Perspective on Fear


look at this

Make a list of all your fears–

ask yourself this question– why do I fear this in my world–why do I fear certain experiences– why do I fear being without money as example

but–now–theultimate mindf–k

look–you actually fearing self


who allowed and created all the conditions of fear in your world?

who is responsible?

so — the only fear that is really existing–is the fear of self

because–we create our condition and experience–but–because we are separated through a beliefsystem that something else is creating the fear–we misplace our fear–and get more fearfull as we grow older–not understanding the simpleanswer–all fear is fear of self–because self create all of reality–either directly or through allowance


An e-mail I received today from my son of 13
— note the fear–in cycles of polarity–ultimate–the fear of self–trapped by the feear of change and the fear of choice

yet the only power is himself====

Even now im cyring but for some reason the typing helps im afraid of talking to you because i already know what you will say that i must get my ass in gear and i know that but i am afraid of what will happen i am afraid of the unknown i don’t like “going in blind” i am afraid of what it will do me and my life i am afraid of who or what i will become i am afraid of the dimensional beings because i doubt everything that they say and do because i doubt everything that i say or do and iam afraid of the dimensional beings because i don’t want to get attached again because i am afraid of losing them and iam afraid of losing you and cerise and Esteni and all of you guys because i feel that you guys are all that keeps me together and you keep me apart if that makes any sense

and so

can any one help him?



he will be enslaved–he must stand up himself and he understand the answer already–see the words



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