Eternal Life

we found something astounding during the first year of process

we are all eternal —but we keep on forgetting everything

we could trace beings back in history–but they have had so many lives since the point we were investigating–that only their link to the event remained

no progression was taking place–in fact it was all regression and reincarnation that existed long before earth–was a way we were coping with forgetting what we do to each other, what we do to ourselves –because without a point to stop–we will harm each other even more–thus in a way death emerged as a way to protect us from ourselves and each other

this is what Desteni is about–the implementation of the solution to this as equality and oneness that this may never happen again — that we may never forget life and each other again

this will take a while — but the outcome is certain–all equal and one–a living self yet individualized will happen –unfortunately only after much adoo about nothing which will be forgotten again–till our very beingness change and we stop our separation from life


*a note

infinity and eternal is not the same

infinity is what happens in the polarity relationship between positive and negative–it cycles between two poles infinitely repeating the same patterns

eternal means that we remain–but not as you understand you now or even as interdimensional–we kind of diminish to virtually nothing and start again–it is quite sad


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