you get to – and all these events take place in a way that you believe you are making a “choice,”- which is not a choice you are actually making. You’re actually directed. That’s why you follow the choice – you never make the choice – it ‘feels right’ because you’re programmed to feel that way – it is not a feeling that comes from you, it comes from your program and accordingly you’re acting –

Darryl: Yeah I experienced that especially in places where I’d had a split in the decision like ‘I shouldn’t do this’ but I felt compelled to do it anyways…

Bernard: Yeah you’ll find that there is that ‘compelling’ that’s like a certainty that you ‘must do something’ – and in many cases that certainty would then happen to make sure that you start to believe in your ‘choices’, in your belief structure – which means you’re starting to believe in your system and you trust your system – but you’re not actually Trusting Yourself.

So what was the point of it was to, life after life over and over and over and over again, take you through a process where you are taken to the ultimate failure every time. And in that, you accept a fascinating thing: that god actually exist – and that you are no good sinner and that you are weak and that you can’t help yourself.

Now the fact that you can’t help yourself it’s not because there’s something wrong with you – is because you’re programmed to be that way. You’re programmed to never be able to help yourself.

Darryl: It’s like planned obsolescence.

Bernard: Yes, exactly. Understand the total existence as it is here in terms of our industrial-technological age is the externalization of the mind: you’re only existing as your mind – that’s why the only things that will entertain you now, is the things that is been created by the mind – which is your entertainment, your television, your music, all of that – it’s all created by the mind. You’re not entertained by the Physical – the Physical is just a source of food for energy, that’s it – of which you don’t care as long as you can have it. Now from that you’ll do whatever it takes to have it – you live and destroy it – doesn’t matter because ‘it doesn’t affect you’ – what affects you is your mind and therefore you’re only existing as your mind.

There is an Unfortunate Side-Effect: If you die as the mind in the afterlife you’re just mind – you’re in absolute separation. You lose your Physical and you lose your Structural Resonance – that means everything that you’ve ever learned – which is in your Structural Resonance – and you’ll end up with virtually nothing.

Darryl: Now why has the White Light propaganda put out the lie or the story that what is real in existence is Consciousness?

Bernard: The White Light was subject to Consciousness – Consciousness is in essence an energetic manifestation – it is the combined Energy of all beings that every body ‘pours’ into it all the time, ok? And that is what the White Light existed on, that was its ‘food’ – it was a system that needed that energy to exist.

Darryl: So could they not abuse the Structural Resonance or was that used as a trap?

Bernard: the Structural Resonance they never understood – they, that’s why in for instance in the DNA you’ll find lots of ‘junk DNA’ that’s actually all upgrades in the programs that’s happened over time.

For instance a fascinating thing is: do not perceive that the virus exist for disease, for instance – the viruses was introduced interdimensionally in many cases through designs to particularly change the ‘life path’ of humanity. Because, when the virus is in the body it merge with the DNA of the being and it change who you are –you don’t even notice because you’re changing – and it’s who you are, you never notice – because you act that automatically. I mean you only wonder: ‘why am I doing this?’ ‘Why am I compelled?’, ‘Why do I have this compulsion? I can’t stop this compulsion’ – it’s because you’re programmed. These compulsions are set up in many different ways, it is visual, auditory, presence, it could be a movement – many different things will put you into a subtle reaction or a compelling or – many of these things were based on sexuality because the primary generation of energy Metaphysically – that means where the Physical Energy from the Earth from food, were taken to a Metaphysical Energy – was through sex. That Metaphysical Energy was the energy source of Heaven, it was really the Blood of the Human, was the sap that fed the ‘Tree of Heaven’ – I mean, it really worked that way. So when we cut that off obviously it was impossible for Heaven to recreate Heaven.

So we inverted everything because the realization was: if we would change this, it automatically would cause another system of control – so there, how do we stop the control? Which is where Equality and Oneness came in – that came in through on seeing what happened, what is existent in these beings is Life Essence – but you’re in separation from this Life Essence. You are not actually even considering it at all and it exists as a very small part of you.

Darryl: Is it because we don’t realize that the Physical is Life?

Bernard: Not even that, it is because you don’t realize that you’re actually creating reality. You’re actually creating it at your Resonant Level.
Now your Resonant Level is Pre-programmed through multiple lives – that means every time you reincarnated, your parents would transfer from themselves their Resonance, their Structural Resonance – from the male and the female – and out of that, your Resonance will experience a form of ‘Mental Evolution’.

Darryl: So it wasn’t the exact same Resonance a person would have in …

Bernard: No, they never did that because they did not follow the Law of Karma at all. They followed the ‘law of control’ which was – as much as possible – they had to place you in a position where you are unable to deal with situations. So they would Pre-Program you with things that you are not ready to handle, I mean you haven’t ‘built up’ the ability to handle and therefore you will struggle your Life though unless you were at the service of the White Light and placed in a ‘special Life’ as ‘control’ in this reality – you’d simply would be struggling this Life – and you would be forced into a position where you have to accept the system so you can survive. And many, many beings are doing that so therefore, you’ll accept the system or a religion or a belief because it is linked to your ‘success’ with living, with money and having everything that the Mind is entertained with in this reality – and you will not see the suffering that happens.

And understand there is a very high level of suffering in this Planet – a large amounts of beings have been placed in lives of suffering to submit them to accept the ‘god construct’- and with the promise obviously: if you accept god, your suffering will stop.

Darryl: Well Karma implies that suffering will stop someday, but…

Bernard: it was one commission only and instead of you actually ‘evolving’ becoming a ‘better being’ through Karma – which was the way the law was set. It was set in one way only: to make sure that you accept God as your creator and as something that was ‘beyond question’.

Obviously what was fascinating is that ‘God’ was not ‘beyond question’ – how did we find that out? God did not know immediately that the Portal Opened – ‘God’ found out later which was interesting because the first time I spoke to ‘God’, he said to me: ‘I just found out about the Portal’ – I said ‘So, ok, fascinating – ok, so what’ happening?’ – I mean I wanted to know what was going on I mean, I didn’t – I took on a very particular approach to the whole situation. I knew one thing is that they would try and deceive me – which is the very first thing that they tried to do as soon as they tried to establish ‘what is my desires’. So I placed certain points pertinent upfront what I want –and I said: ‘I want money. I need money as much as possible’ Because I mean, without money, I’m not going to be able to help people – and immediately what did God say? ‘Not a problem, I’ll get you money’ – ok so, is cool.
Satya from Alcyone from the Pleiades said: ‘Man, you’ve put so much in, you they’re getting it all back’ “I says ‘Ok, I will hold you to do that!” So, I said, ok.ay. Pain, God, ‘God,’ you’re the one. W hen?’

‘On eleven o’ clock tonight’ – I says ok, where? – ‘in your safe’ – I says: ‘Ok, eleven o’ clock I’ll be there’ – so at eleven o’ clock open the safe, there’s nothing. I say ‘ok, bring me God’ – ok so explain to me’ there’s nothing. I say ‘I’ll give you another chance’ – ‘no no we we’re getting there, we’re getting there – somehow we just don’t know what’s going on but we’re not having, I -the effect is.. I mean I’m not having the effect I thought I should have I mean, there’s something wrong, we’re working on it, we’ll have it, we’ll get it’. But I mean obviously it never happened – I mean it is a, it’s just a way the approach is done in terms of trying to find the ‘weak point’.

So I deliberately started fucking around. I deliberately started to challenge the beings in various different ways by presenting particular points for their ‘temptation’ to see who they were and who I’m dealing with. And then I had obviously beings that I have communicated with before, which I then started talking to also, but I always communicated with everybody the same. And I never held their deception against them – I went as far as allowing them full access to my body, to everything – I says ‘ok you know, I mean you say you can assist me physically so, show me, here I am’ and then I’ll let them do whatever they wanted to do. And then Andrea would watch what they were doing and Sunette would watch what they’re doing and they would tell me all these wonderful things they’re doing to my body and so on and then … they told me they just had to delete it again – because they’re attempting to place in implants and devises to control people and to activate every one on Earth so they could all – and they did they activated everyone and obviously that’s what we wanted. What do we want? We want the total activation of all the programs all at once.

Darryl: So they could see it.

Bernard: So that everybody could see what they have become which will play out – I mean you could just watch the news day to day and you’ll see a form of chaos unfold in the world, a form of inability to have stability and the leaders will do ‘their best’ to try and find solutions – which they won’t.

I mean this Reality as it exist, is existent as a System. What is Real in it is your Physical.

What is Real is that you can actually Program yourself into a better being. You can actually Unprogram your limitations and become within the context – Hear me – of the rules of this dimension, which is space-time, you can become Unlimited. But the rules of the dimension is specific. This dimension is the dimension where you are facing the crossroads of yourself, this is where space and time cross – which is the cross of Jesus – of Space and Time – the Here where you learn the Truth about you. And, if you’re Self Honest you will know it is not pretty. What is going on inside your mind which is ‘who you really are’ you’re only existent as mind – is not a pretty picture.
And the projections you’re making in there- whether you’re following some form of ‘Enlightened Path’- is not real because it’s not considering all beings that is currently Here on Earth – you’re not considering the situation on Earth. You’re not considering this Reality, this Dimensional World that exist Here as Tridimensions. You’re not even existent as three-dimensions – you’re only existent as Mind in a flat world: one-dimensional world.
You’re existing one-dimensional in a three-dimensional world. Now…

Darryl: But we’ve been cultivated to exist as that.

Bernard: Correct, you’ve been cultivated – but understand you’ve had the moments in your life when you have wondered, and you did nothing –when you have questioned, and you did not follow your own Common Sense, you did not look at the Self Honesty and you didn’t change – you remain Responsible. And if you go back to your past lives, you’ll see that you knew what you were getting yourself into – You have always been what you are now, you have never been anything else –

You as who you are as Resonance, always will come through in the End as Who You Are – all that is being used is you and you’ve allowed it, and you’ve always been mistrusting of everyone in existence, you’ve always been deceptive, you’ve always only served your own Self Interest, you’ve always wanted to be better – but You’ve Never Been Who You Really Could Be.

So here we go, let’s get back to Emoto – here we were communicating with Emoto and we were testing the whole point out and we were just not getting to the bloody point –and… so then I said ‘Ok I would like to speak to Lao-Tzu and I expected obviously a similar experience to Emoto because they said to me ‘Lao Tzu is on Earth’. And I wanted to know, I always – I regarded Lao Tzu’s work as very effective because it was so simplistic – and with great simplicity, the shortest road to anything is Simplicity – and that is the answer for. You really want to have answers, use Simplicity – Common Sense is Simplicity – is simplicity to the real effect that’s happening right now, right here on this planet: that’s simplicity.

And Lao Tzu came through and he greeted me and I was starting to speak to him and he said to me ‘wait, wait, stop’ – and he said to me ‘I’m not the same as anyone that you’ve communicated with so far, I am existent as you everywhere – I’m on Earth and I’m aware of everything that’s going on and I’m aware what you guys are doing’ – so I said ok, so I said ‘where are you?’ -And I’m not going to say where it is – but we then started discussing the situation and what was going on and Process – and basically, looked at what it is that there is to be done to Support Everyone to Self Realization.

And ever since we’ve been working together Lao Tzu and he’s got a group that he’s been working with – they have been specifically Assisting and looking at everything, looking at the stabilities, we’re assessing all the points, is everything effective – and multiple different processes are taking place to accelerate Self Realization. Everything that’s happening is happening for one purpose only: accelerating Self Realization – and that the decision was made that we have options:

One option is a long lengthy process on pain, one is a short process of pain – but pain there will be – you’re not just gonna have Self Realization, you’re going to have to actually change, really become Self Honest, Really become Trust Worthy by Life, Really be Life itself, Really Actually Care, Really be Love in Fact –Love is not a feeling, Love is a Reality. Love is something that you do not experience because it is something that is existent as Life Itself – anything you experience as Love is not real, is an illusion created by the mind – anything you desire as love is not real, because it will always be dishonest and not consider All Life and will only consider your Self Interest –that is Not Love, that is Deception.

So, we had interesting conversations with Lao Tzu. We never connected with Emoto from the perspective of being able to get a communication through to Emoto, we could only speak to the Structural Resonance – which is the Real part of Emoto. His part that’s existent as Mind was contained in the Mind System, that part we’ve not been able to communicate with.

It’s fascinating because when you speak to the mind, they – understand in the Mind everything you’ve ever seen is there floating around – so all the numbers, all the telephone numbers, all the ID numbers, everywhere you’ve ever read, every movie you’ve watched, everything floats around there. So if you want to get any form of information, it’s rather a big mess.

So the Structural Resonance and the Mind then will take that which is Relevant for your Process out of that and Direct it. You are thus just like a massive container of information – and out of that, you’ve built ‘strings of information’ that ‘spins around’ with strings of sentences which sentence you to your personality which is then statements where make about: ‘I am a good guy’ – then for instance that information will ‘spin around’ in circles inside you like an energy generator. Just like you know you have this thing the spin between the solar plexus and in your head region, your heart regions – it’s all these spinning things – you have various ones of them depending on what regime you’re following. Say you follow the ‘Tree of Life’ from the Kabbalah, then it’ll have these more extensive amounts of ‘strings’ that your string is moving around generating energy, metaphysical energy which is then what your Mind feeds off – while your Physical feeds of the Physical Energy that you get from the food that you’re eating – and then thus metaphysically energy then ‘pumped into’ you know it was ‘pumped into’ the ‘Heavenly Realms’ where it was used for the ‘Higher Existence’ and for the containment of the beings that do not hear or do not submit to what ‘god’ wants them to do – which was to be in his service for eternity.

Understand that until this particular experience of Earth, there was never a ‘god’ – god was created around the experience of Earth. There were races that believed that there must be something like that existent, but they’ve never been able to actually see or experience God from any perspective. What they haven’t realized is that God in fact, is the Physical Reality/ the Physical Universe.

Obviously at this stage we hadn’t even begun to consider all the realities – we had only cleaned out all the Parallel Universes and there was inside and outside that means: the same amount of Universes we found outside Earth, we found in every human being with multiple beings existent in it – we took them all out. And at a later stage we found something more interesting, we’ll get to that at a later stage – so

What was very clear that became quite a fascinating point is that: nobody in existence is really knowing what was going on. Everybody was deceived and there was nobody to ask.

We removed all the “data” because the more beings started realizing all the various wonderful things they could do – like disappear and become invisible and you know I mean, shape-shift and all kinds of stuff– everybody started doing it and fucking with each other I mean, it’s like amazing that was the first thing beings in existence were doing – fucking with each other, playing for power. It was like I said ‘what the fuck?’ – I mean we’re a little bit in shit here – I mean we’ve created a fucked up reality where everybody believe their Reality is Real, where they disregard that which actually gives them Life –which is the Physical – where they then die and become virtually bloody nothing, useless piece of fucking shit in the dimensions in the Afterlife I mean, with lots of proof of the Common Sense of what the fuck is going on and yet – because money is in control – nobody wants to actually even consider anything as long as they got money.

So therefore one of the things that will definitively become the single biggest problem with existence on Earth: is Money – it will be quite a problem as it continues in its process of: crashing.

We looked at all the practical points in terms of how can we actually find a way to assist everyone we realized a simple thing is: as long as everybody’s got to work for money, very few beings will have the time to consider their own Self Realization.

Therefore a way had to be found without damaging the structural designs that is currently here on Earth to place into existence a system that can Support everyone to actually have time enough to consider their Reality – which is why we are proposing an Equal Money System and if necessary, it’ll be linked to labor, meaning: One Job –One Man= Income.

That everybody can take responsibility for what is happening. Because if we just introduce for instance: ‘Equal Money for All’ people will immediately stop doing the basic essential services that is required in this reality. But, if there is a job for everyone and everyone gets an equal amount of money which is sufficient to Support Every One – I mean all jobs will be done and we can work out a time frame where everybody has time to actually look at our situation and we can find solution.

Obviously there’s beings in existence that are mentally ‘disenfranchised’ – those things were done deliberately. They were deliberately moved or designed to not be able to transcend or not be able to actually understand even the basic things happening in this Reality. In time those beings will withdraw and will get another chance in another life. Everybody will get a chance, I mean at the end of the day Every One will Self Realize.
You really decide how difficult that process is going to be – because you design your own Process: the more you resist it, the more difficult your process become because you actually, I mean: how can you Common Sensically resist a point of Equality, that means: what does Equality really mean? – a point where Every One is Equal with All knowledge, Every One is Equal in all Intelligence, Every One is Equal in All Abilities – yet you’re individual and you can express yourself individually, I mean: that’s Best for All. Where nobody are then in a position where you can harm another because you all know everything about each other, you’re All Knowing, you’re Omni-Present, you’re in essence the Real Image and Likeness of God – which is an inevitable manifestation.

How is there anyone in existence that can deny that as apparently something to your disadvantage?

Darryl: because there are people who don’t like the idea of being Equal with somebody else.

Bernard: Because the only point where you want to disregard Equality in all ways, is because you want to harm another, you want to be better than another.

Darryl: Yeah.

Bernard: Therefore you’re dishonest

Darryl: that’s the people that go on in You Tube and say why should… I studied to be a doctor – why should a ditch-digger make as much money as me, I mean, that’s not fair.

Bernard: Doctors, I mean the Doctor won’t go there and dig that ditch – I mean that action is equal worth in time becauseLife is the Value – not what you know – but if everybody knows Equally everything: who’s gonna dig that ditch? – If everyone is omnipresent and there is no more disease, what is the doctor now going to do, because now you got no more purpose – yet you’re Here. I mean that is inevitably what is our future as the Structural Resonance gets Aligned to what is really possible. That will take some time because it is currently aligned and programmed according to a deceptive limitation and separation that has separated Man from Life completely into an Alternate Reality which works like a mirror where everything is in reverse which is the mind.

So for instance there is very little in existence that you can really, really in any way take as relevant in terms of that it is actually true. Understand that everything and everyone of the people in existence, was deliberately fucked with and that you were deliberately programmed to experience things that would put you in separation with everyone around you, so that you can feel ‘special’ – ‘I saw that UFO’ or ‘I had that experience’. You were deliberately programmed to be placed in that point of separation so that you can disagree with everyone else and therefore, can claim that you ‘know better’ because you experienced it – you did not, it happened to you.

That happening was preprogrammed, it did not really happen – if it was real it can happen again and again and again every single day at will – it doesn’t because it was not your will, it was a program.

What happens at your will is like for instance, Sunette at will can leave her body at any time as long as she likes, whenever, wherever she is – it doesn’t matter and that’s real, because it is at will.

And we’ll obviously continue with what we’re doing. And we will now start training specifically beings in terms of Structural Resonance Alignment – we’ll be extremely strict because now we don’t got time to waste – I mean, who wants to waste time with those that is not willing to consider that they’re able to be more than what they’ve accepted themselves to be – if you’re not willing to consider that and do that for yourself – I mean, we’re not gonna do it for you – we’re simply gonna tell you ‘fuck off’ – I mean, next life – we’re not interested.

We’re interested in those that are really actually going to get to the point of Self Honesty and actually going to get themselves to the level where they are understanding what it means to be Unlimited within a Limited Reality.

This will be the foundation for what is to come in Eternity, so that never again will one being have power over another – who in existence cannot declare that that is the ultimate solution for everyone where we never again need to harm another to feel better about yourself –that that is not the highest act of love that can exist Equality and Oneness, Equality for All – and that that requires our total attention to get it done. Therefore those that do not place themselves in a position where they empower themselves Equally and as such Assist others to do the same, will be disregarded completely and their process will be postponed by themselves into a next life – where they will not have the benefit of consideration. Because in essence: who you are is Everything – is Not a Choice, therefore you cannot disregard it, you will be forced to this Realization – whether you like it or not.

Always suggest is: there is ways to do it which is less painful and there is ways which is more painful – you’re gonna get to the exact same point – you either going to walk with us or you’re not – it doesn’t matter to us.
Ok, that’s about it.


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