What Equality and Oneness Practically Entail

Do not be mistaken by what equality and oneness practically entail.

All is not equal and one as life, all is in the process to become/change to equality and oneness, which is the process of birthing self as life here.

Currently each person is equal and one to what they have become, accepted and allowed, and defined themselves as, through a process/existence of self dishonesty and separation.

A suggestion thus to assist and support self effectively in this process of self honesty, birthing self as life here to stand equal and one as life in actuality/fact as the practical lived expression of/as self here:

Be frank and self honest with self about who and what self has accepted and allowed within/of/as self to be one with and equal as, for within this, change/birth is easy.

In being forthright, blunt and openly direct with yourself about yourself, which is the expression of self-intimacy, as what you are currently in this moment of mind as mind – being intimate with yourself through/by actually allowing yourself the opportunity to see directly into you yourself, you eliminate self-righteousness and ego and actually really see yourself ‘for real,’ and not ‘what you want to see’ to form a belief about/of yourself to safeguard the definition/nature of you of mind as mind.

Denying what self is equal to and one with as the actual definition of self that is ‘expressed’ by self through and as the mind – as reflected in presentation, behavior, mannerism, words, deeds, thoughts and reactions, currently will only intensify the purification process of self extensively due to resistance to self honesty.

Because the being will (through the resistance of being self honest) manifest inner-conflict, as in this denial – you attempt to escape from what is really you; facing what is really you of mind as mind. Through the inner-conflict, the ‘actual you’ as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to in self dishonesty and separation – will manifest and step forth even further within experiences both within and without. Because in the very act of resistance through denial creating conflict, you actually manifest that which you resist and deny even further, as the conflict that emerge intensify and compound what you actually really have become of mind – to be faced inevitably.

An analogy:

It is like being a creation as the image and likeness of ‘god’, and becoming ‘god’ IN FACT equal and one in ALL WAYS. Not ideas, but actuality that is proven to SELF and all as self. LIVING the practical expression in and as the physical.

If you observe the current human being that proclaim themselves as ‘god’ or ‘christ’ – this is but a proclamation based in knowledge and information as a manifested belief and but only exist as an idea,. There exists no realization of the practical implications of living equal and one as all and the self responsibility that it entail; not only in talk, but actual living in expression – to/towards others as self.

Hence the tools provided as self forgiveness, self corrective action, breathing and writing; to assist and support self in actual practical living. To be/become real and really live here in expression as the physical. IN FACT, so that what is realized and understood through insights and common sense does not only remain but realizations, understandings, and insights that so easily can be transformed into belief through which an idea of self is created of mind, but that which you assist and support yourself to go into immediate instantaneous self-application in which the realization/understanding/insight becomes a living practical expression that is you, lived absolutely and completely in every moment of breath, unwavering. Not only does this eliminate the ‘knowledge and information’ definitions of self through existing only of the mind – but in this these insights becomes real, and we actually start living.  No more in and as ideas – but in and as fact.

No other proof in 3D will be here, because it will interfere in each one’s process that is actually walked alone.

Alone from the perspective that no-one can self-realize for another, each one must self-realize self here as equal as one as all as life for themselves, by themselves and as themselves. No more separation will be accepted and allowed. This process is absolute for each and all equal and one. In the absoluteness you shall stand, or in limitation as half-measures, you will fall.

No proof from the perspective that it would imply separation if you were to receive proof of yourself – if proof existed – no self trust would be possible. You must prove to you yourself that you stand in absoluteness here in every moment of breath.  This is not the want, need and desire ‘for proof’ as a want, need and desire for ‘confirmation/validation’ of self, as in the very act of wanting, needing and desiring confirmation, you are implying that you do not trust yourself.

Only EGO would request proof ever so fanatically, because the ego needs proof to validate its own existence and confirm its own ideas/definitions/beliefs as what it is designed. Self -trust cannot exist in the want, need and desire for/of proof, but only in actual practical self-application/expression as living the tools of self forgiveness, self corrective action, writing and breathing, where you prove you to yourself as you see you for you yourself here in every moment of breath, whether you’re self honest or self dishonest.

Seven (7) lives should do it for the most stubborn. To go through seven lives before they actually really stop and stand in absoluteness and no more exist / make up excuses/justifications/reasons for why they’re not standing up and stopping–as the intensity by that life will be unbearable. – lol, The intensity of the manifested experiences that emerge both within and without due to resistance and denial and deliberate dishonesty of what self has accepted and allowed self to be and become of mind as mind.  Probably by then – they’ll run out of or actually have had enough of creating excuses/justifications and reasons – lol.

To conclude:

Equal and one, each being a CREATOR without ABUSING the POWER that is HERE and CO-EXISTING with ALL – that is the challenge each will face or abdicate through self dishonesty and separation forever . Each one determines all and everything for themselves.

In this, choice plays an intricate role, – that which those discerning with common sense will realize. The actual choice, is a directive principle within self-realised common sense – by which and as which you stand and thus become and not waver / alter even one inch/refraction – but stand as it, by it as yourself, until it is done. This is thus not ‘choice’ from a polarity-reality as which choice exists within this reality of mind that is defined by ‘options’ as ‘free will’. This choice is an absolute standing as emergence of self here as all as one as equal as life.


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