Perspective on Practical Self Expression

This is fascinating and we just understood how to place this in words

All creaation is 3 steps

Creator == selfhonesty

this selfhonesty in the moment create trust with youself

Thus–Created == selftrust

Selfhonesty and selfttrust empower you and is the only real power in existence
and give the certainty and confidence for selfexpression in that moment

thus giving Creation == selfexpression

So practically

in every moment I am honest with me– Because honesty is noyt transferable from moment to moment -because if I base the next moments trust to the previous, I enslave myself and the result will be a breach of trust with me and instead of selfexpression, selfdeceptio will step forth

So — when a new moment enters my awareness– I honestly as self as all as one view it –then I trust my honest and I express myself

why do I then become fullfilled– I will build trust with me which is the ability to remain new in every moment and look at it as if the first time–so I am reborn in every moment and in that I build my self value as I trustmy honesty with myself and I empower me as I understand that my Selfexpression is based on my selfhonesty and my selftrust that I proof to me as me in every moment


Imagine if each one in creation walks like tis– then we have man unified as the I am


I AM== Father==Creator== selfhonesty

thus creating son== I am== selftrust

thus expressing as one– the father and I am one

The trinity of creator as mysef explained and all is equal and one in this , because it is available to each to use this way to selfempowerment

all that remain is choice– but choice does not exist– because if I am selfhonest–what choice do I have?– If I am self trust –what choice do I have? and if I am selfexpression– What choice do I have?

see choice is selfdeception
and see so is free will== selfdeception


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