Purification Support

The process in existence is one of purification–purifying nature–the nature of self

see that even nature of earth has taken on the nature of man in enslavement

thus purification is probably the most interesting test– would you when you are faced with the direct common sense answer be willing to give up all the beliefs of the mind or not–thus a test of self nature and self nurturing–thus the reality of self truth that no-one can do for another–this is unpredictable what each will choose–but the words on the forum and in other places show the truth

words are keys to self honesty–in your words you see your truth as the nature of yourself–when the mind is in total control–the mind see the words as self expression–when self honesty steps in the words become living mirrors of self reflection that assist in self forgiveness and self honesty–then placing words become a self expression for the purpose of self purification–from this life is born and this comes according to the brutal yet gentle application of self honesty

Writing is the mirror of self–words are the mirror of self–words spoken are the presence of self

First you will find your written word changing to self honesty and self life expression–speaking will be stumbling–eventually–speakin and writing will be one

as you notice–the dimensions are mostly now at the written word being effective–while some still stumble in the interviews

this is to show where each on is in there process–words never lie–as words are always expressed as equal and one with the expressor

accordingly one will be able to assist another and self as you become aware at where you are in your proces of selfbirthing



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