Equality and Oneness – the Key to Self as Life

Oneness is the Point of our Enslavement – within this World as we know it – within the Unified Consciousness Field of Energy as Polarity (it’s worth doing a search on ‘Desteni+Polarity’ on Youtube: several videos on this point).

Our Oneness Implies that ‘No-one is free until all is free’. *

Oneness further implies that without Unconditional Forgiveness, this Mess will go-on ‘forever’ – because Polarity is a closed Energy-System that constantly and continuously seek to ‘balance itself out’ – and thus neither ‘positive’ nor ‘negative’ is ever able to ‘win’ – because the System of Polarity needs both to ‘keep on moving’.

Which is how the ‘Light-Workers’ are actually ‘supporting’ the System – because ‘feeding’ one polarity automatically ‘feeds’ the other through its opposite. This explain how we create through Denial. The consequences are devastating and to be seen within and as how this world exists.

It is vital to see the Whole-picture – and not only one side of the coin.
To be able to place oneself in anybody’s shoes and see who one would be in ‘that life’. Because from a separate starting-point, judgment of another is easy…

Bringing-it back to Self:
Oneness is the Point where self is enslaving self within a Mind Consciousness System of Energy as Polarity, wherein a life will be lived as if it’s about oneself, about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’, like a Casino – wherein Self is ‘The One’ standing as Ego, with the sole purpose of ‘winning’ the game and ‘gaining’ ‘energy’. (Observe how even ‘doing charity’ is actually about oneself.) This ‘game’ is fuelled through our participation in emotional and mental patterns, which –if one observe one’s ‘secret mind’ – are ‘set-out’ on ‘profit’ as self-interest.

Obviously no-‘one’ can ever really ‘win’ even if at-times it may seem so; Ultimately the ‘winner’ is always the Casino – the System.

Equality is the Point of our Solution – in Standing Equal within Ourselves and with Each-Other in the self-realization as Life and thus as Equality – we have no-choice but to stop judgment, abuse, fear and All Separation – thus to ‘Stop the Mind’ = to Stop the ‘Oneness’ of Separation/Ego – and take directive-Authority/Responsibility for Who we Are as Life as Equals.

These Two Points brought-together to One-Point: ‘Equality and Oneness’ – was seen to be the Directive-Principle of Existence – and if one observe one’s own life from the perspective of self-honesty, which is the process we’re walking with Desteni (Man Know Thyself) one is able to see that it is in-fact so: Each-One is creating the ‘consequences’ of who each-one is equal and one, and all together we create this world, equal and one to ‘who we are’. The creation is always equal to its Creator.

The practical-application of this ‘Living-Principle’, ‘Equality and Oneness’, begins within Self. These ‘two points’ brought-together to One Point: Self.

Anyone can easily observe how we each are ‘One’, yet Not Equal within that ‘One’ we exist as: Not Equal within ourselves.

The same with the World: ‘One’ World – yet Not Equal.

Which is interesting because within this Point: the ‘problem’ entails the Solution: the ‘problem’ being us in separation, the solution being us in mutual honor and respect of ourselves and each-other as Life as Equals.

Thus: Equality is the Key to purifying our Oneness and getting to the Practical Realization of One Life as Equals.

*Elaborating on the point of ‘Oneness’ as “No-one is free until All is free”:

Fascinating: interdimensionally it is seen that within Each-One Being – All Beings Exist. Even more fascinating is that this point can be seen within CommonSense:

If we observe the world and the human-beings we are ‘faced’-with throughout our lives (in all ways: in ‘real’-life, on TV, history-books, movies, radio, memories, photographs etc. etc.) – we will notice that we always have a different ‘energetic’-response to different beings. This response is either positive or negative.

Seeing the point of Polarity for what it is and the Trap/Enslavement it entails within and as the Cycles/Patterns we exist as – this ‘energetic’-response within the experience of Self in any given moment/situation should, in CommonSense, show us one-thing: That we are not standing equal to the particular point/situation we’re faced with.
It is futile to want to make others responsible for the experience of ourselves, for what we accept and allow within ourselves. So the question is: How do we create and re-create those patterns?

The irony is that we’ll tend to ‘hold-on’ to ‘positive’ feelings and only consider ‘stopping’ our reaction when it is ‘negative’. However, in both ‘cases’ we are actually faced with the fact that we are not standing equal to a particular being/point/situation.
One may argue on that and ask: ‘What’s wrong with that?’ and that may appear to be a ‘valid’ question – yet the ‘answer’ to that is simplistic and astounding at the same time:

What is ‘wrong’ with that is, that within our participation in such ‘projected’-perceptions, we accept and confirm our separation; The actual practical consequence is that we are not standing in full self-authority, self-power, self-directiveness Here – since an ‘energetic’-response is able to direct our Beingness into thoughts, words or actions – and it is our thoughts, words and actions that define ‘who we are’. We are thusly within that allowing a particular ‘energy’ to define ‘who we are’.

The problem with That is, that a particular ‘energy’ will ‘act’ and ‘direct’-us in self-interest, according to what that ‘energy’ wants and that only – which is referred-to as mind-possession. The possible consequences/outflows/side-effects of our participation for ourselves and the world in the bigger scale within space-time will be missed, and one will defend/justify one’s actions.

In this era of ‘super-consciousness’, many beings have become ‘experts’ in reasoning and justifying self-interest as ‘how one exists’ to ‘sound good’ and ‘logical’ – yet slowly but surely such ‘intelligence’ meets ‘stupidity’, like the snake biting its own tail (one of the alchemist symbols for ‘Oneness’).

Bringing this back to the principle that: “Within each-one, All beings exist” – the question as to the practical implication thereof arises:
How is this relevant in this physical reality?

In Self-Honesty and within the Principle of ‘Man Know Thyself’, one may ‘observe’ and ‘See’ one’s own reactions (‘positive’ AND ‘negative’), recognize the accepted separation, recognize the ‘point’ represented by ‘another’ being – and ‘bring it back to Self’: so that Self may forgive, integrate and amalgamate with that particular ‘point’/’being’/’expression’ to be able to ‘direct it’ as oneself in a way that is best for all – which is the practical point of Equality and Oneness: ‘becoming Whole’; Self-Realizing Authority and Responsibility as Equality.
The ‘accomplishment’ thereof in relation to the particular points each-one is faced with will be ‘confirmed’ through no-more experiencing an ‘energetic’-reaction (‘positive’ OR ‘negative’) towards the particular point/being/expression.

Because as long as I am reacting to ‘another’, I am shown (through an ‘actual’ physical experience) that I am not standing equal within myself in relation to the ‘point’ another is representing, and that there is instead accepted separation, comparison, judgment. This is where Self-Forgiveness comes in: to release oneself from judgment, anger, fear, blame – and to make a living-statement of Self-Responsibility and Self-Accountability as Life as Equality.

This puts ‘Practical-Living’ into a ‘new’ perspective – because within this process of Amalgamation and Forgiveness, each moment and each being represents an opportunity of Self-Intimacy, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Expansion.

This is Equality and Oneness in Practical-Living – a point within which the equation of ‘No-one is free until All is free’ may be realized as practical CommonSense.

Within Equality and Oneness, Self stands stable as One as Equal, and has therefore Directive-Principle in Self-Responsibility and Self-Honesty Here – and is able to, if necessary, direct that ‘point’/’situation/’ other being’ to equally recognize the accepted separation and to realize Equality as Life, as Self has done for Self.


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