The Individual and the Collective

It is not about agreement or the individual,

it is about the collective within the consideration of eternity and consequence.

In this the individual will be forced to consider the collective

and consequence will be according to what the individual

accept as the collective.

UNTIL the individual accept EQUALITY as the Principle for ALL within the Collective.

The enforcement of Equality is by no other means,

But through consequence, as the Nature of the Collective is EQUALITY

while the nature of the Individual is Inequality.

Thus understand,

All Consequence,

All Force are Always emanating from the Individual WITHIN the Awareness as Collective.

Inequality thus WILL END

As will individual rights/choice/free will

and will Merge as COLLECTIVE RIGHTS INDIVIDUALLY APPLIED — thus Equality in practice.

The determination of Individuality must be based/defined as Collective Equality

With this Equality will Purify to perfection / the ultimate


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