Equal and One


the secret of equal and one–

this principle exist always and is much abused especially by beings not willing to let go of what they think they have or they htey have achieved

Practically it works as follows–each being is equal and one with what they accept as themselves–consciousness would like you to believe that that is specific and justthewayitis-system– that is not so–that is how you are programmed to believe that you are special and is separation.

Obviously you may remain within that which you accepted yourself as equal and one as–with the obvious result–that is what you will experience.

If you accept yourself for instance as equal and one with creation and child abuse occur–you are the abuser .

the same with rape–the consequence of what we allow is within our acceptance as equal and one.

In this holographic illusion we have accepted ourselves as equal and one with it–therefor our lives are fictional as shown by the beings when they crossover–it simply disappear.

why–you are no more than what you accept yourself to be equal and one with.

that is why there is a journey–the journey of forgiveness to be honest with self as to what one has accepted as self as equal and one with.

once honesty steps forth–trust is build and then –come what may–one would be stable as the focus is discovering honestly how one participate as equal and one–

a life stable as knowledge at this stage is an illusion that will be challenged through process when least expected–the reason–who you really are will not accept anything less than who you really are as a practical living application in action at a unified universal level–thus–no mind–pure sound expression.

Some will here and some will hear.

but with the sum of equality and oneness we are measured.

may we not be found wanting/desiring .



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