Self-Honesty Points to Consider

Imagine you suddenly have a portal open to heaven. In heaven you find many heavens and angels and magnificently beautifull things. Would you be seduced by all the beauty and magnificence and immediately try and find out where you belong in all this or would you ask why this exist while humans on earth suffers?

this is an important question– and one that will be pertinent in the proces of each being

Are you influenced by glamour and the idea of beauty and love in the face of suffering of others and obviously–how do you justify this denial of suffering?

this is the illness of the mind–it seeks beauty in pictures and deny the ugly–and then call it good and bad and then justify why the way the specific human is seeing this beauty is better and more beautifull than what another is seing.

Then–if this is not acceptable

who will you have to be to remove all the heavens and all the gods and angels and glamour that blinded all to the reality of the situation in one moment?

here no hypothesis will work–here is the test of self

and this will show in your process

another question–do you fear death or are you willing to give your physical life to restore life for all?

this question is pertinent–because if a false statement is made here–the loops and consequences from this is specific and is the foundation of self honesty as life

and there is nowhere to hide into infinity in this time of revelation where the picture world in service of man will present the greatest nightmare imaginable– for the porpuse of purification

this will reveal to each the nature of self as man as in the story of Job–which I suggest each read

Remember that judgement is to see another as less than life–as unequal to life and then to allow them to continue in their lostness– allowing them a “choice”

this is judgement personified and fear realised as manifest and self dishonesty–so-what will you do to assist another to remember who they really are?


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