Mind – Material and Addiction

for a moment we are stuck in our creation and cannot get out unless we understand how we created it — yes many things happened over billions of years and on earth much info has been manipulated –this is coming to a rather unpleasant end–but we have only ourselves and our common sense in consideration of all life to work with – in this understand that all material are equally to you in every way — the human is in fact less able to understand than a grain of sand as the sand grain exist in both “heaven” and earth — the human exist as mind construct in a model of space and time and self –3 dimensions –within this self determine the place and the time based on energy which follows a cycle of positive negative to move . This cause obviously endless problems within our experience as it seems so real as we move as the energy –the problem being that we can become anything –but then we are equal to it as it and thus stuck as it — thus to stop this will reveal much about existence — support is available in many documents and a forum — take it slow –we have become addicted to limitation and as you know –to let go of addiction is painful

thank you for your interest in life as me and you – may we find the courage to let go of that which harms each other


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