What will change the world for All?

When a Principle is guideline– personality and ego becomes irrelevant if the principle is effectively applied

lets look at oneness practically

we are all one as humanity on one planet

lets look at equality practically

we are all in a human body with the same basic needs in food, home , education etc

if all laws are made with this in mind –this which is our oneness and equality and this is the guideline for all as a principle –all abuse will stop

thus–if all systems–like the moneysystem, educationsystem etc have as starting point oneness as humanity and equality as basic needs–starvation stops

crime will become virtually non existent

greed stops

corruption stops

manipulation stops

politics stops

because things like politics are only ways designed to deceive the majority into believing that some one actually care about them–all the while it is always self interest at play — thus–it is time for principled living–that will change the experience for all in this world



Would greed actually cease even if people were provided for equally? Would not some people want to be, as in Animal Farm, “more equal than others”? I mean I don’t know of course as this has never practically occurred. Am I not understanding something here? Would appreciate clarity on this point as I am not “getting” that part of it for some reason. Thanks.



the point is that the principle are the directive starting point and not persons –then even if one wants to be more equal–it is not possible within the principle directive



but all this shit wont stop. because there too fuckin many of us. 1 person can change the world…. well… but i have more faith in 1 person changing the world then i do with a group of people. i wonder why that is



this is why world events will force all people to stand as one person then all is equal and one and will do whats best for one as that is best for all

in this responsibility has been preprogrammed to accept that a savior is necessary as the populous are sinful and unable to stand as life

that savior will not come- so this is why the initial stage will be between 14 to 45 years before sufficient suffering has been experienced by all in the world to stop and become like one person walking –realizing what interconnectedness and equality and oneness really practically means


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