Self-Honest Self-Expression as the Living Word

How does one express self without mind? In living words as living words, words you live self-honestly. Move as the living word. Flow as the word as the fountain of life.

See, being the word self-honestly as life as self is no longer language. It is living words as self-expression as the being as the word.

Intention is separation. I express what and who I am; thus, I am that I am.

The words and I are one, and I am equal as self-honesty as the word. Thus, “I am love” is so. “I am trust” is so as myself; thus, self-trust is me.

When I am the word as self and express myself, I am self-expressing. That is why, when you do self-forgiveness, the forgiveness will eventually flow from self; and then, you will know yourself as self-forgiveness, and that part of you will be real as the living forgiveness as self.

The ability to place living words as the flow of life as self will suddenly be your self-expression. Remain self-honest as life in expression; and when life is certain that you really understand what life means to all and as all of existence, the words will flow and no mind as a separate identity will exist.

All words may be lived. But, all are not equal and one as life; and thus, all are not necessarily acceptable.


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