The Solution as Self-Will as Self-Power

This is the Solution of Self Will communicating about the solution as myself of self will.

Self will – it’s interesting, the word “will” in sound, is a seed growing, as a tree. The water, the earth, coming together, and standing up as the tree, and here I am. This is the expression and experience of the word ‘will’. Self will, as the sound harmonic expression of life within and as oneness and equality.

Now, human beings have for eons of time accepted and allowed the mind machine to influence and control who we are, existing in constant inner conflict and turmoil – as the thoughts, memories, pictures of the mind constantly, continuously move and generate the inner conflict of emotions and feelings, designed and manifested from the mind machine within human beings, which human beings believed and perceived themselves to be – which gives off the illusion of experience and living.

Now, within having, even in this life, allowed and accepted ourselves to live and be and become this mind machine of thoughts, pictures, memories, ideas, perceptions, beliefs generating the experiences of conflicts, emotions, feelings, turmoil – one wonders: what is self will in application? Because, it “almost feels like” you, as who you are don’t exist in the equation of this mind machine design. How in this mind manifested machine design, do I live and apply self will? What is self will? What has always willed me is this mind, of pictures, memories, thoughts, emotions, feelings, conflicts, beliefs, perceptions, ideas, knowledge, information. It has always told me what to do, who I am, what I must do, how I must experience myself. Then, where does this self will, as me, as one and equal as me exist? Where is it? What is self will in application?

Human beings, as the Solution of the Breath placed into perspective, who you are, is here as the breath, because the mind cannot exist as the breath – why?

The mind is a machine placement that exist in a linear time space continuum. In this linear time space continuum, imagine a thick straight line running horizontally, this line is the mind consciousness field, you are a point in the center as “present”, then on either side you have your past and your future. And this is called the “NOW” .The mind only can exist in the “now” of the unified consciousness field, as it exist in past, present and future constantly, continuously, the thoughts, emotions, feelings, pictures, memories, conflicts, turmoil’s continuously moving, moving, moving, moving and generate as you participate in the mind.

So, as you remain here as the breath in this moment – here you are as you, the mind is not here – you are able to actually see and notice the mind, as the Solution of the Breath explained.

So where does self will in application and the living expression of you exist? Self Will, human beings, is to realize that, to a certain extent human beings have already given up on themselves. There is “no hope”, there is “no solution”.

“Why should I? What is worth doing this for? It will not make a difference. I’ve had enough. I am tired. Why must I?”. Human beings, this has been the mindset of each and every single individual human being in this world and the reason why not one individual human being or many as one as equal together is standing up because everyone has got the same mindset!

Therefore we are in the process of stopping the mind. Not just solving the mind, no, WE STOP THE MIND – through the solution applications as one as equal as yourself, so that, who you really are as the breath, as the moment, stand up as the infinite statement and standing of you as all as one as equal – no mind.

So – self will, human beings, is the starting point of you, where YOU WILL YOURSELF and you DO NOT ACCEPT AND ALLOW THE MIND to intervene or interfere or influence your process of remaining here as the breath of self honesty as you, you will yourself in every moment as every breath. Here I am. I see the mind, I stop the mind. This is not who I am! I am here as me, in oneness and equality as who I am. No more will I accept the mind to influence or control me, I am not giving up, I am standing up!

That is self will human beings. That absolute “this is who I am – I am living who I am, here as every moment, as every breath of self honesty.” That is will human beings. Use self will, you apply yourself, you live yourself. And you stop that mind.
Thank you very much , this is the Solution of Self Will.


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