Perspectives on Self-Honesty / Self-Intimacy

Selfforgiveness aloud for what is allowed is the key to into me see /intimacy and hONEsty — and one cannot fight with this–because knowledge will always find ways to justify through emotional responses or a stuckness experienced as a stiffness in selfexpression

remember–stiffs belong in coffins



These points of honesty– realise them– the keys to self

here goes

Creation do not need man or heaven

man and heaven need creation

man is not divine–because man is not expressing divinity

nature do not require man or heaven– nature is seldsufficient as life– man needs nature

animals do not require man or heaven– man require animals

so–what is the more advanced lifeform?

where is the enslavement?

man’s idea of him or herself?

the universe do not require man or heaven– i

in fact man and heaven is the abomination in creation–see the actions , words , and thoughts of man–all selfcetred, fearfull and egodriven

why is man the abomination in creation–because man is not of creation–man is selfcreated through his mind

man did not create creation and the universe– man only created himself and what he values

man only values himself–yet even death is greater than man–man is the slave of death and do not exist infinite as who man is now– see–man forgets–because man always want to get for self

man do not understand the universe or nature and man do not understand his own nature or where he came from

man abused the gift of life and returned the gift as the world and the mind as it exist now–and now man is stuck and cannot let go of his addictions and fears

man is stupid–if God exist–would God allow man to destroy creation?

that would mean God is fallible–is it not?

will God rape a 6 month old baby or allow such acts? no–but man will and call it human nature

man has excuses for every abuse in this world–the primary excuse–i didnot do it–he did–always separating self from the cause of the mess

lets add some more and do the forgiveness and understand what humbleness is in the face of animals, nature and the universe that support unworthy lifeforms to maybe birth themselves as life

and stand up==speak out–spread the living word–stand up and be counted– don’t wait– allis lost untill it is not–action is required-

participation–there are many tools here–share it–it is free–but not sharing may cost man its own existence–the most expensive price to pay!!!


self forgiveness must not be about guilt–then it is not self honest–it is about becoming self intimate–to see into self and remove the layers of self deception–and yes–a commitment to self



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