Why Desteni is doing what Desteni is doing

Bernard: Okay…

So, many ask why is Desteni doing what Desteni is doing. Why would you say, are we doing what we’re doing?

Dimensions: Well, I’d say it starts off with a, a ‘reason’ or a ‘why’, but eventually it becomes so much you that a ‘why’ disappear or ‘reason’ disappear because you, just realise the common sense in practical equal and one Living.

Bernard: So…Ja, if I look at it there’s many that wants to claim that we are somehow apparently Prophets…

In this world, there is nothing that is not predictable, which is…doesn’t need a prophet to do it – it just needs common sense and practical deduction.

Dimensions: Ja, Ja – exactly that point – practical common sense deduction…

Bernard: So…

Dimensions: I would say, they might say that we are prophets, because it’s kind of the only thing maybe that exist in their vocabulary to describe (Desteni)…but that is not what Desteni is.

Bernard: Okay, so let’s continue…

Maybe at this point, more a ‘personal note’ if…one will notice for instance on Blogging, on YouTube, on Forums; people have a tendency, and it’s become quite a tendency to hide behind fake names, synonyms and so on cause then they have more ‘courage’ to speak nonsense, things that they would normally not say when they use their own names.
So at Desteni, we have requested people to use their own names on the forum and on YouTube and on their blogs which will in time become a common use. So that whatever you say

Dimensions: Is you

Bernard: Is you and you are accountable for it at all times. So that there is accountability

Dimensions: And within that you assist and support yourself from the perspective of what to say, what to express, what to speak – as you say accountability, take responsibility, therefore from the perspective that it’s ‘done in my name’, you know, it’s me, you won’t within that unnecessarily expose yourself to deliberate harm unto yourself actually, by creating unknown personalities and ideas and perceptions of yourself of mind. And within that brings through a point of trustworthiness within yourself and for others.

Bernard: I would suggest that people as a matter of a standing start living their lives within the real world within the name that they’re born with, because the world that requires attention is the real world where there are real people with real names and that one can be accountable for what you are saying and to start disregarding anyone that has an opinion or has a message that is unwilling or scared or afraid or have no courage to actually stand as their real name.
In that a lot of bullshit will disappear overnight.

Dimensions: Absolutely

Bernard: And then the discussion about practical functionality of assisting people in this world and the how and how one will assist people to find a solution so that we can get past this premise that we have created this mess that we have created so that the old world that we have now can end, and we can move into a new world.
We cannot change the old world – that’s not possible.

Dimenions: uhu, no

Bernard: We can stop what we do and become self-honest and stand up and walk with some honour, with some accountability, with some respectability, responsibility.
Maybe on this note is also to note when good man do nothing, evil wins.
It is pointless to be a man of peace while the world burns and millions suffer.
It is pointless to profess peace and to not stand up and speak up and have a particular point that in its application will assist every living thing.
If what one stands for is in application, is not supporting every living thing to have a decent life in this reality then whatever one is doing is certainly not advisable, because it is dividing men into groups.

From a personal perspective I stand for the burning of all Bibles, all holy books, all Korans, all – any form of spiritual book ever written should be burned.
Every single religion should be discontinued. Every single thing that has an opinion or a philosophy should be forever more banished. So we can get down to the nitty gritty in this world of getting a functional society, start again, start from fresh we will consider each human, each animal, each part of this world as equal to you as life coming from the Earth – we all come from the Earth, that is the substance we’re made of – that one take care of all substance ,all forms of existence – equal and one to yourself and find a solution within where all can exist with equal dignity.
Therefore I would suggest a new Money System – a Money System that is based on…
Money System is fascinatingly enough quite functional because the technology is in place to actually be able to support all people. And to distribute it effectively. I would suggest that Money System where all people are given a life allowances that supports everyone from birth and from within that we will have to obviously change some of our current acceptances. Our current acceptances are for instance that one only do something through motivation, not through understanding or self-motivation, so you need money to motivate you or survival or fear of having no money to motivate you to work. That is not a statement that I would like to place as a description or evaluation or a… definition of who I am. Who I am must be functional in expression, moving through understanding in terms of what is required which is where Desteni comes from – we did not have to do Desteni we realised that it is inevitably – if we don’t do it, we’re only going to face ourselves in the future at some point and having to face what we did not do.

So, and that is the premise that was placed before heaven with the opening of the Portal. Maybe at this point, important to note the following: We obviously realised with the opening of the Portal that we have now an unusual event that is not definable within the current context of anything that has been experienced on Earth yet. We do not profess it is special, it is simply basic science if one really go and understand what quantum existence, what the actual existence is comprised of and how it works – it is simple to actually understand what has happened. There is certain rules, laws, principles that guides such events and the actual occurrence of such event that is so – one must understand the functional practicality of such principles, laws, guidelines as it is set out throughout millennia; and they are available on Earth we are not saying anything new, we’re simply accentuating that the principle of equality if vital and that oneness without equality is useless and a deception and just another form of a religion.

Now, we have approached every major university or research organisation in the world as to investigate or do research around the Portal, it was obviously that the Portal would be far more acceptable if you have some scientist saying “ooh this is real”. Obviously common sense can say the same the scientist is only going to end up with a few things possibly to be measured. Probably the brainwaves from different beings as they are in the body, that is the one point. And maybe the points between somebody in the body and not in the body by measuring the weights – there is a weight change because normally, what they’ve already measured is that at death there is a weight change (21 grams) that happens when the spirit leaves the body so we should probably be able to measure that. There not many thing unfortunately measurable from a scientific point of view. One might be able to measure brain rhythms, frequencies, we don’t know, I mean that is what scientists do. We have approached them with and ask for researchers to consider doing research and no-one, not even the most prolific parapsychologists in the world or departments that do research in this has come forward with any point, any suggestion.
One university did come back and say “What we have does not fall within the description of their research”. I mean, that’s obvious it can’t because there is no such description.

That’s why we are, within had to find a way to present the information that we have found and as we are going into more and more a digital world, things like YouTube will become eventually more popular than TV, because the people have a sense of freedom there and they can hide behind fake names and they can create avatars which creates nice strokes to egos. I suggest one start realising that, that is the total intent of the creation of such vehicles. If one would like to believe in something like a New World Order or an Elite, what would be the functionality of the Elite? They would take research from Freud and others that is in the field of mass manipulation for money and they will use that to do that. To manipulate and to take part on YouTube with a name that is not your own, where your voice gets lost within the fakeness of that which you hide behind, you are playing right into the hands of those that determine to be the Elite and New World Order. And people become useless because all you’re doing is instead of looking at the functional practical solutions that will actually make a difference in the world – each is one is trying to promote their own message in separation. Each one trying to make a mark – no-one standing together.
In equality it implies that everyone stands together, there is no leaders in equality, equality is equality. Obviously within the principle of equality is that one will have to push to become more equal if you want to call it – more effective within the physical.

It is thus important to consider that all the channels on YouTube that promote all kinds of points and that’s specifically attacking governments or apparent Elites, that they are simplistically actually only dividing themselves. We’ve specifically done videos on this to test the premises in terms of how it effects people in terms of their consciousness, consciousness is measurable so we can observe it interdimensionally. When people are viewing videos, what happens inside them, how do they actually use their minds, what is their starting point, what is going to happen to them, everything is measurable and therefore is also fascinatingly enough programmable. Because energy is electricity, magnetic movement which is programmable which is the same as your bank cards. You know your banking system is a magnetic system. Your magtapes carry the information that is vital, that makes your existence move. The same happens within the human being within your programming. We will go into these things more specifically when we reveal the nature of the Secret Mind which is the point where reality is created from within is each human.

Over the next several years we will be releasing lots of the information of the research we’ve been doing. Currently we estimate the in the bringing forth the construction, the implementation of a new Money System will take 28 years before it is functional effective. In the meantime humanity will suffer extensively, the systems will simply not be able to support man.
It will happen in waves not all will be affected in the same time, it will be different groups that are affected with different events as the Money System close down. The Money System in itself cannot survive what has been allowed… The problem has not been understood. And even if the problem is understood, there is no solution. So this is rather a difficult time ahead, which will progressively get worse towards 2012 specifically. Why 2012? It just fits the energy patterns so well, come on. Everybody has already prepared themselves for some event, now it just fit into that pattern we just use the pattern to bring forth a greater calamity than you can imagine. And that is by simply connecting everyone’s inner reality to the outcome that is already done. You can’t change that because you don’t even know how you’re creating anything in this world. You’re simply functioning at a level that you do not understand anything about yourself and what you perceive yourself to be – that is not the real self, that is just the projected self. That is the interpreted self, that is the self you are presenting as an idea to the world, and from that perspective your idea is apparently indestructible. That’s not so…There is uncountable graveyards around the world proving one thing: not a single man has left this world alive. And only the ideas has ‘survived’ that suited the egos of those that remained. It’s time to let go of these things so that one can actually get down to a functional solution.


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