Principled and Experience Living

Bernard: Okay.

Darryl: What should we talk about today?

B: Okay. We’re going to have a discussion about “experience living” and “principled living.” What does that mean and how it affects one in your life. And obviously that the “principle” according to which you set your life will determine the outcome of your life, and it will determine obviously the experience as well.

If your starting point though is “experience,” principles will be out the window, because you will always adjust your principles according to your experience, and then you cannot be trusted because the experience is your guideline, which means, it is your self-interest that is your guideline.

Now, it is very important that also the principle according to which you set your life must be a principle
that is actually supporting and that will actually have the effect of an outcome that is best for all life, not only for your experience. Which means that sometimes your principle will be in conflict with your desire to experience.

Kieran: (Chuckles) That’s like, always.

Bernard: Yes, initially it should be like that. If it is not in conflict with your desire to experience, and there is still starvation and war in the world, then obviously you are dishonest because your principle is not actually within the context of supporting life or making sure that all beings are equal and one within the experience of, at this stage, the physical.

We can obviously only speak of the Physical and the Metaphysical. The Metaphysical is that which happens after death which is just another form of physical, and then you have the physical which happens before death; between life and death.

D: Does the method of life lived during the physical affect the metaphysical in the same way (as it does in the physical)?

B: The Metaphysical and the Physical are equal and one. “As above, so below.” It’s always been like that. If one really takes “as above, so below” to its conclusion, then the world as it is know is a reflection of Heaven and Heaven a reflection of the world, equal and one. It’s Cause-Effect. What happens in Heaven happens on Earth. What happens on Earth happens in Heaven.

D: Can you give us an example on how someone lives their life through experience and/or principle?

B: Experience living would be, for instance, where one would be living to make money. To have a good life. Every single day, you’ll have experiences; those experiences will have outflows and consequences. You will measure that according to how it will benefit you. And accordingly, you’ll adjust yourself to follow the experiences that will give you the most benefit, the most pleasure, the most comfort, – I mean, it’s totally self-centered. It’s about you being at peace within your world while you are oblivious to anything else going on. Which is basically Experience Living.

If one take an example of Principle, for instance, that is experience related, you’ll take for instance the Love Principle, place it into an experience, and live so that you experience Love. And you wish everybody else will as well, because then apparently we will have Peace on Earth. Everything will suddenly, by some magic, change. Which doesn’t happen. And we can look at it. from the times of the hippies in the sixties and beyond where Love was the principle from the of… um, what’s that singer who promoted Love so extensively?

K: John Lennon.

B: John Lennon. It made no difference. No matter if millions were loving and doving; nothing changed, everything got worse. Because if your principle is based on an experience, it’s no longer a principle. So therefore, one can say that Love is not a principle. Love is an experience.

Equality and Oneness is a principle. Therefore, there is no feeling linked to it. There is no energy linked to it. There is a consequential, specific outflow in every breath that is measurable. Are we equal and is all our experience equal? Are the laws that guide us providing for all equal? Is the living space provided all equal? Is the food providing for all equal? Is water for all equal? Are resources for all equal? And are we dealing with all as one? One Body: the Body of Humanity. That is equality and oneness practically within the context of everything.

So therefore, even money – is all money distributed equal as a method of communication, as a method of sharing value, as a method of appreciation, as a method of support – or is it used so that some may experience money well, while others experience having NO money. That’s not equality. That’s not equality for life, either. It is not oneness. You bear oneness with the context of separation: some having, some not having. And according to your “not loving enough” because “you are not following the spiritual principles” [as depicted in mainstream religion] – you are not allowed to have this outflow of oneness.

But oneness, in principle within equality would say, “It is regardless at this stage of your particular situation; you should be treated equal.”

And the education should be equal. I would go as far as saying where technology already is available, that one must particularly start looking at even [the situation of] a child before they’re born, be assessed if they will be able to live an equal life. Because what is the point to have someone who suffers in the name of someone’s apparent idea that “God” has apparently bestowed upon you a disease that will harm you and make you suffer all your life, when it is clearly a DNA defect? I mean, we already know these things, but we will not apply because we do it under the experience of “Love.” I mean, where is – what does “Love” have to do with it? “Love” is an experience of self-interest. That is why when you “fall in love” with someone, I mean, it’s all wonderful. But when you fall out of the, the experience changes. And it changes into something that you despise, hate, disdain. All kinds of experiences flow from it.

How can “Love” be a principle if it can change?

Love then, is not a principle that can be lived by, because it can change.

K: And it doesn’t stand –

B: It doesn’t for all life.

K: – the test of time.

B: Yeah, it does not stand the test of time.

D: So what about people who place their lives according to “Values?” I assume the values are probably experienced-based as well, or is it another word for a principle?

B: When a “value” – understand, values are assessed as to what it gives you. If that “giving to you” is at the cost of another, that is not a principle. It is self-interested value.

D: It can also apply to a group.

B: To a group, to a religion. To a culture, to a race. Have a look, there are values attributed to races, to cultures, to religions, to Masters, to Christs. All kinds of things.

But none of those things make a difference in the way we live in the world, considering our current diversity. Our current diversity should be considered within the principles that guide existence. Diversity should not be a “value.” Diversity is simply an outflow of DNA. It’s simply an outflow from coupling that takes place where specific forms of information called DNA mix and comes up with the life form that is then programmed according to a culture and a language. I mean, it’s an organic robot. If we’re ALL “organic robots,” if we are not considering each other – no one is going to claim that there is a “God” that apparently oversees all of this, dispels the whole principle of DNA.

I mean, “God” wouldn’t need DNA to bring up a child that is based on “Mom and Dad’s DNA coming together. I mean, “God” would bring the child forth according to “God’s” wishes, not according to a pre-designed, DNA-specific outflow. Which is what it is: every human being on Earth, every animal, every plant is the result of DNA that takes one form. It was already known before the child is born that particular DNA is going to be in that child.

K: It’s the DNA manipulating itself.

B: Yes, and it will automatically will, according to who couples with whom, you know, the various bloodlines, if you want to call it that, the DNA information lines from different families will mix and come up with a new being. But it’s not really “new.” It’s simply a mixture of information that comes from the DNA.

K: So then, technically, DNA is “God.”

B: Technically, DNA is “God.”

K: (Chuckling) Because it’s the one thing that creates.

B: It’s the thing that comes up with the designs we call “Life,” but actually it’s the design of a robot that is functionally useless until it is programmed. When a child is born, the child is useless and nonfunctional until it is first educated. Thus, education is programming. When the child is programmed according to values that do not consider all life as equal, the child will abuse. And our education systems do not make provisions for equality and oneness.

D: It’s a closed system.

B: Yes, it’s a system that only serves self-interest. It serves competition. It serves the capitalist system, where capital is power. What is Capital? Capital are those with money have power. That’s Capitalism.
I mean, what is Communism? Is that the community should have the power where it’s equal and one. But that’s been abused by Capitalism; Capitalism saying, “NO! We have the capital; we decide. The community has no say, the community works for those with Capital.” Therefore, the Capitalists decide.
It’s what happens in the world. Which is all self-interest, per se, because they control from product through production to consumer. All points are controlled because all the money is centralized at a central point; The Capitalist.

D: So are there any other systems – I’m sorry, not a system, but is there any other principle other than equal and one, that takes into consideration all life?

B: There is no principle that we’ve been able to find in the Physical or the Metaphysical that considers all life equally. Obviously, when we start to consider all life equally, even our experience in how everything comes forth will start changing. That means our evolutionary process will change. But yes, at the moment, what we are experiencing is a form of evolution. But an evolution from the perspective that it is information-based strands – DNA – meet and come up with new pictures of itself. New, contextual forms of itself that follows particularly the information that i s available. I mean, human beings cannot claim in the physical to really know much, because they are all based on information; information coming through the five senses. The “sixth” sense is very much simply “self-reflective” one.

There was a time when beings had some access to the Metaphysical that has been progressively, if one does research – been diminishing. If you look at the 1900s, in the books of “The Lives and Teachings of the Far East” (written by Baird Spaulding), there were humans on Earth that could walk on water, that could manifest food and things like that. That was still possible.

You look at the 1940s – 1950s, you had “materialization,” that means beings, through ectoplasm, materialize and actually move on Earth. Then after that came the psychics, the healers, the Goldmiths, [Joel Goldsmith- founder of the Infinite Way movement].

D: The UFO Cults.

B: The UFOs also became more prevalent. There were the experiences of the UFOs. There were actually UFOs that crashed, and so on, so…

But none of those points were understood. There was some interaction with that.

Then came the New Age Era. The Age of Love. And in this Age, the form of channeling changed into a form of mind-expression, completely. That means a being goes into a “mind-set” which is a particular “mode” of vibration, then speaks. And the message is always the same.

The message is always the same: it is always about “Love, ”and always promising better days that never come. And it will go on now for close of some 30 years, the New Age. Started about what – ’75.

D: Yeah, that’s when I first noticed it. [It was actually 1978 when I had a White Light experience and in trying to find out what happened, I found Seth Speaks in the college library, which had been in print for several years].

B: Yeah, and right about 1975, approximately, the New Age started emerging using the “Love” principle, and obviously it was to contain “Love” into a form of future projections, so the experiences forever is one of hope. But never any principled living that actually changes the reality for those who live in this world.

D: Going back to the principled living, you mention this list of items to be aware of being equal and one in every moment. How can we practically go through our day with that in mind?

B: What we found that was fascinating was that it’s not going to be possible for any one being to make a difference in any way whatsoever in the world. It’s going to be all beings as one. Meaning, individuals that will have to be anomalies to the system, that will have to challenge the system. Within that you have to consider that you can do that which you can do, physically, practically, in and as you are breathing. Because that is your true reality. Within that you have to consider what systems within this world is not supporting life one and equal. The primary one is the money system. For any change to be possible in this world, the money system will have to change. The money system will be that which considers life.

The money system will continue with its crashing, as we have said close on to one and a half years ago.

The money system will be crashing and it will continue to crash. They still don’t understand the problem that actually exists within it. They will never understand it. The problem is inherent in the dishonesty of the Capitalist system. The Capitalist system is inherently dishonest. It is inherently based on the abuse of life for the interest of the few. That means the abuse of the labor of many and the resources of many so that just a few benefit.

[Dogs begin barking. All ten of them it seems like].

B: So, what is that in this world that controls life? It is money. And how it controls your life, is through a fascinating principle. It is actually not only controlling the Physical, it’s also controlling the Metaphysical. Money in the Metaphysical is Energy. Energy in the Physical is simply represented by money as an actual container that moves and is an exchange between beings.

So, in the Physical you are experiencing yourself both as Physical with Physical Energy and Metaphysical – which is Mind Energy. That Mind Energy that you create in the physical – that means that “idea of yourself,” that persona, which becomes your essence from which you act IS WHAT WILL REMAIN WHEN YOU DIE, which is very limited. Just that persona, that idea of what you acted from, which is not a physical, actual thought – it is an accepted idea of who you are which you used to recreate yourself from the Physical into the Metaphysical.

Thus when the body dies, which is that carrier of that reflection of yourself, as your idea of yourself, which you are living out within your habits, your participation and the way you act in the world. That is the part that will be “you” in the afterlife, in the Metaphysical.

D: Does that entity change before you’re born – [What I meant to ask here was this: what changes – if any, occurs after a being’s life?]

B: You cannot remember when you reach the afterlife, any of your previous lives. You cannot remember where you come from. You cannot find your origin. All of that was counted through the Soul Construct. The Soul Construct, or the Akashic Records, was the place where all of the records of the past lives were kept. Ever wonder why? Because you couldn’t remember it! Therefore it was kept in a library. And that library was the Akashic Record where you could go and have a look at your past lives. But you could not remember them.

So the Soul Construct was a recording system that was centered in the solar plexus, where as your life, as you were going through it, were recorded. When you died, that Soul Construct, that recording device
with the recording, was placed within the Akashic Record, so that you could later do what is called, “life review,” so you could have a look at your next life. Could you improve on yourself? Who had you become? Things like that.

K: The very point of you not being able to remember. And having to actually record your experiences would imply that whatever you experienced in your life was not “real.” Because it wasn’t an actual “self” experience. If it were self-experience, then it would “be here” as an actual remembrance, not just as knowledge and information that has to be recorded and kept in a separate, manifested construct.

B: If we take Kieran, here – and, Kieran, you died about three years ago, approximately.

K: yeah…

B: Approximately. He died after the portal was already opened, and he came through there. And he was “linked” to myself through Cerise. So what remained of Kieran from his past life? He had a particular – he was a naughty fucker. I mean, he had a naughty life, had all the money he could dream of – everything.

But he had something that was working for him in this world. He was assertive. That assertiveness in his expression, that definitive assertiveness. That remained.

K: That was it. That point of “This is what I want,” and actually DO it and get it done immediately in its effectiveness and it’s specificity. That’s it.

B: That’s what remained from a life.

Kieran: Just that one expression.

Darryl: Do you recall the other parts of you or is it just not…

K: That is the only point that I lived, that was a ‘self experience.’

B: that was the only point around which every moment turned. If anything happens in a moment, he would come from that point – that assertiveness that remained – that is who he is now. The rest is gone.

K: it is non existent.

B: at the moment of death and because by the time he came through – the soul construct was still there, but he did not go through it, so his soul construct was not placed and it was deleted any way because..

D: Didn’t the white light or whoever was in charge of the white light come after you?

K: It was already taken out at that stage.

B: No not yet, the demon dimension was still operational. You went into a different part. You were put into the room thing.

K: Yes into containment. Ja when you’re in containment you are not seen as a threat.

B: So he was immediately put into containment, therefore he was not a threat to heaven.

K: Yes ‘cos then you’re not a threat.

B: And out of containment into the portal straight. So he was for three weeks in containment from death to the first time through the portal.

D: Did you understand what was happening?

K: No, in the containment, no. It was such a short experience. It wasn’t an experience of three weeks of time.

B: Time is not experienced in the metaphysical.

K: to me it was: I died, I came into containment, I came to earth, I came through the Portal.

B: There were three events: event, event, event, but it was not time based.

K: No. I did not know three weeks had passed.

B: Time, remember is directly linked to the mind consciousness system.

K: Absolutely, in the physical.

B: It is not something that actually exists in the metaphysical.

D: So only the main point of your self directive principle remained?

B: If there was nothing that you lived per-say, if there was nothing that made you stand out as a presence within this reality, in the physical – when you die you will be like nothing. A lot of beings is like nothing.

K: They either have nothing or but one or two points.

B: So if you have not lived by a particular point or principle, which is not a value, it is something that made you stand out within the physical – that was definitively to the benefit of all – then there is just nothing. For instance if you lived love all your life, meaning from your idea, the value or the principle of love, then when you die there will just be nothing. The love was not real, it made no difference to the actual practical reality of those that starve in the world – those that are in trouble in the world – then you were ineffective, you were unable to actually stand up and make a difference because you were self centred in your experience of: I am Love, Namaste. I recognise the god in you as you, I recognise whatever: the god in me, the god in you. I mean that is like saying actually: I recognise you and I allow you your system and you allow me my system, my personality – and therefore we are allowing each other to be who we want to be, we have free choice and free will and therefore I don’t really care what you do, just don’t care what I do. Let’s ‘Love’ each other. Everything will be fine. Those beings when they die is just nothing. They start again.

Remember that what you have to bear in mind, what we found in the metaphysical, includes heaven but also includes what was not heaven. Remember it is ALL that is the metaphysical. What did we find, it was a fascinating things: evolution from the perspective of karma, reincarnation has never happened. There has been no betterment of the soul so to speak. The soul itself as a body within the physical through which the recording was kept – of the life – and that recording would then go into the akashic record and your next life from there – snippets will be taken and it will form part of maybe your next life. When it is designed and programmed. So the soul was the programmed body, which is the body of intent of what you are attempting to life this life. Okay.

There has been no improvement of any being through aeons of time. In fact there has been a de-evolution, a diminishing that is tang place which you can see now in this reality – in the way human being are interacting. Their concern for each other has been diminishing considerably and is doing so more and more and the need for a saviour has increased. That has been done specifically to keep control effective, because the higher the need for a saviour, the easier it is to provide one that keep you occupied for a while and then you are disillusioned, and then another one is created.

D: The same way with relationships?

B: Exactly the same. What is the primary method for that used now? Politics. Politics has become the new religion of the new age and has replaced religions and therefore religions are now using politics to try and remain relevant.

D: So if we live a life through the principles of our experiences, we are ‘goners.’ Living it through principles – that is going to require self honesty, being constantly…

B: What is self honesty within the context of equality? You have to observe you have no more impact than that which you have impact in, which is your life according to how you live it in each breath. You cannot be self honest within the bigger picture because you have no influence. To try and be self honest within a bigger where you have no actual influence will only dishearten you and will actually destroy you because that is dishonest – you don’t have impact. So how could you then live as if you do have impact? You have impact in your daily life, breath by breath. That is where you apply it. That is where you live the principle of equality and oneness, because that is the only place you can.

D: So you can’t do it through activism or politics?

B: You can become a part of activism and form a group and from there start to push. But that would mean now the group must remain self honest. You are in one and equal, you are now creating another being. So there you will be self honest within your own life and you will be self honest in and as the group – and yes groups will have to form in terms of this to bring forth or to stand up and make a noise about what is it we require and get to a point where we get it. Imagine your next life your coming back here!

D: That is of some concern.

B: Before your next life was determined by beings that was in control of heaven and who were doing things in the context of their self-interest.

D: So how has that changed?

B: they had a group of ‘elites’ in heaven that would have all the good lives and anyone that would challenged that would be taken care of. Now everyone will reincarnate equal to what they have done to others and they will become hat which they have done to others. They will experience it until out of that experience a principle is born. A principle that consider all life – that is rebirth.

Once you start living by principle equal and one for all, the experience becomes irrelevant because it is inevitable that the experience of all will be equal and one – and therefore to the best of all. What you want to do, is walk as the principle. Which is what everyone will have to do. You are not going to make a change immediately. It is going to take time. It is going to take some living according to a principle. So I suggest the easy way, which is you live by the principle and start look at the practical way of living the principle, which is: in and as breath within that context. Then you can create groups, entities, a group which is based on the principle of equality and oneness – participate within that, within the context of your ability. Support that deliberately, actively.

K: So it is living as the principle until the principle as you…

B: Becomes the experience –

K: And becomes manifest.

B: Yes.

K: As you in your reality or world.

B: And in the whole world as everyone, so therefore the way to live is to live by principle, equal and one. That is the principle I am living until it is manifest. Therefore everybody is equally responsible. The only point where one, if one now for instance would not consider everyone in existence – devices is in places that will then shorten your stay in this reality and take you to the metaphysical where you will remain as only that which you have been – which is normally nothing – and then you will start again. Come back here equal to what you have done to others. Now how is that determined, I mean – because now you don’t remember anything. It is contained within the energetic of the unified field. ‘Here’ carries dimensionally, remember – there is an idea that exists that apparently we are evolving to become multi dimensional. Hi, hi, hi – there couldn’t be a bigger lie. You are multi dimensional. Here as who you are now, existing only a refraction of yourself within a single body called consciousness. You are not conscious of all of you within it. To be that you have to be equal to everyone here, and one as each here and consider each one as yourself. Then you are conscious of it.

Therefore consciousness as it is understood is a deception. Consciousness as what it is, is a single body of existence, where nobody is aware of each other and nobody cares and everyone is trying to be something else than what they are and therefore you are forever going in cycles of lostness, forgetfulness.

So within consciousness, within its multidimensionality, its multidimensional levels, its multidimensional layers as it exists – lies all the lies you have ever lived and that you must realise because that is the lies you will manifest as your next life. Until you stand up in the physical as the principle of equality as all as one as equals and live till it manifest as the experience of life. Then life is born in the physical equal and one – and this will continue until this is done. Common sense obvious, obvious common sense, common sense obvious. But many will be oblivious to it because of their self interest, which means that they have decided that certain values in this world serve them,. But they are doing that in disregard of everyone else who is suffering in their name.

I would suggest strongly that one do not disregard all beings that is here with you within this experience and that one change this experience by stopping the experience that is currently going on. Changing your experience to a living of principle until the principle become the experience again and we have changed our experience – within the world and we have changed what the future will bring. We will also then change our experience and our principles in the metaphysical – that means what is in the ‘beyond’. But definitive intervention had to take place because of the abuse. There is not one that is here that is suffering now that can claim that suffering is not real and it will become more real because that is what is being created. Before there was a certain level of control through pre-programmed lives that allowed some to have control over the experiences that they will have in the physical, so they had very little suffering and very little calamities, because it was programmed out and diverted to other beings who did it on their behalf. Now there is no protection any more so equal and one, those in the physical who have abused will according to their abuse experience it and so will their families and those related to them. That principle will still stands and in your next life and your next life and your next life. It is still standing.

D: Will it be programmed quote un-quote: ‘like before?’

B: it is already programmed.

D: Through the principle of equal and one.

B: It is already programmed through consciousness. Through every action you take in this reality which leaves an imprint. That was managed through pre-programming so that it does not come back to you but is diverted to somebody else’s life, so you never experience the consequences of what you were doing. Those diversions have been taken out, so everything is inverting to the ones abusing. The more you abuse the bigger the consequence. There is still a time lag in it because it comes into play according to the extent of your abuse. The more abuse, the more compression which means a little longer you are going to wait before the shit hits the fan if you are finding that you are doing something which is harming another and within 24 hours you are already paying for it – there is a consequence, then you know ok cool I am getting back to myself because the time lag is not much. If you are harming one now and only in 5 years there is consequence, then you know: oh shit I have allot of shit coming because it takes so long, for each point to manifest because all the points and shit will be equal and one – which means it will be that big in the context of what you have allowed. That means that each one that has purified, takes themselves from a position where their consequence becomes immediate and that is what you want to get to. You want to have your consequence immediate. If your consequence is immediate, that you in your words as you speak you see what you do and you stop yourself. Now your consequence is immediate and you are the directive principle within the consequence stopping.

Now you have compressed time, which means that you make everyone else’s consequence come quicker. So therefore everyone has an effect on everything. Making sense?

D: Yes. We were also talking about a person and their family. Our families are affected by the way that we live, either through the experience or…

B: And through DNA, obviously. Because through the principle that DNA runs through you and your family – is of the same energetic signature – it is DNA based. Therefore it flows much easier through the lines that is recognizable.

D: So if I live my life through a principled way, will it affect their lives to push it towards that as well?

B: It will assist them within their own processes. That means that they will become far more effective in dealing with consequence and their you would call it: your example will have an effect. Jissis (Afrikaans language for Jesus) not only the example, it is also what flows from your actions – your principles will have a bearing on whether they will become more principled.

Initially it will have an effect on many where the children will become more reactive or the parents will become more reactive. That is simplistically so that they can see their actions and the consequences more clearly and then slowly but surely through forgiveness and self honesty the action and the reaction will become one – which means that your act of dishonesty and the consequence of dishonesty will become quicker and quicker and quicker, until you can see oh god I am creating it and then it will go quicker until it is all here where as you act, you see what you do and then you stop yourself. So what is it that you do with self honesty and self forgiveness- is you reduce the time difference between action and consequence until it is here.

So everyone can thus assist themselves and that is how you know where you are in your process, because when you act and consequence is immediate and you stop it there – 3 points – you are now the trinity based principle within yourself within consequence. Now you can actually stop all consequence that is directly related to you.

D: Well that’s good news for the moments that are happening now, but the past though is [still] playing out.

B: They will play out and the same points will come, when it comes recognise that what is happening is something that you have created. Go back to where you created it, defuse the point, look at it self-honestly, forgive it, realise that it must come again because realise that you must take it to the point where the point of your creating this consequence – that you are stopping it. You cannot stop the past – what it now plays out, I mean you have not stopped it, you are stopping the creation of it from the perspective that you are shortening this time span that it must occur within. So now in stopping this time span you want to bring it closer and closer until you are directive principle. Practically when are you directive principle? When you are stopping the consequence in the act – and until you have done this for all of what you have allowed, things will happen – and remember all the past lives that you have been here are in unified field, is within consciousness – waiting it’s turn to come and visit you again.

There is no way out of that, you created it, you must stop it and your creation point and your stopping point must be equal and one – must be the same point. Because only then are you directive, otherwise you are still events driven. You are still driven by the experience and not the principle. So therefore I suggest principle living.

D: Sounds like a book topic actually. Principle living does show how we are responsibile for ourselves and our actions and –

Bernard: I mean, what has happened through the soul construct and religion and the whole programming of lies is that the point of self-responsibility has been mis-directed. So therefore, beings have directed their lives as if somebody like Jesus must come and save them – they are not really responsible because they are “born in sin”.
Because they cannot see how their actions and the consequences come together -because there is such a big time lag between action and consequence, firstly; secondly, there is so many of these things that was programmed out, so that you can do harm to another and nothing bad happens to you ever. Because you have a pre-programmed life. And everybody around you –you are manipulating them to take on your shit and to pay on your behalf.

D: So, do like the world leaders have a bigger point to cross?

B: World leaders are there because of the people that placed them there. Every person will face the same point the world leaders are facing because you are the world leader. The world leaders are only there because of you. For no other reason. You can’t blame them for what they are –you created them.

D: Hmmm

B: Therefore the consequence will be related to everything in existence within consciousness.
It’s the same where the metaphysical are currecntly in their processes. They have no access to anything in what is called reality, which is the Physical, which is consciousness.

Remember, the Physical is the manifested Consciousness. While the Mind is the projected Consciousness. Between the two you are busy with THINKING –which is the project of projecting, ok, it’s where you are creating the Physical. I mean, you are also creating your next lives.

The Mind is that which protects you from yourself. It is a containment that prevents you from harming excessively. Because, in your very nature that’s what you would do, if your thoughts had to manifest. Therefore very few of your thoughts will ever manifest, but you will pay for all of them. Meaning, at the level of consciousness, the thought will leave an imprint and it will become part of the outflows that you have to pay for because you dare to actually in self-interest only consider yourself and harm others. Whether you actually harm them or whether you harm them in thought, there is no difference in the consequence. It is the same thing. All that happens is the Mind prevents most of that from actually being inflicted on another –but the consequence of the infliction as it was projected in thought: that you will still face.

D: How would that apply to prayer and meditation?

B: Obviously if your prayer and meditation is from a prespective that does not consider what is actually manifested in this reality as the Physical, then you will bare the consequences of what you are allowing, because you would for instance say “it is God’s will” –the very moment you say it is god’s will that suffering happens, in that very moment you become consequencially the one that must experience that. You become responsible for what you are allowing in god’s name. Because you are using god’s name in vain – you are not standing up to take directive principle, you are not principally standing up to make a difference. You are, in fact, blaming god, by using the words “in god’s name” or “in god’s will”.

I would sincerely suggest to you that that is what has been termed an unforgivable act. You must experience the consequence.

K: Physically.

B: Physically, yes.

K: In a life.

B: In a life, yes. I mean, otherwise what will cure you? Common sense won’t – obvious outflows and consequences -, your consideration for all life equally won’t, because you don’t [i.e. you don’t consider all life equally].

D: I’m thinking about all the preachers and clergymen that would say it’s god’s will.

B: Obviously, why are they preachers and clergymen… because of guilt, in most cases. They have done acts that were so dispicable in their own eyes, that they had to somehow contain themselves in a form where they can do less harm –but actually they are doing more harm, because they are doing it in dishonesty. Therefore they seek a form of –

D: Redemption?

B: Correction or redemption through their acts that they’re apparently
going to perform in the name of a ‘greater being’ that is undefinable to a certain degree –but they can define it to suit them according to their guilt.

K: As if, like, through attempting to do acts in or through the will of a ‘higher source’ that they will redeem themselves as what they and who they are and know themselves to be within themselves.

B: Yes, and then they hope to not pay for what they are.

K: Yeah.

B: Unfortunately –bad news: you will experience it, in this life or the next, and also in the Metaphysical. The metaphysical obviously is far worse than the Physical, because you are there prepared appropriately for your physical life –which means you experience everything there at the metaphysical level and then you take on the physical, to see if you have really changed; because you can’t really change in the metaphysical! The metaphysical is simply just a-

K: A preparation.

B: A preparation field, you can say – it’s a train station. You’re waiting for your next life.

K: Where you can reflect on who you are.

B: Yes. There is only one reality now, within which all will face themselves, which is the physical. This is the eye of the needle, this is the eye of the universe. The beautiful blue eye of the universe. Within where the universe have been purified from abuse that has been going on for billions and billions and billions of years.

D: The problem seems that we don’t learn.

B: How could you?

D: I mean you-

K: I’d say the problem is that we don’t STOP-

D: Aah!

K: not ‘learn’

D: Well that would be the same thing: you learn to stop.

K: ‘Learn’ is still a point of ‘I am being taught something’…

B: Yeah, let’s consider the problem. The problem was: in the universe there was never time. Time –means, that there was never a consequencial outflow where you can link action and consequence. What is time? Time is that which links action and consequence. Now, what are we doing- we are simply using time to learn that there is a consequence to your actions.

K: And that you can see that there’s consequence.

B: And so that you are actually going to experience it in ‘time’. And you are waiting for it –which if where fear comes from. Fear is born from the awareness that you are going to pay for what you’ve done.

D: In previous lives as well? I mean-

B: That was always the philosophy, but it was not in practice. Because some manipulated everything to their own benefit. Because when they saw what was busy happening in the universe, (i.e.) that there was a consequencial outflow to actions, they attempted to manipulate it so that they don’t have to face it. Which is happening a lot in this world. The rich nations living at the expense of the poor, for instance. Deliberately dumming down some parts of society so that some may have it all. The same principle is existent in heaven.

K: Dumming down most of societies so that they don’t and are not able to, ehm, let’s say walk the ladder of success. So that only a select few are educated to walk the ladder of success and have all the money in their power in the world…

B: Well, a new money system that provides for all equally within the context of support as life – the realization that each being IS life – and accordingly providing each with that which will give them dignity within their experience, will obviously change our perspective of everything. And will remove all power from those that has money.

D: Ehm, so it sounds like these things are set up to correct what we’ve been doing.

B: All that exists is a prism. A corrective prism. A reflective mirror. A containment of all that perceive themselves to be life –to see that they have never been life. They have only been that which was a parasite, that which was consuming each other in the name of self-interest and in the name of having a better experience than someone else: “At least God loves me, that’s why my experience is better than yours.”

K: So basically, we’ve always known that consequence exists, that our actions and words have a direct influence on ourselves and everything and everyone else. And that we are the determining factor within ourselves and within and as everything and everyone else. And ehm, so, a select few, from a perspective, saw that directly, and attempted to, as you’ve said to create loops or cycles so that the consequence or the direct consequence is not experience –but that the consequence is diverted to a mass so that a select few can be ‘saved’ from having to be directly ‘touched’ by their consequence –by their actions and by their words.

D: Right.

B: A select few yes, had a superior idea about themselves and regarded all other manifested forms as lesser than them. And thus not equal.

K: Why does that point as well exist? Because it exists in each one! That each one- if you were in that position, you’ve done exactly the same.

B: Exactly the same.

K: So you can’t blame.

D: Not blame, it’s not so much blame, it’s just that, we want to correct ourselves, we want to act within the principle of equal and one and be that, instead of the experience based..

B: Darryl! Let me place it to you this way: if your life were a success, you would not be here today.

D: No.

B: That is the basic principle. Therefore, what do we know? If your life is not working for you, you are likely to seek out an answer. And you are more likely to look for an answer that will have a long term effect so that you don’t have to go through the misery of a life that’s not working. Therefore this world will have to now enter that -which is busy happening- where everyone’s lives will not work. So that each one may face this point of: what happens if you are living without considering everyone else equal and one.

So from that perspective everything we’ve ever known about all philosophies, all religions, all gurus, masters, everything -becomes irrelevant. Because none of it has considered a practical solution to what it is we are really experiencing within the context of eternity. It has only ever considered a single life at a time.

I would implore you to consider things within the context of eternity. You’re going to be around for a very long time. You’ve been around for a very long time, you’re only forgetting because you’re trying to run away from consequence.

Now consequence is enforced through the time lines and energies that has been slowly but surely building up, to a manifested reality. Which is called the ‘End Times’. Are we gonna get it? We don’t know. Armageddon will sell us, isn’t it?

K: (chuckle)

B: Maybe there will be Armageddon. Maybe we must get on with this now and get it done.
[Bernard here playing around, making a pun out of the sounds: ‘Armaggedon’ and ‘are-we-gonna-get-it’; ‘Armaggedon’ and ‘I-must-get-on’…]

D: Yeah..

B: But understand that it is possible to actually correct yourself within one physical life, to bring here into every breath both action and consequence -and directive principle. Three points: this is the act, this is the consequence, this is how I direct it -I stop myself and I now direct myself.

A direct intervention by yourself within your own life. Then: groups that become direct interventions within this world for those that are not currently in a position to do anything for themselves, I mean, there are many that due to what we have allowed are not in a position that they can help themselves. You cannot leave them there.

K: That could’ve been you.

B: It could’ve been you –in another life. So there is a responsibility. Desteni is such a group that has taken on that responsibility and we will be doing it in various ways. You may join us, I mean, we are a culture worthy of considering.

D: Yes, by all means!

B: We may cultivate (chuckle), after all, within you a principle expression that will benefit all life. In that cultivation –you will have to give up all the cults you belong to now. Because everything in this world exists as cults only. Because it’s all cultures that are specifically presenting and promoting experiences which make you feel beter than another. They’ve never consider everyone. The moment that self-interest emerges, know: “I am a member of a cult. I am not considering everyone. Let me stop here and reconsider my position because there will be a consequence.”

How do you know there will be a consequence? Man o man, there’s one thing no-one in this world can stop: that’s Death. We’ll be waiting for you (chuckle).

D: Yes, ehm, is there anything else you want to say?

B: Not at this time.

D: I thank you both for being here and providing us with a little insight on how to take on our day. Thanks.


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