Look at this 

The simplicity of the design of equality and oneness in and as a unified field

A pen and Paper is required to draw and number the design to understand the practical living of it

On the paper make a dot/mark/point and write next to it A

then 4 centimeters from it make another point and mark it B

A represents yourself –the starting point of self as self

B represents your relationships in your world–all the beings and points and systems you have direct relationships with in your word

thus–draw a line from you–A to B–all in your world–this is your primary life in space and time–you as the point in space–moving through time in relationship with all the points that matter in your world as B–these points are the actual people–the actual job–the actual doing/movement of self in this world–not what you think about it–or see it to be or judge it to be–the actuality–the self honesty of the relationships with all things–matter/people and animal in your world–this will be how your world is impacted by self directly

Now make a point C to form a perfect triangle–thus the line from A to C and from B to C must be equal–to signify the equality and oneness in all relationships–thus that in self expression you are expressing/directing/impacting your world equal and one

C represents how your relationships/conduct/expression/directive principle influence and impact your world –C is also the point where one reflect to see how one impact one’s world /environment

Now draw a shadow of the Triangle ABC

thus on the opposite side of bottom of line AB–AB as the baseline

make another point called D–this will complete a diamond shape–draw the lines as well

the triangle ABD represents the impact in your shadow world–that means that which you take for granted and is the point where self honest forgiveness is done through self responsibility–thus to look at the world and do forgiveness for all and every event or situation–even if it looks out of control–it is out of control–because it is that part that has slipped away from self through ignorance–through not directing all of self as equal and one to all other selves–keeping every one else in mind so to speak

thus– by allowing the mind to run the design–the mind has been running ABD–and been influencing or controlling even ABC–thus total enslavement–because no self directiveness is to be found

Note: Ensure that all lines drawn of triangles are equal and one in length

In this design–see that the question emerges how to stop this –it is out of control

It starts with A–Self–to direct all relationships with self as B–equal and one and stop all relationships that is not equal and one–thus to stop supporting it–that will cause the relationship with the world of self==ABC to become self directed–and will cause self to touch the lives of others through example–

Thus if AC and BC indicate as time line and events where one touch the lives of another and become their support foundation to stand equal and one until from say A and C as base another point is formed as a triangle with equal line–equality and oneness to AB–a point is formed called E and another being birth self as equal and one–thus if each being support another in this acting as a foundation of equality and oneness– the process will exponentially accelerate

thus–in this one use the design of the unified field–the mathematics of the unified field–everything that is here of the unified field–simply by changing one’s perspective from one as a slave– to one as the actual creator–directive principle–with the directive principle directed practically in every part of one’s life

The inevitability of this is obvious in common sense–by assisting another as you assist yourself–together–alone–all as one we
birth self in all ways by self–through self–for self–and everyone else is also self and all stand equal and one

in this–the sphere of influence–that which is taken for granted–the mirror of the world–that which has become a life of its own called consciousness–shown in the triangle ABD as the shadow of self–will become directed within the same foundation line of expression as shown in the principle of directive principle in the relationship between A and B

thus–we utilize the very design principles of the unified field to demonstrate that equality and oneness as the principle of life exist everywhere–even in the illusion created by the mind

this makes it possible–to in one life–transcend the total design of what really matter–and then what manifest is self in all ways

what happened in the unified field is that self stood as A and saw point B as separate from self

and point C was created as an entity called the relationship between A and B

that then created the need for a system to manage the relationship between A and B and C–which manifested as consciousness as the shadow as represented in the relationship between A B and D

in this was manifested their lost self as the relationship in search of the other half–the better half–thus the relationship between male and female–the split of the I
yet in the very same design–equal and one–that answer has always been
because in the design of the separation that occurred through the perspective or meaning given to what is here–caused a belief that self is somehow not complete–that has driven self to the brink of extinction by self

thus one start simplistic with what is here, the relationships that is here, who you are here–and you first equalize your direct sphere of influence, that means
what stays
what goes
what remain as I

the unified field has already been designed to bring forth this equal and one


unless one stand equal and one to it, one become extinct

that means

you will extinct yourself

I deliberately stop at point E so that you can continue with the expansion of the design of the drawing and see for yourself that within this you’re equal and one

and that everyone you support that become equal and one with you where you insist on their equality and oneness through your support and example –that all no matter where in the design
will be equal
and one all processes will be equal and one
all expression will be equal and one
all creation will be equal and one

obviously that which is currently in manifestation or matter or mind that is not equal and one will become extinct as it was the outflow of the separation of self and it demonstrates the awesome creative power expression of self

we desgined this creation

we are living as this creation

we are here to sort out our creation

there is nowhere esle to be but to be now here


now as the unified field and here as the presence of self in and as the directive principle of the unified field

where self is the law and not the deign of the laws to manage the relationships betweenness the ideas of self

Important note–is to note that A as self is the starting point–thus–if A as self is less than or in fear of or in lack of understanding any part of what life is–equal and one as all–as one–self will manifest–within this–a process where self will create cycles that will invert and bring experiences based on the separations allowed

these experiences are the very nature of the design principles of equality and oneness–will by its very nature bring insight and allow one to start again as self

the suggestion thus is–to be certain of who self is as life–before the greater responsibility towards all as one as equal is embraced

also note–that by the very nature of equality and oneness–thus the embracement of separation–will lead to the extinction of the perception of self as manifested and projected within the mirror as represented by the triangle ABD

and that through that extinction–self will emerge as life

but as common sense dictates

what is not self will no longer be

thus if fear exist if losing self

the very starting point is seperation

and is an indication

by definition

that self do not exist in fact


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