Practical Breath

BREATH is the key to Everything

an Inbreath at birth – an Outbreath to death

looking at the characteristics of the physical breath – one could call it `god´
it is always Here
it is always Everywhere
always Equal for All

what do we actually breathe?
is it air?
could it be everything?
could it be substance?
do we breathe with our lungs?
could it be that we breathe with the whole body?
what IS breath?
what is practical Breath?

how can we use Breath in/as self-assistance and support?
observe breathing-patterns
a sudden Inbreath as when one gasp for air – indicates that a breath has been missed
then -fascinating- it´s a moment of Fear (a sudden Inbreath)
instead of Here

be here with the breath
as the breath

breathe in – – – embrace all as one as equal
hold here – – – self-honesty
breathe out – – – self-forgiveness
hold here – – – let go

consider the implications of ONE breath as shared in many videos
breath is the `connection´ `between life & death´
what does that practically imply about breath?
what does it imply about life & death?
what does it imply about polarity?
what does it imply about who we are?
what does it imply about why we are here?


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