Perspective on: I wish I was still a child

Let’s look at a child: Innocence in self expression in the moment – unconditional in self expression as who they are in the moment. A child has no MIND, thoughts, feelings or emotions which they accept or allow to influence or control them – they’re just here in the moment as who they are – open and vulnerable saying: This is who I am – I love me, I accept me, I enjoy me. Thus, this process is the ‘return to innocence’ of you as you as who you are – because it’s still here as you, it is not lost – it’s just that you have ‘forgotten about you’ and accepted and allowed the world and others to influence you / control you / direct you within you through accepting or allowing you to react towards them – then ofcourse believing / thinking you are the mind within you of thoughts, feelings and emotions which is not who you are – so, now you have to ‘walk this process’ of ‘returning to innocence’ through self application of self forgiveness, and focusing on breath so you can ‘re-learn’ how to trust you and how to unconditionally express you in every moment – with no interference of accepted / allowed reaction within you. To become as a child once more – no more mind influence.


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