Self Forgiveness

To me forgiveness is the unconditional acceptance of self and release of that which you have done which does not serve who you are, and is not best for you. there are so many layers of forgivess due to our own creation and thereafter our own allowances that it truly is a journey and something only you are able to give yourself.
Of course what goes hand in hand with forgivenss is corrective action and the actual understanding of why you forgive yourself.
If you look for example at how forgiveness is being used all over, willy-nilly just because – then you realise that sometimes people dont stand in that forgiveness and honour themselves in that.
If you understand the reason why you forgive yourself (which to many is a foreign concept) then you are on your way. We have taken on the responsibility of our own creation and what we have created and thus we are faced now with self-forgiveness. To each it is the understanding that you are precious to you and that you are alone with yourself into infinity (yet one with all things) – meaning who you are is not dependent on anything outside of you. Therefore true forgiveness and release is a gift that you honour yourself with as you start to realise and accept self.

As for practical application – this goes hand in hand with honesty. we have just now become accustomed to the fact that we are so many layers and this we need to realise so that we strip ourselves clean of the old. So please dont expect yourself to walk around all day – doing all the right things all the time. Work with self honesty where you are able to in each participation.

Sometimes you will just stop and ask yourself why am i doing this or what am i experiencing? I find that working with the videos very uuseful and then later on you will rememebr something out a video and apply it again. That is how we move forward. We utilise what we are shown (in the videos and articles) and apply them throughout while utilising focus. The focus comes from a decision that you make throughout the day to look at what you do and say and just ask the questions.

You will find it interesting that once you access self honesty it becomes more ‘familiar’ and then the next day you do the same or you will then expand your honesty elsewhere.
I have noticed recently that I have been very angry with myself and it was a suppression that was eating me up. With a shove of honesty I was able to see this and start with applying more intimacy and forgiveness.
So we take it a step at a time and ask ourselves questions.

What i find useful is reading the posts on the web site. If somebody has writen something and i react then I work with that or I see why I reacted. It is very useful. The members on this forum have balls and are not afraid to face themselves – and post it on the forum!
That way each is able to sit, read and have their light bulb moment. One could say that way the entire forum gets to move together just from one member realising something.

As for the boredom thing – well: In this world we are pretty limited in our expression because we have just created it that way. Therefore for each to break free and go mad is the only way. Once you start facing fears and limitations then one is also able to create new ways for you to express.

I find that expression is quite handy when it gets others to express as well – like on the forum. For example doing stuff that other people are able to participate in. So that is where one is able to use your skills of writing, painting and whatever and share. Talk, share and open up this world if that tickles your fancy.
For each it is their own journy, and yes we have limited ourselves in our expression. Perhaps you are able to try new things and see what you enjoy. Then share with us…..

Practical Self-Forgiveness Assistance

The following is quite important information for those who choose to move quickly and effectively.

I will try to keep this short and to the point as a practical assistance. More will be revealed once these points are transcended and directive power of self is restored.

Those coming through the Interdimensional Portal indicate that the unconscious mind (the 1st mind) starts integrating from birth onwards. An approximation is that by the age of 7 years, the unconscious mind of the child is integrated. This unconscious mind 70% of the total capacity of the mind programmed and set according to the accepted unified consciousness field as well as the soul programme set with all activation points. What are these activation points–they are the codes placed in the magnetic grids that will activate as experiences in a person’s life to give the idea that life is unpredictable, divinely guided etc–yet it is preprogrammed and is activated through a picture, word, sound, feeling etc

Then the 2nd mind, the subconscious mind, integrates (20% of mind capacity). Specifically, that is the personality development although all 3 minds also cross-pollinate in their integration. This amalgamation is finished at about the age of 12.

Then, the 3rd mind, the conscious mind, begins to actively “think” and develop the interactions and emotional cycles that will “feed” the mindsystem in its various cycles. Understand that the mind exist in cycles that forms an infinity 8 sign as it moves through the polarities of positive and negative. Look at the infinity 8 on its side–the top of the sign indicate the part of the cycle one will experience normally and the bottom part is that in the cycle taken for granted. This cycle also reverse the mind at the back of the neck and swap the creative and logic at integrated levels that allows a bizarre support for judgment, comparison, separation and ego. This continues up to the age of 28. The conscious mind is 10% capacity of the mind yet the conscious mind capacity is rarely reached and is usually between 4-7% for the average being with the odd one standing out and getting to the full 10%.

The Flagsystem video is very effective in dealing with this. It works like this:

First the conscious mind–the day by day thought and movement within the mind that is called “self” but really is “ego”–is fuelled by emotions and feelings. The forgiveness that is required to free us from this is then done as per the various ways assisted within DIY and Demon Videos and involves mostly all relationships established in the person’s world.

A being practicing forgiveness as suggested will go through stages of emptiness as each layer is peeled (like an onion being peeled). Once the conscious is fully peeled, the subconscious will be revealed and a certain awareness of self as personalities (possibly various) will emerge. When that happens, a being will then Flag map self to identify points to apply forgiveness on. Once those layers are peeled, the being will finally get to the unconscious and repeat the tag and forgiveness process.

This is what we have accepted(6) as the reality and the way the world works. It is our limitation programme and it is very subtle because few ever see any of this move beyond it in any way as it is so accepted as self by the masses.

We will do videos to assist people in their processes of flagging and forgiveness. The purpose is to get 100% of the mind aware all the time at all 3 mind stages–unconscious, subconscious and conscious.

Then–rock and roll baby!

Silence is GOLDEN–an age to come!

Self-Forgiveness Practicality

This is practicality communicating about practical self forgiveness and the reason for self forgiveness in this process each and every single individual human being is and will be experiencing within this world.
Now, self forgiveness assists and supports you to release, disengage, let go of manifested mind systems within your human physical body.
Understand that mind systems manifest literally within your human physical body through allowed and accepted continued participation in the mind. Now understand that with self forgiveness you release these mind system manifestations within your human physical body because within that you are able to see and realise the nature you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become. And then in seeing or realising this nature of the mind only here and then are you able to then apply yourself effectively and accordingly to “release yourself” from the allowed and accepted nature of yourself as the mind. So that you’re able to express who you are in every moment of breath.

For instance, now, as you have continued participation in this world and.. so you’ve built up and designed your mind consciousness system within you and also as you participate in this world and as you continue to participate in the mind, your thoughts, feelings and emotions literally started manifesting systems that infuse within and as your human physical body which is referred to as the mind consciousness structural resonance system.

Now understand that these particular specific systems manifest and are manifested of thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Understand and realise that your thoughts, feelings and emotions and reactions you experience as you participate in this world with other human beings; are you showing you in the nature that you have accepted and allowed yourself to become.

So when you look at thoughts, your reactions, or feelings and emotions, your behaviours within and amongst this world with other human beings, it is really actually just showing you the nature of the mind as the mind you have actually become as the manifestation of your very deep being, your very nature.
Now, self forgiveness releases these system manifestations in your human physical body.
For instance, that’s why when you specific line of thoughts, for instance, you tend to observe people in a very critical way. You know, you see a man walking by and you say in your head or in your thought :”Whatever that man is wearing is so absolutely ridiculous like I don’t believe he’s actually walking in the street with those clothes. Doesn’t he care what anyone thinks of him? How can he wear that, he’s supposed to look like this this this this this that” and you constantly and continuously have that line of thought, what are you actually saying? You’re extensively critical within yourself. That you’re not just able to be yourself in every moment of every day experiencing you but that you have to dress, clothe, behave, speak in such a way to impress other human beings so that human beings can notice you and accept you.
And therefore you’ll judge others and criticise others who is merely just comfortable with themselves, expressing themselves, experiencing themselves, because you’re not allowing and accepting that for yourself.

Now, if these same thoughts constantly continue such critical thinking or judgement towards other human beings they will literally start manifesting as systems within your human physical body.
For instance, specifically self judgement will manifest in your thighs, your stomach, your upper arms and then your calves point and also your bum points.
In other words, you will literally start expanding inside yourself because of your self judgement to other which is actually you judging yourself.
So, with self forgiveness you’ll release these systems inside these specific points within your human physical body.
Now realise that with self forgiveness you’re only releasing the system holds within your human physical body.
Now your nature is not yet corrected in any way whatsoever. Now you have to correct your nature through application.

And this is done in the following way:

As you walk and your mind – you can literally in absolute awareness here as breath and every moment, you’ll actually feel these thoughts wanting to come up. And then you say STOP!
No! This is not who I am. Till here no further! I will not accept his!

And you stop it, just like that, immediately.

But you have to do it like in unexpected ways, so you literally – excuse my words – fuck with the mind.
In other words, if such a thought comes up, you know, jump up and down and say to yourself : “No! No! No! No! No! No! No!”. Or you stump your foot on the ground and just say NO!
You know, what are people really going to think about you… Because there are already so many damn crazy people in this world, I’m certain they will just give you a nice strange look.

And who you know, you may have even assisted those beings for a moment there you shock their systems into awareness of themselves by just go suddenly “NO!”, “STOP!”.
Just look how funny that could be you know, for you, for your own individual process.

So, you do apply forgiveness to release the system manifestations. Human beings, hear me!
Self forgiveness only releases the system manifestation in your human physical body IF applied effectively.

Now, your nature is still the same, otherwise you will still go and have to critical judgemental thoughts towards other people which are actually towards yourself. If you do not in that moment ACT and say “NO! Till here no further, this is NOT who I am, I will NOT accept this.” And you do that stop and do it unexpectedly because if you’re going to do it the same time the whole time it’s going to even start becoming a “habitual application which you believe you’re actually saying stop, and till here no further”, but you’re not actually doing it.
So find creative ways in every moment to say : “Stop, till here no further, no, I’m not participating, this is not who I am.”

And then of course you have to look at self forgiveness for allowing and accepting you to judge yourself and criticise yourself.
Really human beings, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, your reactions, behaviours, everything will show you the nature you have accepted and allowed yourself to become.

According to that you apply self forgiveness, you release the systems inside your human physical body and then you correct it in application in every moment of breath.

I’d say so.

Thank you very much


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