Do Not Trust Forgiveness

As many have noticed– forgiveness do not maketh the man

forgiveness is a tool and man use the tool and the tool is only as effective as the man == many times the ego is SO BIG –that the tool disappear in all the VENEER and BELIEFS

see how Christianity has ABUSED forgiveness and in 2000 years not lived it as a group that stand as one – equal as all life

man cannot be trusted — even when man do forgiveness — the test is IN TIME == to see if you really stand as life and are ACTUALLY living what you are SAYING


most will FALL — this is the way we LEARN

currently –the dimensions have FALLEN in the 11th cycle — permanently and have entered the 12th cycle

we will join them in time — and the physical will eventually be NO MORE —

that will leave us all trapped in an eternal design of CHOICE as INDIVIDUALITY as ONE — which has Manifested as EACH ONE ALONE IN DARKNESS FOR ETERNITY

this has ONE BENEFIT — no EGO –thus no harm to another

the rest — we are essentially stuck as life in a stand off instead of a stand up

and purely because man do not change — and abuse instead of embrace

this will be forced

what has been established eternally is equality as life for each one — and that will guide us — whether we will ever walk together again in any way — will be determined whether we can actually really change

as far as process on earth –we have a chance if all of humanity practically stand as equals to support each one — however unlikely — it is possible and as long as we are HERE –we will walk

the probable outcome now is atomic war by demons– many is already in full possession of vessels and all capable of the deed

in such event — walk and embrace — that will place us all in the 12th cycle and we will not communicate ever again –unless we are equal in all ways — each in a separate universe to do as you like

as you have noticed — some come to the forum as ego and abuse the tools like forgiveness to display their apparent intoLACKtual superiority — all must face this– do not be discouraged–as courage is what each will need in times aHEAD

use the tools –BUTT remember –it is about actual LIVING CHANGE

living words are living words

it is who I am that determine what I do –that requires NO EFFORT — any effort– means –no change yet

it is what I do that reflects who I am

yet this I that AM — must be the living word in all ways

at Desteni we will release in due course a programme to assist with the purification of self in a practical physically measurable way — will it make a difference–yes –for the person that really applies till change is physically here real as the living flesh

this new course will initially only be revealed on private forum — so get your ass there

but most asses cannot be dragged to life–as the aDICKtions are too numerous

not to worry–we have eternity in a bubble


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