Desteni is your ‘Greatest Fear’

Desteni is your ‘Greatest Fear’ – WHY?

What if all you have ever believed is a lie? What if the real reason why we are trapped in this illusion is a simple explanation? What if you really were self-honest and saw that you what you are actually fearing is everyone in your world-fearing what they were capable of doing to you? What if you realized that this is just your projection of fear?

The real truth is that you see what you are capable of doing to every one else. You see how you can deceive.

Then comes the Great Act of Deception: Let me do it first! Then I will not be deceived! Because I know what they would do if they have a chance! Let me do it first! Let me be the one in control of the situation! Then I am safe!

This is the truth that created everything. We fear our own self-dishonesty and we project it onto others and then act to protect ourselves. The elite in this world do this. They fear the masses so they control the masses. The religious fear this. They fear their own dishonesty and thus create ways to force others to be honest.

But the truth is that everyone is dishonest and lives in fear of each other. And this fear is actually fear of self, fear of the dishonest nature of self and fear of the dark side of self. Because of this fear, we seek the light and enlightenment to blind us from the truth which is that we are living in fear of each other.

So we invented love because if we can say the word “love” and feel love and generate this feeling, we do not have to face the awful truth-that we fear each other and we fear what we will do to each other and what others will do to us. We live in petrification and fear.

The reason why the world exists is to manifest this one point-our fear of each other!

Look at this world. Everything-all our seeking for purpose, our governments, our societies-all are all based on fearing each other and having the upper hand. In doing that, we expose our own self-dishonesty justify it saying, “If we do not do it first, they will do it to US!”

Desteni is your greatest fear. It HAS ALL BEEN A LIE! Everything you have ever believed is a lie that you created through your own fears. It’s time for self-honesty.

And know this: Another fear you have is that YOU WILL FACE THE TRUTH OF YOUR SELF-DISHONESTY AND THE TRUTH OF YOU FEARING OTHERS. There is no way out. You will live as many lives as needed and experience as much pain as is required and as much trauma as you can handle. This will reveal.


what we are presenting is not beautiful stuff that will make anyone feel all fuzzy or feel great about the future– The future as it exist now is an infinite enslavement system– just repeating itself with all participants forgetting even what they did from day to day as a child in its specific events– l

When we are really honest with ourselves we become aware that something is amiss– we only remember what we want to remember

we only say what suits us

we only care about some people– the rest is not in our category we have placed ourselves

we place money as the one thing we must have no matter what we have to do with the end justifying the means even if we have to be mean

we feel empathy with those in trouble or in destruction,but belief that the reason we are ok is because of our beliefs, applications and discipline– not true– we are creating that which the other less fortunate experience through our preconceived ideas and we are unable to actually see the timelines and sound resonant lines that create reality as we have accepted it, yet we act as experts– thus the ultimate dishonesty

we will not develop skills that see all because we believe we are unable to see what we create , because some one told us so as a child when we could still see everything, untill we belief them and just switch off and accept our fate

we belief what every one else is seeing is what we must see and if they see something new, they are special and instead of also enquiring how to develop the skills and see for ourselves- we destroy any new vision just as we destroy our children’s ability to see their imaginary friend

we call what we have decide to be beauty to be beauty, but the beauty of nature that was here before us ,we destroy in the name of survival and then we call it progress and say it’ not us, but the corpus-corporations — but never us

we seek ways to make more money to safegaurd us against the world , but the world is nature and we fail to see that the world we safegaurd ourselves against is created by ourselves in our homes in our gossip and fear of each other and in our circle of friends that accept and support us because we fear the same things, we blame the same things and we are angered by the same things–our similarities in fear we honour, but similarity in greatness and expression, we question because we belief we are unable to achieve such expression

we accept the enslavemnt of the world by speaking a lot about it, but doing nothing, because we refuse to admit that we all are enslaved by the same stuff, love the same stuff and desire the same stuff and believe that these things make us alive

we fear death, but never consider to look beyond death, because ,maybe we will see that beyond death we are the same miserable fearfull being, and that is just too much to contemplate and thus we accept our limitations,because at least we have an excuse

we feel powerless in the world of television, money, power, war , corporations, schools, because we feel divided in every way and thus accept survival of the fittest and we scream and praise the fittest and dream of when it will be our turn, but we never consider to turn our back on this enslavement and actually creating a world where we may be free, because freedom we have equated to the few that have enough, and if we are in the clan, we defend our clan, because we have and we deserve our haves

we keep our secrets, because they make us safe– we allow others their secrets, because they allow us our secrets and thus we are trapped infinitely– yet we call it choice, as if that set us free and never realise that choice is impossible if we do not remember who we are and where we are from and some even say it is ok, I know who I am– really– then why does it not show in your world– the WHOLE world



We’re extremely specific with regards to why we’re here and thus we specifically stipulate that beings first go through all the material on the site and video interviews and then join the Forum to participate with others in assisting and supporting themselves, within and as their individual processes.

And beings that come onto the site that have not gone through the material and video interviews in attempt to find someone justify or validate for them their current accepted and allowed mind-natured beliefs and perceptions of themselves – we do not accept and allow such beings to participate on the website. Because clearly they within their life experience had not yet had enough/effective experience to actually realise that they must stand up and take self responsibility – but instead defend their mind as what they think/believe themselves to be.

This is why I say we’re specific: We’ll assist and support those who assist and support themselves effectively.


We have tried the ‘gentle/nice’ way – but in doing it the ‘gentle/nice’ way – especially with those still very much lost within mind constructs, beliefs, perceptions and ideas – leaves a door open, a back door, for manipulation, dishonesty and deceit and will thus lead to self compromise if you attempt/try and do this the ‘nice way’.

That’s why it’s necessary to be straight, direct and to-the-point clear. Some will ‘handle’ it – others won’t – though realise that those that can’t ‘handle it’ at the moment, simply means that they have decided for themselves they require more ‘experiences’ within themselves with the mind to actually absolutely understand the necessity to stop it, stand up and take self responsibility. Then you let them go, let them have some experience first so they may, for themselves, understand the consequences of accepted and allowed mind participation and defining self as the mind within the mind = they will inevitably return or realise themselves in death.

This process is inevitable for each and all – though, the experience of each will differ within and as their individual process. Thus, ‘assist and support those who are willing and determined to assist and support themselves effectively’.


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