Equality in Matter

Equality implies all are equal in all ways – implies all are one and the same in essence, in source, in manifestation, in ability, in knowledge, in awareness, in expression, in value. However, this does not mean that individuality does not exist within Equality. It means that all Beings Live Equally – all beings have Equal access to life – because all beings ARE Life. Life is Life – there is only One LIFE. That is the Life that is within all things.
The Life within me is the source of me – The Life within me IS ME.
And yet I am Here with other beings – Here in the same place, the same reality, the same existence, the same world. Therefore the statement: ‘The Life within me is the source of me – The Life within me IS ME’ – is the same for all beings HERE.

If all are Life – then common sense is that what is the best for Me as Life is one and the same as what is best for All beings as Life that are Here – as I am Here.

If there is one being that says – ‘I am separate from the others – I want what I want, I want what is best for Me, apart from the rest and I do not want to consider everyone else as my equal within what I want’ – that implies that who that being is does not exist as Life – and yet common sense is that that being is not actually separate from the rest, not actually separate from Life – because that being is still Here – the source of that Being is still Life.
This being wants to believe that his Source is different from the Source of all other beings. This being wants to believe that he exists in his own reality. And yet common sense is that since this being exists HERE with everyone else in THIS reality – he does not, and cannot ever exist in his OWN reality. This being is HERE like everyone else, and has come from the same Source – the same Life – and therefore within his statement: ‘I want what I want and I do not want to consider anything or anyone else’, exists in Spitefulness of the rest, and in Spitefulness of himself – because the Life in all the others is the same Life that is in him – yet he does not want to see that.

This being exists AS conflict – this being’s existence can only exist AS conflict. For this being to experience himself as ‘separate’ from the rest – the reality in which he experiences himself must exist as conflict, must exist IN conflict at all times – because the nature of his desire to not consider everyone else as Life as Equal to himself implies that he is trying to ‘break’ away from the rest – and yet he can never do this because the very source by which he exists – is the same source by which all the rest exist.

When this World is viewed with common sense – it is seen that the current nature of this world, the current nature of all beings Here in this ONE reality – is CONFLICT.
Each being wants what is best for themselves – without considering what is the best for All others Equally AS themselves, AS Life.
Each being only considers what is best for themselves within their ‘own reality’ – with their ‘own reality’ actually existing as a point of Conflict. All beings exist in conflict with each other. There is a perceived ‘peace’ that is experienced, a perceived ‘equality’ that is experienced, within the experience of being ‘connected’ with someone through points of Relationship. However, the existence of ‘point of relationships’ implies that there also exist ‘points of non-relationship’ – which are actually points of Conflict.

When will conflict end? Conflict will end when all Realize that we are all HERE Equally and as One from the same source which is Life. In realizing this, it is seen that what is best for me as Life in this One Reality – is what is best for All HERE. Within this realization it is seen that all ‘personal’ realities – all realities which I perceive to be ‘my own’ – have never actually been real and will inevitably END – because all ‘personal’ realities – all realities that are ‘my own’ actually exist as the attempt to Break away, to Separate myself from the rest so that I can have my own reality in which I do not have to consider everyone else here Equally as Myself as Life.
All personal realities are Points – points that exist in relationship to other points – that which is ‘my own’ is a Point – a point that exists in relationship to other points of ‘my own’ experienced by other beings.
Life however, is not a Point – Life is just HERE and has always been HERE.
Therefore, to end conflict – Who we are as beings must stop existing as Points in Relationship to each other within perceived ‘separate’ realities.
When it is realized that We are all One and Equal and the Same as Life – then all Points of relationship End – and Self as Life remains – Here.

How do we ensure that conflict never again exists in any form whatsoever?
We STOP existing as who we have always existed as within and as Points of relationship.
We SEE that what is best for everyone as Life, Here – is what is best for Me Here. We SEE that what has value – is Life. When conflicting values end – there is no need to preserve, maintain, hold onto, defend or fight for anything – and there is never anything to lose – Because when everyone exists Here as Life Equally – there exists only Life Living, and Life Expressing. There exists only Simplicity. There exists only Freedom – but not Freedom as a point experienced in relationship to Limitation, no. Freedom as Life – Freedom as Equality. Freedom as the Living Certainty that no abuse or conflict is possible to exist in any form whatsoever because all that exists is Life – everywhere and as everyone. Limitation only exists when a Being exists as a point in relationship to other points – implying points of non-relationship, or Conflict. Thus there is always something or someone conflicting with the Being’s ‘own reality’, and the being will always strive for ‘Freedom’ as the experience of being in complete control of all points of ‘my existence’. But this is not freedom, it is simply a state of control – and control must be maintained. And even if the being achieves total control over all points – the nature of his reality still only exists as Conflict – because he is not seeing and realizing that the source of all points under his control – is actually Life, and that the source of he himself is Life.
Therefore, for actual Freedom to exist – all points that exist in conflict with Life – all points of Self Interest as ‘what is best for me without considering all Equally as Myself as Life’ – must End forever. So that only Life remains, and the desire and need to control ceases to exist forever.

Each one of us the the KEY to Equality. Each one of us is the Key to Actual Freedom. Each one of us is the Key to Life.
Each one of us is Here – and each one of us can See within ourselves, what of ourselves exists in conflict with another. Each one of us can End all points of Conflict within ourselves. In this World as it exists, this implies standing Equal with All that is Here. All Beings, All Animals, All Nature – because it is seen that the Source of All that is Here is Life.

I look at my hands. My hands exist as formed Matter. Matter is this Physical Reality. The Source of this Physical Reality of Matter is Life – because all that Lives, all that exists in this World, is born and formed from Physical Matter.
All exist Equally and the same as Matter. And with our hands, we move and form this Physical Reality of Matter. The events and experiences that this World consists of, are the outflow of what we do with our hands in Matter.
At the moment, that which directs us in Matter, that which determines what we do in Matter – is ‘who we are’ within our minds, ‘who we are’ as a Point in Relationship to all other beings Here, a Point in relationship to this Physical Reality that is Here.
Each of us is attempting to CONTROL what is Here as Matter, to CONFORM to ‘our own’ Reality – when in fact, we do not actually have ‘our own’ Reality at all. We are in Conflict with Matter, in conflict with each other, experiencing ourselves and existing as Points of Conflict.
How can we make this Reality of Matter a Reality in which Life is Free in Fact? Stop existing as a point of conflict, stop existing as a point in Relationship to everything and everyone that is Here – because in this, all Control ceases to exist. In this, one stands Equal and One with all that is Here in Matter. In this, one Becomes Matter and Directs Self As Matter – Self as Reality – Self as Life. Within this, Self is Directing, Living and Expressing Self As Matter As Life within the consideration of what is Best for All that is HERE. Self no longer desires control over any point – because Self exists AS all points. Self as the being has Amalgamated everything that is Here within dissolving all points that exist in conflict and relationship and perceived separation from Life – from the ONE Source of all that is Here in Matter.
Within Self Amalgamating as all points of what is Here in Matter, Self now exists as Life – Self exists, lives, expresses as the source of all that is Here in Matter. Self is Here as Life within and as Matter as this Physical Reality. And this Physical Reality of Matter is that which Remains Here in death. Therefore, Self is now always Here and does not actually die.
Death only exists as the death of that which existed in separation and conflict. If ‘who a being is’ exists as a point that exists in relationship to what is Here, a point that exists within the polarity of Relationship and Conflict to other Points, to other beings, then that being exists within an illusion of separation and is in conflict with its source, which is the same source as all and everything that is Here. Such a being has a beginning and an end.
The Being that has Amalgamated with all that is Here in Matter, no longer exists as a point in relationship to anything, no longer exists as conflict, and thus no longer has a beginning and an end. Such a Being exists simply as Life.

What Matters is what I do with my hands in Matter. In considering what determines how I move in Matter, I can see whether ‘who I am’ is Here in this Reality, considering what is best for All Here in Matter – or whether ‘who I am’ exists in an Alternate, non-physical reality where I am considering what is best for ‘me’ in ‘my own’ reality and attempting to CONTROL what is Here for the benefit of only ‘my own’ reality.
Within this consideration I can see whether ‘who I am’ is a point of conflict with a beginning and an end – in which case ‘who I am’ will cease to exist in death, or whether ‘who I am’ is Here, Existing, Living, Expressing, taking Self Responsibility within what I See is the best for All Here in Matter as Myself, as Life.

Matter is the Key to Freedom. Matter is the Key to Eternal Life. Matter Frees Man.


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