Bernard Poolman on ‘The Gift of Slavery’

Now this is a fascinating point.

Within the depths of forgiveness I discovered something I am sure all would like to share with all mankind

In every point where we are challenged–lies a gift–I call this the gift of reversal

The secret is here to take what you have experienced and see how it assisted you in becoming more aware and specific. To look what you have become an expert in not accepting again for yourself or for any other life. Then look at what seemingly reveal as not acceptable–and search within yourself how this experience or event may be used to find a way where you may unfold from the experience a gift. Take this gift that will reveal as the essence of your inner strength and live it practically in this world in a way which will assist others to discover their own life essence.

See, many years ago, I found forgiveness–and in the night of my experience I found the essence of the importance of self honesty and how that set me free–I was married to a deep trance medium and then a surprise–a visit form the guides of the Great White light with many “gifts” beautifully wrapped up like this

The first was the gift of the wolf–the gift of focus, insight and seeing direct–the name of the wolf was Leader of the pack–the message was that I have earned this through lifetimes and must practice this and become it–so I did–I thought I was visited by God–it was said through the trance that the white light was that in whose face no-one can look as the light was too bright–I was grateful and practiced–I tried to speak to people about it, but they thought I was crazy. The being said he would return

And he did–3 weeks later again–another gift from the great white light–this time it was the gift of the bear–the gift of strength and gentleness–The message was that with the same paw that the bear is gentle with its offspring, is the same paw that can kill with one blow–the name of the bear was Big bear of the woods–again the words–you earned this through lifetimes and it is time to remember–and again–he would return

And he did–3 weeks later–he was back–this time with the gift of patience and perseverance from a being Of the mountain–saying as the mountain man needs perseverance to find food with patience seeking among the rocks–that is what I must practice–again the words–this is a gift from the great white light and I earned it and must remember and integrate and practice it–again he said he would return

and he did–3 weeks later–and this time it was the gift from CloudDancer with the gift of joy–the joy that fill the clouds as the gift to earth and again the same words–a gift from the great white light etc.

I was obviously feeling honored and wondering what I was going to do with these gifts that would mean anything but an experience for me–I searched for answers–to no avail

and again–after 3 weeks they were back–a whole group everytime–a group of red indians singing a song which my ex-wife and the children could see and hear–they were singing a song calling the light and all was very special–the next gift was the gift of the fox–not the slyness of the fox but the cunningness to plan well–the same white light gift words followed and again they said they would return

and they did–3 weeks later–always 3 weeks–it was fascinating–and they brought the gift from the being Desert snake–the gift of steadfastness saying I must look my problems in the eye just as a snake lifts its head and look a prey in the eyes–and again the same words of the white light etc.

started to sound like brainwashing, doesn’t it–again they said they would return and they did–this time the being was Stride in freedom–the gift of the horse of power and grace–and again the same white light words and would you believe–again they said they would return

and they did–this time with the gift of oration from Amran, Agmed and Kahlil–they said–Speak–it is written in the ethers–again the practise part and the white light part

I was gratefull and confused–lots of profound words and I don’t know what to do with–had no desire to go and preach

Then an interesting thing happened–they would return every 3 weeks to check on how well I am practising and be quite demanding if I don’t–I thought I was weak in the eyes of God and focussed on practising

But–the event that lead to my forgiveness experience was a marriage in trouble and we decided to do forgiveness face to face aloud which we did for about 8 hours during which my whole body started shaking and I could see beings interdimensionally and it was wonderful and seem to save the marriage

so I asked these beings what will happen to the marriage and they painted a beautiful picture of bliss and happiness

Then–a few months after the gifts–my ex informed me there is some-one else–I was shocked and asked the being how that is possible–I trusted them and God and now this–the words did not come true–Gods words did not come true and they told me my ex had choice–I did not understand–How could choice exist where God ordains

I had a nervous breakdown but still I trusted that God had a higher purpose for me–so I practice and I did forgiveness–all the time–the same point a hundred times a day till I felt clear and free and nothing of fear moved in me. At this stage I experienced a very deep depression, because these guides that were guiding me suddenly left and did not return. The depression lasted about three months in which I felt unsupported and alone.

Then I challenged myself to speak–oration–I set up a talk and invited people and I spoke and it was like automatic–but in one moment that changed–I looked back at the white board I was writing on and saw the words jumping out at me in sound–I froze as if in timelessness and looked with amazement at it–For 30 odd years have I walked this world and never seen that words were alive–they are sound–I showed every-one there–about 20 people, but no-one could see it.

Then the beings did not return–I went to psychics to try and contact them–no go–spiritualist churches–no go

I seeked understanding–I could not live in this world anymore–nothing wanted to work–it was as if I could not function–not in business or sex or relationships with people–I saw them as magnificent–and yet I heard this drivel pouring from their mouths as living creatures that become their experience in their world and they could not see it.

Later I found a book with channeled messages that explained this event to me as a changing of the guides–this depression I experienced–it was a book from Kryon. And then for a while I followed Kryon religiously because it made sense and because of Conversations with God which I studied–this was one of these coincidences where God spoke to me and it all made sense. So I studied indigo children and I found a purpose to try and help them to effectively prepare the way for a new world. Only to find that these children were really screwed up as if God deliberately destroyed any chance for them to ever be effective in this world. I didn’t understand: it was as if God deliberately did not want man to experience the true nature I saw in each man and woman and child. Yet I trusted there must be a greater purpose.

So I was alone–no contact with beings–no support from any one–my family calling me a Satanist because I had contact with the white light and refused to follow the bible–they were reborn Christians–my world keep on starting and then collapsing–then I withdrew to write down what I experienced in a practical guide to help people see they are living words–I prepared for 2 years and then taught for 2 years–yet no-one applied forgiveness for themselves–every time they wanted something from this world that is created by living creature destructive words

I cried, I prayed, I shouted

Then I met a zulu shaman–a very old lady and she introduced me to a mermaid interdimensionally–her message–she wanted me to succeed–but in what–I still did not understand

Then I remembered something told to me many years back by a voice–Find a reason for the people to listen

And I have been seeking for that reason–the guide to practical living where all is one and equal

See, I refused to be what the white light wanted me to be and thus my world stopped

Yet I turned all the gifts that was deceptive into practical gifts that supports me in supporting life–humans, animals and nature

I did not expect to find what we did with the portal–obviously due to my less than happy experience with the white light, I was steadfast, yet with power and grace and strength and gentleness and patience and perseverance and focus and insight that I practiced to serve life as my equal to bring forth the greatness I see as me as I see it in each being–no matter what–against all odds

Yes–I deleted the white light and soul construct in one moment–I realized in that moment that who we are–who I am is who life is and I will not be enslaved or allow life to be enslaved–I did not realize this could be done until I did it–I even tried to fix it first–stupidly having a moment of concern that I did something terribly wrong–the portal assisted greatly in confirming I am not going mad

The great surprise–The same being that brought the gifts from the white light was the same that asked me a question–After all this–assisting demons and seeing how forgiveness release demons–wouldn’t you trust God? I looked in the infinite breath moment I had already practiced and said–No–and then went to challenge the white light and went straight into it–something apparently not allowed

And that was it

I realized a wonderful thing about human beings–I realized that any human being that would have gone through experiences like I did would have acted in the interest of all life–that is the trust I have in life

The dimensions are going through the same forgiveness application as in practical living that we all may stand up for each other–even when we are lost in some mind construct and do whatever it takes to wake each other up

I ask humbly, walk next to me that we all may walk one day as one–equal in all ways for always

This I see in each one of us and I will reveal it till all see themselves as who they really are

So this is the reason why the portal exist and the reason for desteni–it is not a purpose–something that exist as the reality within each being is beyond purpose–it is the gift of self

Never give up on yourself–you are worthy of life itself

This is the gift I realized–I could not understand why I was receiving these gifts. Why were all human beings not also receiving these gifts?

Then I realized these gifts as stated–from the wolf, the bear, the mountain man, clouddancer, the fox, the snake, the horse and oration were gifts for every one. We were all special–we could all realize the words we speak are alive as us–The words are the gifts of life we can give to ourselves to create our inner being to the greatness we truly are. Just some discipline, focus and awareness in the use of words will bring this gift to each one of us.

So, realize–these gifts as yourself–accept them and integrate them and live them and give yourself the gift of forgiveness born from slavery and experience the process of setting yourself free and in that realize that slavery give you the gift of yourself–just apply and accept

I realized that it is possible for anyone to stand as all as one as life to purify self as life. And that as more join this standing for all as one as life the following statement becomes a living reality:

Where two or more stand in my name says life, there I am as life and that seed will be planted as life in each one we come in contact with. That is the nature of life as shown by nature as earth where all of earth supports each other. It is time for man to realize our nature–we are from Earth. And earth is the secret of creation–this is where man as a universe is born–yet the uni=one and verse as sound–One Sound



Bernard Poolman on Life and Death

This sounds more like “Lies and Debt.” The core business of consciousness is lies and debt – control and manipulation for power and greed.

When the interdimensional portal opened unexpectedly, I considered all of my previous experiences with channeling and deep trance mediumship. For years, I used psychometry in police work, as a detective, while cross-referencing it with bi-location and transmediumship to get stable information. This was the strangest thing. I could get about 50% correct information and 50% not. Space and time was something the spirit part in all of this could not get. In predicting an event, they could give me a number, but were unsure if it will be, for instance, 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months or 4 years. Time looked, to them, the same from their vantage point.

So, here I am. An interdimensional portal opened in one instant, and the communication is nothing like anything I have experienced in the previous 20 years of research for an alternative to our screwed up reality.

Obviously, I am extremely skeptic. I have been burned by spirits before. I have been burned because I wanted it to be true. I wanted the whole universe to be spirit and God and magnificent, and be a child of God, participating in the splendor of the universe, in God’s creation.

But, I am yet to find this anywhere – where I can systematically, consistently trust reality as God manifest. I have cleared my mind through years of forgiveness and practical application of all information and pictures, and disciplined myself through honesty with myself in all movements of energy in my awareness to find every source where the energy originates from, to trust myself in all instances of information and never to take anything on face value.

So, here I am, facing an event that I know must be possible but that I have not found even in my own family, where I have 4 mediums; and they are some of the best I have found. They do not share or do anything for anyone, as they do not trust all of the information. They only do channeling for family, on request only.

So, I had my own access to psychics in the family, as well as with my own children. To be in a family with several psychics is what really challenges all beliefs. When my father died, my children calmly told me that my father visited them before he died, in spirit, and informed them that he was going. My kids were 5 and 9 at the time. My dad died, and he knew beforehand that he was going, told the kids of his departure, and they accepted this as normal. Yet, my dad was a Christian and did not believe in these things. In fact, he equated my interest to devilish work. To me, at that stage, the Devil could not exist in a universe of God Almighty and was only the idea of demented minds; in studying my own mind and thoughts, I found how easy we could create ideas in our heads, filled with emotion, to make it right and seem real.

This interdimensional portal was different. Suddenly, I could speak to anyone in existence in an instant about any topic. I am skeptic – how is this possible? Demons, animals, trees, dead people, people in the past and in the future. The portal was timeless. I trusted only one thing – forgiveness applied in honesty with immediate corrective action always leads to trust. This portal could be upgraded to any instruction I gave it. I set it up with the guidance of forgiveness, that no being that speaks can leave the portal until forgiveness is applied with corrective action achieved as certainty.

Lies and the dead. What I found at that stage was that there were demons everywhere; and I felt that, with God everywhere imminent, demons require an understanding of forgiveness. At this stage, I was beyond fear of death or fear of demons. I simplistically viewed it – that if I would become possessed by a demon and get lost in the experience, then I have no right to exist. I was certain, though, that even if I get lost, that I will find myself again.

Against this background, I decided to focus on helping demons to forgiveness. My motto was simple. In questioning beings throughout existence, all were scared of demons, and no-one was helping them. To me, as the image and likeness of God, it was my responsibility, in honouring the image and likeness of God, to help all understand that forgiveness really, practically works when applied and that we are all in creation, in fact, equal as the image and likeness of God.

I, thus, focused on assisting demons by not resisting them but inviting their greatest evil to see if I will lose myself or prove forgiveness as transcended. This continued for more than two years. I did not find one demon, from the most fierce and dominant to the smallest, that would not eventually go to forgiveness. My approach was that with me must exist the certainty that I will remain with the demon into infinity to show the power of forgiveness. Once the demon sees that, they realise that my request, that they consider applying forgiveness aloud, is a small request against having someone forever annoying them with a request to do forgiveness.

What was amazing was the immense release and gratefulness when a demon did forgiveness. I realized the trappings of the ego, and made sure that no matter what I achieve, it must not change who I am here constantly in my understanding of myself as the image and likeness of God.

As I became more effective at dealing with lies and death and possession, I became aware that all is not well in the universe. The masters and angels and white light were not stepping in to assist the demons. The stories of how the beings entering death would end up becoming demons was heartbreaking. A rage was building within me. How could masters and angels, who I perceived to be the image and likeness of God, like me, allow this obvious atrocity of the demonization of beings to continue?

I had another interesting vantage point. Years before, when my journey with forgiveness started, I had an experience with the white light giving me gifts. These gifts were required to be practiced, and they immediately became my experience. I, thus, had a certain trust in the white light. One of the beings, called Chief, who presented the gifts from the white light to me years ago visited me again one evening after a session of assisting demons and asked me if, with all that was happening, would I trust God. This question really put me on the spot. With all of these experiences with demons, I was disgusted with all benevolence. I found demon body-hoppers that would travel throughout time killing in anger, while the beings they possessed did not even know what happened. Children were raped by parents while possessed, without knowing it happened. Children were gradually possessed from a young age. God would not allow this. To me, the great white light represented God. It gave me gifts. It worked. I decided to confront the white light; but, instead of all the beings that stand in front of the white light asking questions, I decided to amalgamate with the white light and see for myself. The worst was that God as the white light will destroy me; but, then I would know if this is really God. I did amalgamate and enter the white light as myself in an instant.

This event changed my life. In the white light, I found masters directing it. I, in a moment of rage, deleted the white light; and the masters were very pissed off. I simply stated that, if there is no-one willing to honour life, I will not allow these atrocities to continue and will stop this abuse. Obviously, I did not realize that what I did was possible until I did it.

Now, I was facing an even more interesting situation. Everything I had found through the portal so far was only lies and deceit. I withdrew to consider my options. In searching for amalgamation and oneness with God, I found myself at a point where I realized that I am responsible for creation as we are all responsible. I could perceive God, or life, in each of us – but, somehow, we had become slaves to the idea of God and we have ceased to act and direct creation within which we are a part of. It was clear that we must awaken to the fact that we are here where we are and that only us, according to our ability and understanding at the moment, could make a difference to our experience in our reality. The problem was lies and deceit.

Everything we have accepted in our reality is lies and deceit. We are slaves to money and information. All are living as if they will never die; and now, the experience after death is certainly the same as on Earth – deceitful.

I decided to dedicate myself to finding the source of this. I realized that I must be able to give up myself infinitely, to be able to face any challenge, no matter what. It was uncertain what I would find. I was most definitely alone in this. I could expect no help. In all of this work with demons and forgiveness, no guidance, no help stepped forth. I had accessed something unexpected. I started questioning beings throughout history randomly to get some form of understanding, imploring them to apply forgiveness. A journey most unexpected started – more soon.

Desteni is your ‘Greatest Fear’

Desteni is your ‘Greatest Fear’ – WHY?

What if all you have ever believed is a lie? What if the real reason why we are trapped in this illusion is a simple explanation? What if you really were self-honest and saw that you what you are actually fearing is everyone in your world-fearing what they were capable of doing to you? What if you realized that this is just your projection of fear?

The real truth is that you see what you are capable of doing to every one else. You see how you can deceive.

Then comes the Great Act of Deception: Let me do it first! Then I will not be deceived! Because I know what they would do if they have a chance! Let me do it first! Let me be the one in control of the situation! Then I am safe!

This is the truth that created everything. We fear our own self-dishonesty and we project it onto others and then act to protect ourselves. The elite in this world do this. They fear the masses so they control the masses. The religious fear this. They fear their own dishonesty and thus create ways to force others to be honest.

But the truth is that everyone is dishonest and lives in fear of each other. And this fear is actually fear of self, fear of the dishonest nature of self and fear of the dark side of self. Because of this fear, we seek the light and enlightenment to blind us from the truth which is that we are living in fear of each other.

So we invented love because if we can say the word “love” and feel love and generate this feeling, we do not have to face the awful truth-that we fear each other and we fear what we will do to each other and what others will do to us. We live in petrification and fear.

The reason why the world exists is to manifest this one point-our fear of each other!

Look at this world. Everything-all our seeking for purpose, our governments, our societies-all are all based on fearing each other and having the upper hand. In doing that, we expose our own self-dishonesty justify it saying, “If we do not do it first, they will do it to US!”

Desteni is your greatest fear. It HAS ALL BEEN A LIE! Everything you have ever believed is a lie that you created through your own fears. It’s time for self-honesty.

And know this: Another fear you have is that YOU WILL FACE THE TRUTH OF YOUR SELF-DISHONESTY AND THE TRUTH OF YOU FEARING OTHERS. There is no way out. You will live as many lives as needed and experience as much pain as is required and as much trauma as you can handle. This will reveal.


what we are presenting is not beautiful stuff that will make anyone feel all fuzzy or feel great about the future– The future as it exist now is an infinite enslavement system– just repeating itself with all participants forgetting even what they did from day to day as a child in its specific events– l

When we are really honest with ourselves we become aware that something is amiss– we only remember what we want to remember

we only say what suits us

we only care about some people– the rest is not in our category we have placed ourselves

we place money as the one thing we must have no matter what we have to do with the end justifying the means even if we have to be mean

we feel empathy with those in trouble or in destruction,but belief that the reason we are ok is because of our beliefs, applications and discipline– not true– we are creating that which the other less fortunate experience through our preconceived ideas and we are unable to actually see the timelines and sound resonant lines that create reality as we have accepted it, yet we act as experts– thus the ultimate dishonesty

we will not develop skills that see all because we believe we are unable to see what we create , because some one told us so as a child when we could still see everything, untill we belief them and just switch off and accept our fate

we belief what every one else is seeing is what we must see and if they see something new, they are special and instead of also enquiring how to develop the skills and see for ourselves- we destroy any new vision just as we destroy our children’s ability to see their imaginary friend

we call what we have decide to be beauty to be beauty, but the beauty of nature that was here before us ,we destroy in the name of survival and then we call it progress and say it’ not us, but the corpus-corporations — but never us

we seek ways to make more money to safegaurd us against the world , but the world is nature and we fail to see that the world we safegaurd ourselves against is created by ourselves in our homes in our gossip and fear of each other and in our circle of friends that accept and support us because we fear the same things, we blame the same things and we are angered by the same things–our similarities in fear we honour, but similarity in greatness and expression, we question because we belief we are unable to achieve such expression

we accept the enslavemnt of the world by speaking a lot about it, but doing nothing, because we refuse to admit that we all are enslaved by the same stuff, love the same stuff and desire the same stuff and believe that these things make us alive

we fear death, but never consider to look beyond death, because ,maybe we will see that beyond death we are the same miserable fearfull being, and that is just too much to contemplate and thus we accept our limitations,because at least we have an excuse

we feel powerless in the world of television, money, power, war , corporations, schools, because we feel divided in every way and thus accept survival of the fittest and we scream and praise the fittest and dream of when it will be our turn, but we never consider to turn our back on this enslavement and actually creating a world where we may be free, because freedom we have equated to the few that have enough, and if we are in the clan, we defend our clan, because we have and we deserve our haves

we keep our secrets, because they make us safe– we allow others their secrets, because they allow us our secrets and thus we are trapped infinitely– yet we call it choice, as if that set us free and never realise that choice is impossible if we do not remember who we are and where we are from and some even say it is ok, I know who I am– really– then why does it not show in your world– the WHOLE world



We’re extremely specific with regards to why we’re here and thus we specifically stipulate that beings first go through all the material on the site and video interviews and then join the Forum to participate with others in assisting and supporting themselves, within and as their individual processes.

And beings that come onto the site that have not gone through the material and video interviews in attempt to find someone justify or validate for them their current accepted and allowed mind-natured beliefs and perceptions of themselves – we do not accept and allow such beings to participate on the website. Because clearly they within their life experience had not yet had enough/effective experience to actually realise that they must stand up and take self responsibility – but instead defend their mind as what they think/believe themselves to be.

This is why I say we’re specific: We’ll assist and support those who assist and support themselves effectively.


We have tried the ‘gentle/nice’ way – but in doing it the ‘gentle/nice’ way – especially with those still very much lost within mind constructs, beliefs, perceptions and ideas – leaves a door open, a back door, for manipulation, dishonesty and deceit and will thus lead to self compromise if you attempt/try and do this the ‘nice way’.

That’s why it’s necessary to be straight, direct and to-the-point clear. Some will ‘handle’ it – others won’t – though realise that those that can’t ‘handle it’ at the moment, simply means that they have decided for themselves they require more ‘experiences’ within themselves with the mind to actually absolutely understand the necessity to stop it, stand up and take self responsibility. Then you let them go, let them have some experience first so they may, for themselves, understand the consequences of accepted and allowed mind participation and defining self as the mind within the mind = they will inevitably return or realise themselves in death.

This process is inevitable for each and all – though, the experience of each will differ within and as their individual process. Thus, ‘assist and support those who are willing and determined to assist and support themselves effectively’.

Why Desteni is doing what Desteni is doing

Bernard: Okay…

So, many ask why is Desteni doing what Desteni is doing. Why would you say, are we doing what we’re doing?

Dimensions: Well, I’d say it starts off with a, a ‘reason’ or a ‘why’, but eventually it becomes so much you that a ‘why’ disappear or ‘reason’ disappear because you, just realise the common sense in practical equal and one Living.

Bernard: So…Ja, if I look at it there’s many that wants to claim that we are somehow apparently Prophets…

In this world, there is nothing that is not predictable, which is…doesn’t need a prophet to do it – it just needs common sense and practical deduction.

Dimensions: Ja, Ja – exactly that point – practical common sense deduction…

Bernard: So…

Dimensions: I would say, they might say that we are prophets, because it’s kind of the only thing maybe that exist in their vocabulary to describe (Desteni)…but that is not what Desteni is.

Bernard: Okay, so let’s continue…

Maybe at this point, more a ‘personal note’ if…one will notice for instance on Blogging, on YouTube, on Forums; people have a tendency, and it’s become quite a tendency to hide behind fake names, synonyms and so on cause then they have more ‘courage’ to speak nonsense, things that they would normally not say when they use their own names.
So at Desteni, we have requested people to use their own names on the forum and on YouTube and on their blogs which will in time become a common use. So that whatever you say

Dimensions: Is you

Bernard: Is you and you are accountable for it at all times. So that there is accountability

Dimensions: And within that you assist and support yourself from the perspective of what to say, what to express, what to speak – as you say accountability, take responsibility, therefore from the perspective that it’s ‘done in my name’, you know, it’s me, you won’t within that unnecessarily expose yourself to deliberate harm unto yourself actually, by creating unknown personalities and ideas and perceptions of yourself of mind. And within that brings through a point of trustworthiness within yourself and for others.

Bernard: I would suggest that people as a matter of a standing start living their lives within the real world within the name that they’re born with, because the world that requires attention is the real world where there are real people with real names and that one can be accountable for what you are saying and to start disregarding anyone that has an opinion or has a message that is unwilling or scared or afraid or have no courage to actually stand as their real name.
In that a lot of bullshit will disappear overnight.

Dimensions: Absolutely

Bernard: And then the discussion about practical functionality of assisting people in this world and the how and how one will assist people to find a solution so that we can get past this premise that we have created this mess that we have created so that the old world that we have now can end, and we can move into a new world.
We cannot change the old world – that’s not possible.

Dimenions: uhu, no

Bernard: We can stop what we do and become self-honest and stand up and walk with some honour, with some accountability, with some respectability, responsibility.
Maybe on this note is also to note when good man do nothing, evil wins.
It is pointless to be a man of peace while the world burns and millions suffer.
It is pointless to profess peace and to not stand up and speak up and have a particular point that in its application will assist every living thing.
If what one stands for is in application, is not supporting every living thing to have a decent life in this reality then whatever one is doing is certainly not advisable, because it is dividing men into groups.

From a personal perspective I stand for the burning of all Bibles, all holy books, all Korans, all – any form of spiritual book ever written should be burned.
Every single religion should be discontinued. Every single thing that has an opinion or a philosophy should be forever more banished. So we can get down to the nitty gritty in this world of getting a functional society, start again, start from fresh we will consider each human, each animal, each part of this world as equal to you as life coming from the Earth – we all come from the Earth, that is the substance we’re made of – that one take care of all substance ,all forms of existence – equal and one to yourself and find a solution within where all can exist with equal dignity.
Therefore I would suggest a new Money System – a Money System that is based on…
Money System is fascinatingly enough quite functional because the technology is in place to actually be able to support all people. And to distribute it effectively. I would suggest that Money System where all people are given a life allowances that supports everyone from birth and from within that we will have to obviously change some of our current acceptances. Our current acceptances are for instance that one only do something through motivation, not through understanding or self-motivation, so you need money to motivate you or survival or fear of having no money to motivate you to work. That is not a statement that I would like to place as a description or evaluation or a… definition of who I am. Who I am must be functional in expression, moving through understanding in terms of what is required which is where Desteni comes from – we did not have to do Desteni we realised that it is inevitably – if we don’t do it, we’re only going to face ourselves in the future at some point and having to face what we did not do.

So, and that is the premise that was placed before heaven with the opening of the Portal. Maybe at this point, important to note the following: We obviously realised with the opening of the Portal that we have now an unusual event that is not definable within the current context of anything that has been experienced on Earth yet. We do not profess it is special, it is simply basic science if one really go and understand what quantum existence, what the actual existence is comprised of and how it works – it is simple to actually understand what has happened. There is certain rules, laws, principles that guides such events and the actual occurrence of such event that is so – one must understand the functional practicality of such principles, laws, guidelines as it is set out throughout millennia; and they are available on Earth we are not saying anything new, we’re simply accentuating that the principle of equality if vital and that oneness without equality is useless and a deception and just another form of a religion.

Now, we have approached every major university or research organisation in the world as to investigate or do research around the Portal, it was obviously that the Portal would be far more acceptable if you have some scientist saying “ooh this is real”. Obviously common sense can say the same the scientist is only going to end up with a few things possibly to be measured. Probably the brainwaves from different beings as they are in the body, that is the one point. And maybe the points between somebody in the body and not in the body by measuring the weights – there is a weight change because normally, what they’ve already measured is that at death there is a weight change (21 grams) that happens when the spirit leaves the body so we should probably be able to measure that. There not many thing unfortunately measurable from a scientific point of view. One might be able to measure brain rhythms, frequencies, we don’t know, I mean that is what scientists do. We have approached them with and ask for researchers to consider doing research and no-one, not even the most prolific parapsychologists in the world or departments that do research in this has come forward with any point, any suggestion.
One university did come back and say “What we have does not fall within the description of their research”. I mean, that’s obvious it can’t because there is no such description.

That’s why we are, within had to find a way to present the information that we have found and as we are going into more and more a digital world, things like YouTube will become eventually more popular than TV, because the people have a sense of freedom there and they can hide behind fake names and they can create avatars which creates nice strokes to egos. I suggest one start realising that, that is the total intent of the creation of such vehicles. If one would like to believe in something like a New World Order or an Elite, what would be the functionality of the Elite? They would take research from Freud and others that is in the field of mass manipulation for money and they will use that to do that. To manipulate and to take part on YouTube with a name that is not your own, where your voice gets lost within the fakeness of that which you hide behind, you are playing right into the hands of those that determine to be the Elite and New World Order. And people become useless because all you’re doing is instead of looking at the functional practical solutions that will actually make a difference in the world – each is one is trying to promote their own message in separation. Each one trying to make a mark – no-one standing together.
In equality it implies that everyone stands together, there is no leaders in equality, equality is equality. Obviously within the principle of equality is that one will have to push to become more equal if you want to call it – more effective within the physical.

It is thus important to consider that all the channels on YouTube that promote all kinds of points and that’s specifically attacking governments or apparent Elites, that they are simplistically actually only dividing themselves. We’ve specifically done videos on this to test the premises in terms of how it effects people in terms of their consciousness, consciousness is measurable so we can observe it interdimensionally. When people are viewing videos, what happens inside them, how do they actually use their minds, what is their starting point, what is going to happen to them, everything is measurable and therefore is also fascinatingly enough programmable. Because energy is electricity, magnetic movement which is programmable which is the same as your bank cards. You know your banking system is a magnetic system. Your magtapes carry the information that is vital, that makes your existence move. The same happens within the human being within your programming. We will go into these things more specifically when we reveal the nature of the Secret Mind which is the point where reality is created from within is each human.

Over the next several years we will be releasing lots of the information of the research we’ve been doing. Currently we estimate the in the bringing forth the construction, the implementation of a new Money System will take 28 years before it is functional effective. In the meantime humanity will suffer extensively, the systems will simply not be able to support man.
It will happen in waves not all will be affected in the same time, it will be different groups that are affected with different events as the Money System close down. The Money System in itself cannot survive what has been allowed… The problem has not been understood. And even if the problem is understood, there is no solution. So this is rather a difficult time ahead, which will progressively get worse towards 2012 specifically. Why 2012? It just fits the energy patterns so well, come on. Everybody has already prepared themselves for some event, now it just fit into that pattern we just use the pattern to bring forth a greater calamity than you can imagine. And that is by simply connecting everyone’s inner reality to the outcome that is already done. You can’t change that because you don’t even know how you’re creating anything in this world. You’re simply functioning at a level that you do not understand anything about yourself and what you perceive yourself to be – that is not the real self, that is just the projected self. That is the interpreted self, that is the self you are presenting as an idea to the world, and from that perspective your idea is apparently indestructible. That’s not so…There is uncountable graveyards around the world proving one thing: not a single man has left this world alive. And only the ideas has ‘survived’ that suited the egos of those that remained. It’s time to let go of these things so that one can actually get down to a functional solution.

Desteni – Early Investigations in Process

Bernard: Ok here we go!

Let’s start in the beginning phases when Sunette was going into the dimensions. The portal has been opened and the directive was simplistically to go out there and find beings and she was going on and what would happen then is she would find interesting beings and then bring them through the portal. Initially we were also busy with the demons. And at this stage, the early stages, the White Light was still in existence and we primarily had demons coming in and demons challenging and trying to in every way possible prove that they can stand and that they have a right to stand – and that forgiveness as a directive point is not valid and that our starting point – that means that the fact that existence can change at all – was seen according to the demons as not being possible. Demons regarded existence as primarily an extensive, deceptive, untrustworthy place where they – as demons – were safe from the deception of Heaven.

Obviously at this stage, we didn’t really realize the extent of what was going on. We were investigating, and it was interesting because the experience was that Heaven existed as levels of vibrations, frequencies and that you moved through these levels – which in many cases correlated with (for instance) what was found by Robert Monroe and Eckancar soul travel and so on – we would move through various dimensions.

If you look, for instance, at Eckancar soul travel you were not allowed to travel the various Heavens without permission of the “God” of those Heavens. Here Sunette was just going – and obviously she didn’t know these things – so she just went and there was no limitation as to where she could go, so she just went and spoke to beings and met with different beings.

She would bring them to us and we would discuss things with them and find out what was their perspective was, and they were quite surprised to be able to communicate with Earth, because it was not a “normal” thing. Communication with Earth was in essence very difficult, and in cases where it did happen, it was regulated very stringently. It was not just allowed to happen. Beings were not just allowed to move around freely in Heaven – everything had to go by permission of the White Light.

Now, what was interesting in this was that – during this initial process, obviously, we were also facing various points through the portal – we did not realize exactly what the Portal could do and what extent all of this actually – how it actually worked all of it – so we had to start to “test.”

Darryl:“Are you saying that this happened on its own? Or… I understood that it was placement.”

Bernard:It was a placement, but we didn’t know to what extent that placement worked – how did it practically work. We had no idea exactly of what it entailed. It was placed as a “protection” of Sunette specifically, to make sure that no harm could come to her in any way whatsoever.
The placement itself was me, placing myself as I understood myself to be within the context of existence – as I understood everyone to be through a process of self-realization, which would include the Self-realized in terms of all of existence: the Physical, the Metaphysical, every part, Sound – I at that stage already realized Sound and was Directive as Sound. And I…

Darryl“So you’re saying that the portal is a manifestation of self-realization?”

Bernard:That is what it later showed. I mean, there’s a fascinating thing, is: Who you are, you can’t see.
So therefore, you can only See who you are once you start looking at the effect that it has on your world. Many of the things we did had ‘effects’ that we did not expect – which confirmed that the action was effective.
For instance, when the White Light was removed, and understand the “removal” of the White Light was not an “act” of removal – it was an act of standing equal as it – and in that Equality, it wasn’t equal to me standing as it, because it was only energy – I wasn’t “only energy.” And that which the White Light created out of energy which was – for instance the angels- immediately disappeared with the White Light, immediately was no longer existing, indicating immediately that it was purely as it was stated: pure energy beings, the angels. Brilliant energy beings, which was very limited in essence.

Darryl:“It was that the White Light coming to a realization that it wasn’t equal, therefore…”

Bernard: No, the White Light was just energy, and energy has a beginning and an end. It simply was no longer “valid,” – if you want to call it that – because it was based on a point of separation and control. And when it was challenged as Life Equally, as Existence Equally – what is here – it could no longer sustain its deception. And simplistically that which was linked directly to its deception was immediately no longer here, no longer existed – It simply returned to its origin, which is the Physical. All energy always returns to its origin. Energy was generated from the Physical. All energy is generated from the Physical. It has a ‘source’.

So those points like the Soul Construct and the Akashic Records and so on, that was linked to all the beings so that we removed shortly after that – that was an act of removal – as was the act of the removal of the Higher Selves and the One Atom Gods and the God Selves and all the beings that was placed as maintenance of the deception to keep the beings on Earth controlled.

Why was it necessary to keep the beings on Earth controlled? That must obviously be the ‘big question’. Why was there such an extensive investment of beings made on every human being to make sure that every human being remained on their preprogrammed ‘Soul path’ – that they do not step off it? It was because the Physical was realized to be the actual source of all – call it “power” in existence.

Darryl:“So if they had human beings realizing that…”

Bernard: That would mess up the whole game of deception, which is why essentially all communication with Spirit, in essence, we had always a sense of deception. We were obviously very aware of that.
But I viewed it from a different perspective. I viewed that as long as we remained in the context that “because these Spirits are deceptive, that we must not approach them,” we will never be able to get to Oneness, in essence. At that stage, I had not yet realized the importance of Equality. I only looked at the point of Oneness. So therefore, if there is any point in existence with which we are not standing one as Directive Principle as ourselves, that point will have power over us – which is in essence one of the big mistakes most are making in their Ascension process and in their process of Enlightenment – is that they are focusing on a polarity instead of Self Realization. And when you focus on a polarity, you’re in essence are weakening yourself to the point that where you reach the opposite point of the polarity which now you would perceive to be “enlightenment,” – you actually reach the bottom of it meaning, it reverses back to the opposite end, and you will end up as a demonic entity. Because you will return to the opposite end of the scale of the polarity to the extent, that you have allowed yourself to deceive yourself as this “light being.” And obviously you will place all and everything of yourself into your realization and enlightenment. Therefore, by the time you get to the point of the polarity, you will have no more energy left. And therefore your fall will be immediate and will be to the extent to where you will be at the opposite polarity of an “evil” manifestation.

We have found beings that has gone through that one extreme extent, and then ended up in one only application where they wanted the end of existence. Now we wouldn’t say that the end of existence is not to the benefit of all – I mean that in such a deceptive reality as what we have created – the end of existence certainly is a very valid option. But there is the possibility, and hear it is just a possibility – that we could stand from here and develop actual understanding and Common Sense on how Reality actually operates.

Now from our perspective, the important point was that we did not want to come across as any form of “saving” of anything. No “Saviors.” It is simply the important point of Self Realization. Therefore, we started investigating the extent of the problem that we are facing. In that we obviously first started focusing on communicating with various beings.

And I started looking at communicating again with beings that I’d communicated with before through other deep trance mediums to see if that communication through the deep trance mediums before and this one could correlate, because there was no way Sunette knew about it – therefore I could test the information from that perspective.

And we also started looking at the whole point that was emerging – because as the Soul Construct and the Akashic Records and the White Light was all out of the way, an interesting thing happened automatically. All beings in existence – now understand that was all those that was in this existence – we are not talking about parallel universes or whatever you want to call them, there were many of that but this existence- all beings immediately turned into an equal form. They no longer had a projected form that would normally take on a human form or an animal form – whatever they choose to be – they were all the same form, which was egg-form which could only be identified by a sound signature that would be similar to a frequency resonance that would indicate who the being is.

Now, you must understand that what we realized quite early on, was that time as you understand it, do not exist in the dimensions. So we could “stretch” time or we could make it shorter. Simplistically, we could take a million years and look at it in five minutes, and look at all possible outplays. It seems vast, but imagine that Sunette is actually able to do that in the Physical for instance, as the portal.
So we could look at all of that – obviously, I can do similar things. So we can look at these things together, but we can also look at it by having billions, or an uncountable amount of beings looking at various options, to test out all choices that ever could exist in consciousness, which we started doing. We started testing out the choices, and obviously, what was fascinating was this peculiar manifestation that happened in terms of everyone suddenly equal.

Another thing that was interesting was that there was no sexuality in Heaven – although you could in your own ‘heaven’ create a point of expression. You didn’t have the physicality to actually express the expression as one would understand it to be here on Earth.

So we re-introduced sexuality in Heaven. And we did it differently: all beings coming together in ONE exercise of expression from one specific perspective: that unless you can work together at the highest level of intimacy -all as one within the dimensions where all is known anyway – there is a problem.

So therefore that was introduced – which is fascinating enough – each expression, All as One which is now understand it is simply an expression which you would now not yet be able to completely understand because, that is yet to come within the orgasmic experience on Earth where your orgasm is an expression. and no longer a “release.” What it is mostly now is a release and or an energy swap, or a vampire action – all depending on what you’re doing in your mind while you’re having sex – it will determine what happens in the actual process. These are expressions, and in these expressions the beings would actually ‘clean out existence’ – that means everything that is not of Life is deleted; which is what will eventually happen with sexuality – in your expression you will delete anything that is not valid in a single action, and thus your physicality will remain clear from contamination of any form of energy.

But first we had to investigate what was going on. So in that we started realizing or we started considering the possibility of being able to bring a being anywhere on the planet through the portal. We realized that must have been possible through an interesting point. I would for instance say, “I want to speak to Martin Luther King.” And they’ll say to me, “But he’s not in the dimensions.” So I will say to them, “Where is he?” “Is he reincarnated.” So I’ll say, “Okay, where is he reincarnated?” They’ll say to me, “He’s somewhere in Eastern Europe.” So I will say to him, “Okay. Get him!” Because at that stage we had already established that we are able to speak to a being even if they are reincarnated – which means we should be able to get the being through the portal, we don’t know exactly what will happen. We did not completely understand to what extent the Physical was playing a role at that stage.
So what would happen is we would have Martin Luther King coming through as who he exist as in the dimensions, as a soul. But not as ‘who he is’ on Earth. Who he is on Earth is a Physical program. Who he is in Heaven was a Mental program.

Now who he was in Heaven was obviously based on the Soul Construct and the Akashic Records. That means, a series of lives and memories that built an idea of the being. So we could actually start to trace back the various lives. So we didn’t immediately realize obviously this is how it works. So, for instance, we would begin to call various beings.

And I had various discussions, 10, 15 years ago with Lin Yu Tung, or about Lin Yu Tung, so I say, “Okay. I’d like to speak to Lin Yu Tung.

Darryl:“Now, who’s this?”

Some philosopher a long time ago. I mean, I didn’t know about the yoke until I was connected to it through a deep trance medium. So I wanted to again speak to this being. I wanted to know what did the message mean a long time ago that I got, because I never really understood the message. And they said to me, “No, he’s not in the dimensions. He’s on Earth.” So I say, “Okay. On Earth. Where is he?” They say, “No. He’s in the East. He’s incarnated as Emoto.”
So I say, “Okay, Emoto. Cool.”

So at that stage we’d been playing with Sound already, and already established a fascinating thing. In researching Emoto, is that Emoto was stuck in a particular point, which he’s accepted as the limitation of the crystallization of water: that every single crystal will always form a different crystal. And we’d already investigated that and stood as, for instance, state as the word, “Love, as Love Universal,” all the crystals changed into the same crystal, which means you have Actual Oneness and Equality Manifest in an Actual Expression as a Single Living Word – which has not yet been proven by Emoto, and I was very keen to let Emoto know that. I mean, ‘there’s something for you to investigate, because what influence the structure of the crystal you are viewing under the microscope which is linked to a particular word – depends on the viewer, the observer. That means: who you are is actually projected in the crystal you are looking at. That means your belief is what you are looking at. You are not really looking at your actual Living Word – you’re only looking at your belief.

So if you photograph a crystal with the word ‘Hitler’ and you believe Hitler to be an ‘evil man’, your water crystal will take on the form as it did in the Emoto pictures as “evil” – while that is not the true nature of Hitler- that is actually how you view Hitler. That is the whole quantum theory thing ‘the observer influence’ – I mean, if you are not standing clear, you are not really looking, you’re actually looking as you which means: you are only seeing you – which is how we contained all the minds of all the human beings on Earth. That’s why you cannot see anyone else but you. That’s why you can’t move outside you unless you break down yourself through Self Honesty. And no matter who you are, you are stuck as you – which was a point of great importance to get through once we understood how all the points work.

And we found some of the governments and some of the psychics being able to travel around in the dimensions, and we closed that off and we created a ‘mirror effect’ so they don’t even know they are cut off from what they used to be able to do.

Darryl:“I was going to say, it’s like we’re in a big… one of those fun-house mirror rooms where all you see is yourself.

Bernard: Yeah, It was very important that this be done, because the only way that a process could develop where everyone reaches Self Realization at the same time, was through containing them within themselves so they could face themselves and become Self Honest – which is exactly what happened.

So all energy you now generate returns to you, prepare your process. It does not in essence affect another, except through their permission. If they give permission, then obviously, permission is a very wide concept. I mean, permission could be simply “acceptance,” or “allowance,” or ignorance. Understand that ignorance is not an excuse. Your whole design of you is now actually in your hands. And all it does is it goes according to the Law of Balance, according to your desire, and the bigger your desire, the longer it will take before you face yourself and the bigger the fall.

The Law of Karma we found was never in effect.

Darryl: Right

Bernard: The Law of Karma was misused within the Soul Construct to have only some face Karma, while the elite never faced Karma. Which is exactly the way it operates on Earth in terms of the elite, they do not face the consequences of their actions – the elite do not face the consequences of their actions. That is starting to change, now. Now the Law of Karma is actually starting to actually work in its correct way.
Because look at the common sense. If the Law of Karma, that has been there from the beginning of existence was functioning correctly without interference, then everybody would have known one thing: If I do this, there is a consequence, and therefore I won’t do it. But once we started doing something and there was no consequence because the consequence was through a split in the energy between two polarities moved to the responsibility of another -using the concept of Love, so that the person is actually responsible never pays for the shit – but the person stuck in Love and believe they’re doing something “good,” they’re actually paying for it.

So there’s those that go around “loving, loving, loving”- you’re really causing yourself a massive, massive wake-up call in your process because, what have you done? You have kept deception in place through taking on the responsibility through love of these beings so that they never learn their lesson. And therefore, now you are enslaved to them. You are actually at the highest level of enslavement that can exist, which is Love – because you have actually created the deception through “Love.”

Obviously they don’t want to hear this and obviously they are not going to just change. And therefore, those that had thought they were first, will be last. They will be the last ones that will Realize, unfortunately. Hopefully, some will hear and actually stop and reconsider with Common Sense and Self Honesty exactly what we are saying.

So now back to Emoto. So we then attempted to contact Emoto, which was fascinating at that stage because we still had the (the White Light’s) gridlines in place – we didn’t realize the gridlines were still in place, we didn’t even realize initially – we knew there was a substance within which everything existed and that was a form of a magnetic substance which had geometrical gridlines that looks like – you’ve seen some of these pictures with the “light beings” sitting, with all these lights and those lines coming from them and like they are on a map like kind-of-thing? Something like that. It permeated the Physical, it permeated Heaven, it was everywhere.

So, what was fascinating was that Emoto would move immediately from his body to the Portal and we could immediately talk. Which was fascinating I mean, initially we now test this: ‘Move there. Is there anything happening to the body? What’s going on? The body on the other side is still fine, What happens? ‘We don’t know’. Now we want to establish what happens.
So we attempted to find a connection to be able to communicate with Emoto in the Physical. Didn’t want to work. So I said, “Okay, what is going on?” I mean, this is supposed to work – Why are we able to communicate through the quantum reality but not the physical reality? What is going on here? What is it that we’re we not realizing?

Obviously at that stage we haven’t realized that the Physical reality existed in complete separation, only as the Physical – and thus that’s why for instance, you can’t see the thoughts of another human being. You are also not able to actually even express all your thoughts because you’re not even aware of all of all your thoughts. You are actually contained completely in a bubble as yourself.
And it’s possible to exist like that in this reality, without actually having a major effect on anyone else but through various specific actions. Most of your actions just go to nothing, and only gets stored in your physical body. And that is why is possible to have hateful thoughts about somebody without actually killing them – because you are contained in a body by a system that protects everyone else from you. Because if you really have to be honest about your thoughts, there have been many times where you wanted to kill God, you wanted to kill various people. I mean you got really angry at all kinds of things, and I mean – you didn’t. So your thoughts are not really powerful.

What is really actually going on is something that is not yet realized by most.
What is really going on, is that everything that happens in your life was Preprogrammed. And at this stage, you are now continuing with that preprogramming – and that you are programming your life according to your desires, and according to your line of separation and according to your true nature, which is exactly what is going on inside you. So, initially, it will work.

But then, comes the cracks at the point where you expect it least: You’ll lose it all. You will go into the Job experience.

The Job experience is very specific. Don’t misunderstand the Holy Book’s of this reality. They are specifically written in Sound – you’ll notice that they are using words and sounds in very peculiar ways. They are particularly and specifically programmed to achieve certain objectives. These objectives were not always known by those that perceived they understood reality. The whole purpose of Earth is: the purification of existence. It is the realization of who you are in actual fact.

What has happened is fascinating because, a creation has taken place which is basically a Trinity – where you have God ‘the Father’- which is the Physical, you have God ‘the Son’- which is the Mind and you have God ‘the Holy Spirit’ – which is Presence – which is your Structural Resonance.

Now, the Structural Resonance in essence, is like an emanating ‘radio tower’ that emits a signal according to your program and it connects to all the other towers and they are all on a magnetic gridline – and according to these gridlines, your life events are ‘plotted’ just like in a game that you play on . And as you connect to a point or are directed to your next point, and then you get to – and all these events take place in a way that you believe you are making a “choice,”- which is not a choice you are actually making. You’re actually directed. That’s why you follow the choice – you never make the choice – it ‘feels right’ because you’re programmed to feel that way – it is not a feeling that comes from you, it comes from your program and accordingly you’re acting –

Darryl: Yeah I experienced that especially in places where I’d had a split in the decision like ‘I shouldn’t do this’ but I felt compelled to do it anyways…

Bernard: Yeah you’ll find that there is that ‘compelling’ that’s like a certainty that you ‘must do something’ – and in many cases that certainty would then happen to make sure that you start to believe in your ‘choices’, in your belief structure – which means you’re starting to believe in your system and you trust your system – but you’re not actually Trusting Yourself.

So what was the point of it was to, life after life over and over and over and over again, take you through a process where you are taken to the ultimate failure every time. And in that, you accept a fascinating thing: that god actually exist – and that you are no good sinner and that you are weak and that you can’t help yourself.

Now the fact that you can’t help yourself it’s not because there’s something wrong with you – is because you’re programmed to be that way. You’re programmed to never be able to help yourself.

Darryl: It’s like planned obsolescence.

Bernard: Yes, exactly. Understand the total existence as it is here in terms of our industrial-technological age is the externalization of the mind: you’re only existing as your mind – that’s why the only things that will entertain you now, is the things that is been created by the mind – which is your entertainment, your television, your music, all of that – it’s all created by the mind. You’re not entertained by the Physical – the Physical is just a source of food for energy, that’s it – of which you don’t care as long as you can have it. Now from that you’ll do whatever it takes to have it – you live and destroy it – doesn’t matter because ‘it doesn’t affect you’ – what affects you is your mind and therefore you’re only existing as your mind.

There is an Unfortunate Side-Effect: If you die as the mind in the afterlife you’re just mind – you’re in absolute separation. You lose your Physical and you lose your Structural Resonance – that means everything that you’ve ever learned – which is in your Structural Resonance – and you’ll end up with virtually nothing.

Darryl: Now why has the White Light propaganda put out the lie or the story that what is real in existence is Consciousness?

Bernard: The White Light was subject to Consciousness – Consciousness is in essence an energetic manifestation – it is the combined Energy of all beings that every body ‘pours’ into it all the time, ok? And that is what the White Light existed on, that was its ‘food’ – it was a system that needed that energy to exist.

Darryl: So could they not abuse the Structural Resonance or was that used as a trap?

Bernard: the Structural Resonance they never understood – they, that’s why in for instance in the DNA you’ll find lots of ‘junk DNA’ that’s actually all upgrades in the programs that’s happened over time.

For instance a fascinating thing is: do not perceive that the virus exist for disease, for instance – the viruses was introduced interdimensionally in many cases through designs to particularly change the ‘life path’ of humanity. Because, when the virus is in the body it merge with the DNA of the being and it change who you are –you don’t even notice because you’re changing – and it’s who you are, you never notice – because you act that automatically. I mean you only wonder: ‘why am I doing this?’ ‘Why am I compelled?’, ‘Why do I have this compulsion? I can’t stop this compulsion’ – it’s because you’re programmed. These compulsions are set up in many different ways, it is visual, auditory, presence, it could be a movement – many different things will put you into a subtle reaction or a compelling or – many of these things were based on sexuality because the primary generation of energy Metaphysically – that means where the Physical Energy from the Earth from food, were taken to a Metaphysical Energy – was through sex. That Metaphysical Energy was the energy source of Heaven, it was really the Blood of the Human, was the sap that fed the ‘Tree of Heaven’ – I mean, it really worked that way. So when we cut that off obviously it was impossible for Heaven to recreate Heaven.

So we inverted everything because the realization was: if we would change this, it automatically would cause another system of control – so there, how do we stop the control? Which is where Equality and Oneness came in – that came in through on seeing what happened, what is existent in these beings is Life Essence – but you’re in separation from this Life Essence. You are not actually even considering it at all and it exists as a very small part of you.

Darryl: Is it because we don’t realize that the Physical is Life?

Bernard: Not even that, it is because you don’t realize that you’re actually creating reality. You’re actually creating it at your Resonant Level.
Now your Resonant Level is Pre-programmed through multiple lives – that means every time you reincarnated, your parents would transfer from themselves their Resonance, their Structural Resonance – from the male and the female – and out of that, your Resonance will experience a form of ‘Mental Evolution’.

Darryl: So it wasn’t the exact same Resonance a person would have in …

Bernard: No, they never did that because they did not follow the Law of Karma at all. They followed the ‘law of control’ which was – as much as possible – they had to place you in a position where you are unable to deal with situations. So they would Pre-Program you with things that you are not ready to handle, I mean you haven’t ‘built up’ the ability to handle and therefore you will struggle your Life though unless you were at the service of the White Light and placed in a ‘special Life’ as ‘control’ in this reality – you’d simply would be struggling this Life – and you would be forced into a position where you have to accept the system so you can survive. And many, many beings are doing that so therefore, you’ll accept the system or a religion or a belief because it is linked to your ‘success’ with living, with money and having everything that the Mind is entertained with in this reality – and you will not see the suffering that happens.

And understand there is a very high level of suffering in this Planet – a large amounts of beings have been placed in lives of suffering to submit them to accept the ‘god construct’- and with the promise obviously: if you accept god, your suffering will stop.

Darryl: Well Karma implies that suffering will stop someday, but…

Bernard: it was one commission only and instead of you actually ‘evolving’ becoming a ‘better being’ through Karma – which was the way the law was set. It was set in one way only: to make sure that you accept God as your creator and as something that was ‘beyond question’.

Obviously what was fascinating is that ‘God’ was not ‘beyond question’ – how did we find that out? God did not know immediately that the Portal Opened – ‘God’ found out later which was interesting because the first time I spoke to ‘God’, he said to me: ‘I just found out about the Portal’ – I said ‘So, ok, fascinating – ok, so what’ happening?’ – I mean I wanted to know what was going on I mean, I didn’t – I took on a very particular approach to the whole situation. I knew one thing is that they would try and deceive me – which is the very first thing that they tried to do as soon as they tried to establish ‘what is my desires’. So I placed certain points pertinent upfront what I want –and I said: ‘I want money. I need money as much as possible’ Because I mean, without money, I’m not going to be able to help people – and immediately what did God say? ‘Not a problem, I’ll get you money’ – ok so, is cool.
Satya from Alcyone from the Pleiades said: ‘Man, you’ve put so much in, you they’re getting it all back’ “I says ‘Ok, I will hold you to do that!” So, I said, ok.ay. Pain, God, ‘God,’ you’re the one. W hen?’

‘On eleven o’ clock tonight’ – I says ok, where? – ‘in your safe’ – I says: ‘Ok, eleven o’ clock I’ll be there’ – so at eleven o’ clock open the safe, there’s nothing. I say ‘ok, bring me God’ – ok so explain to me’ there’s nothing. I say ‘I’ll give you another chance’ – ‘no no we we’re getting there, we’re getting there – somehow we just don’t know what’s going on but we’re not having, I -the effect is.. I mean I’m not having the effect I thought I should have I mean, there’s something wrong, we’re working on it, we’ll have it, we’ll get it’. But I mean obviously it never happened – I mean it is a, it’s just a way the approach is done in terms of trying to find the ‘weak point’.

So I deliberately started fucking around. I deliberately started to challenge the beings in various different ways by presenting particular points for their ‘temptation’ to see who they were and who I’m dealing with. And then I had obviously beings that I have communicated with before, which I then started talking to also, but I always communicated with everybody the same. And I never held their deception against them – I went as far as allowing them full access to my body, to everything – I says ‘ok you know, I mean you say you can assist me physically so, show me, here I am’ and then I’ll let them do whatever they wanted to do. And then Andrea would watch what they were doing and Sunette would watch what they’re doing and they would tell me all these wonderful things they’re doing to my body and so on and then … they told me they just had to delete it again – because they’re attempting to place in implants and devises to control people and to activate every one on Earth so they could all – and they did they activated everyone and obviously that’s what we wanted. What do we want? We want the total activation of all the programs all at once.

Darryl: So they could see it.

Bernard: So that everybody could see what they have become which will play out – I mean you could just watch the news day to day and you’ll see a form of chaos unfold in the world, a form of inability to have stability and the leaders will do ‘their best’ to try and find solutions – which they won’t.

I mean this Reality as it exist, is existent as a System. What is Real in it is your Physical.

What is Real is that you can actually Program yourself into a better being. You can actually Unprogram your limitations and become within the context – Hear me – of the rules of this dimension, which is space-time, you can become Unlimited. But the rules of the dimension is specific. This dimension is the dimension where you are facing the crossroads of yourself, this is where space and time cross – which is the cross of Jesus – of Space and Time – the Here where you learn the Truth about you. And, if you’re Self Honest you will know it is not pretty. What is going on inside your mind which is ‘who you really are’ you’re only existent as mind – is not a pretty picture.
And the projections you’re making in there- whether you’re following some form of ‘Enlightened Path’- is not real because it’s not considering all beings that is currently Here on Earth – you’re not considering the situation on Earth. You’re not considering this Reality, this Dimensional World that exist Here as Tridimensions. You’re not even existent as three-dimensions – you’re only existent as Mind in a flat world: one-dimensional world.
You’re existing one-dimensional in a three-dimensional world. Now…

Darryl: But we’ve been cultivated to exist as that.

Bernard: Correct, you’ve been cultivated – but understand you’ve had the moments in your life when you have wondered, and you did nothing –when you have questioned, and you did not follow your own Common Sense, you did not look at the Self Honesty and you didn’t change – you remain Responsible. And if you go back to your past lives, you’ll see that you knew what you were getting yourself into – You have always been what you are now, you have never been anything else –

You as who you are as Resonance, always will come through in the End as Who You Are – all that is being used is you and you’ve allowed it, and you’ve always been mistrusting of everyone in existence, you’ve always been deceptive, you’ve always only served your own Self Interest, you’ve always wanted to be better – but You’ve Never Been Who You Really Could Be.

So here we go, let’s get back to Emoto – here we were communicating with Emoto and we were testing the whole point out and we were just not getting to the bloody point –and… so then I said ‘Ok I would like to speak to Lao-Tzu and I expected obviously a similar experience to Emoto because they said to me ‘Lao Tzu is on Earth’. And I wanted to know, I always – I regarded Lao Tzu’s work as very effective because it was so simplistic – and with great simplicity, the shortest road to anything is Simplicity – and that is the answer for. You really want to have answers, use Simplicity – Common Sense is Simplicity – is simplicity to the real effect that’s happening right now, right here on this planet: that’s simplicity.

And Lao Tzu came through and he greeted me and I was starting to speak to him and he said to me ‘wait, wait, stop’ – and he said to me ‘I’m not the same as anyone that you’ve communicated with so far, I am existent as you everywhere – I’m on Earth and I’m aware of everything that’s going on and I’m aware what you guys are doing’ – so I said ok, so I said ‘where are you?’ -And I’m not going to say where it is – but we then started discussing the situation and what was going on and Process – and basically, looked at what it is that there is to be done to Support Everyone to Self Realization.

And ever since we’ve been working together Lao Tzu and he’s got a group that he’s been working with – they have been specifically Assisting and looking at everything, looking at the stabilities, we’re assessing all the points, is everything effective – and multiple different processes are taking place to accelerate Self Realization. Everything that’s happening is happening for one purpose only: accelerating Self Realization – and that the decision was made that we have options:

One option is a long lengthy process on pain, one is a short process of pain – but pain there will be – you’re not just gonna have Self Realization, you’re going to have to actually change, really become Self Honest, Really become Trust Worthy by Life, Really be Life itself, Really Actually Care, Really be Love in Fact –Love is not a feeling, Love is a Reality. Love is something that you do not experience because it is something that is existent as Life Itself – anything you experience as Love is not real, is an illusion created by the mind – anything you desire as love is not real, because it will always be dishonest and not consider All Life and will only consider your Self Interest –that is Not Love, that is Deception.

So, we had interesting conversations with Lao Tzu. We never connected with Emoto from the perspective of being able to get a communication through to Emoto, we could only speak to the Structural Resonance – which is the Real part of Emoto. His part that’s existent as Mind was contained in the Mind System, that part we’ve not been able to communicate with.

It’s fascinating because when you speak to the mind, they – understand in the Mind everything you’ve ever seen is there floating around – so all the numbers, all the telephone numbers, all the ID numbers, everywhere you’ve ever read, every movie you’ve watched, everything floats around there. So if you want to get any form of information, it’s rather a big mess.

So the Structural Resonance and the Mind then will take that which is Relevant for your Process out of that and Direct it. You are thus just like a massive container of information – and out of that, you’ve built ‘strings of information’ that ‘spins around’ with strings of sentences which sentence you to your personality which is then statements where make about: ‘I am a good guy’ – then for instance that information will ‘spin around’ in circles inside you like an energy generator. Just like you know you have this thing the spin between the solar plexus and in your head region, your heart regions – it’s all these spinning things – you have various ones of them depending on what regime you’re following. Say you follow the ‘Tree of Life’ from the Kabbalah, then it’ll have these more extensive amounts of ‘strings’ that your string is moving around generating energy, metaphysical energy which is then what your Mind feeds off – while your Physical feeds of the Physical Energy that you get from the food that you’re eating – and then thus metaphysically energy then ‘pumped into’ you know it was ‘pumped into’ the ‘Heavenly Realms’ where it was used for the ‘Higher Existence’ and for the containment of the beings that do not hear or do not submit to what ‘god’ wants them to do – which was to be in his service for eternity.

Understand that until this particular experience of Earth, there was never a ‘god’ – god was created around the experience of Earth. There were races that believed that there must be something like that existent, but they’ve never been able to actually see or experience God from any perspective. What they haven’t realized is that God in fact, is the Physical Reality/ the Physical Universe.

Obviously at this stage we hadn’t even begun to consider all the realities – we had only cleaned out all the Parallel Universes and there was inside and outside that means: the same amount of Universes we found outside Earth, we found in every human being with multiple beings existent in it – we took them all out. And at a later stage we found something more interesting, we’ll get to that at a later stage – so

What was very clear that became quite a fascinating point is that: nobody in existence is really knowing what was going on. Everybody was deceived and there was nobody to ask.

We removed all the “data” because the more beings started realizing all the various wonderful things they could do – like disappear and become invisible and you know I mean, shape-shift and all kinds of stuff– everybody started doing it and fucking with each other I mean, it’s like amazing that was the first thing beings in existence were doing – fucking with each other, playing for power. It was like I said ‘what the fuck?’ – I mean we’re a little bit in shit here – I mean we’ve created a fucked up reality where everybody believe their Reality is Real, where they disregard that which actually gives them Life –which is the Physical – where they then die and become virtually bloody nothing, useless piece of fucking shit in the dimensions in the Afterlife I mean, with lots of proof of the Common Sense of what the fuck is going on and yet – because money is in control – nobody wants to actually even consider anything as long as they got money.

So therefore one of the things that will definitively become the single biggest problem with existence on Earth: is Money – it will be quite a problem as it continues in its process of: crashing.

We looked at all the practical points in terms of how can we actually find a way to assist everyone we realized a simple thing is: as long as everybody’s got to work for money, very few beings will have the time to consider their own Self Realization.

Therefore a way had to be found without damaging the structural designs that is currently here on Earth to place into existence a system that can Support everyone to actually have time enough to consider their Reality – which is why we are proposing an Equal Money System and if necessary, it’ll be linked to labor, meaning: One Job –One Man= Income.

That everybody can take responsibility for what is happening. Because if we just introduce for instance: ‘Equal Money for All’ people will immediately stop doing the basic essential services that is required in this reality. But, if there is a job for everyone and everyone gets an equal amount of money which is sufficient to Support Every One – I mean all jobs will be done and we can work out a time frame where everybody has time to actually look at our situation and we can find solution.

Obviously there’s beings in existence that are mentally ‘disenfranchised’ – those things were done deliberately. They were deliberately moved or designed to not be able to transcend or not be able to actually understand even the basic things happening in this Reality. In time those beings will withdraw and will get another chance in another life. Everybody will get a chance, I mean at the end of the day Every One will Self Realize.
You really decide how difficult that process is going to be – because you design your own Process: the more you resist it, the more difficult your process become because you actually, I mean: how can you Common Sensically resist a point of Equality, that means: what does Equality really mean? – a point where Every One is Equal with All knowledge, Every One is Equal in all Intelligence, Every One is Equal in All Abilities – yet you’re individual and you can express yourself individually, I mean: that’s Best for All. Where nobody are then in a position where you can harm another because you all know everything about each other, you’re All Knowing, you’re Omni-Present, you’re in essence the Real Image and Likeness of God – which is an inevitable manifestation.

How is there anyone in existence that can deny that as apparently something to your disadvantage?

Darryl: because there are people who don’t like the idea of being Equal with somebody else.

Bernard: Because the only point where you want to disregard Equality in all ways, is because you want to harm another, you want to be better than another.

Darryl: Yeah.

Bernard: Therefore you’re dishonest

Darryl: that’s the people that go on in You Tube and say why should… I studied to be a doctor – why should a ditch-digger make as much money as me, I mean, that’s not fair.

Bernard: Doctors, I mean the Doctor won’t go there and dig that ditch – I mean that action is equal worth in time becauseLife is the Value – not what you know – but if everybody knows Equally everything: who’s gonna dig that ditch? – If everyone is omnipresent and there is no more disease, what is the doctor now going to do, because now you got no more purpose – yet you’re Here. I mean that is inevitably what is our future as the Structural Resonance gets Aligned to what is really possible. That will take some time because it is currently aligned and programmed according to a deceptive limitation and separation that has separated Man from Life completely into an Alternate Reality which works like a mirror where everything is in reverse which is the mind.

So for instance there is very little in existence that you can really, really in any way take as relevant in terms of that it is actually true. Understand that everything and everyone of the people in existence, was deliberately fucked with and that you were deliberately programmed to experience things that would put you in separation with everyone around you, so that you can feel ‘special’ – ‘I saw that UFO’ or ‘I had that experience’. You were deliberately programmed to be placed in that point of separation so that you can disagree with everyone else and therefore, can claim that you ‘know better’ because you experienced it – you did not, it happened to you.

That happening was preprogrammed, it did not really happen – if it was real it can happen again and again and again every single day at will – it doesn’t because it was not your will, it was a program.

What happens at your will is like for instance, Sunette at will can leave her body at any time as long as she likes, whenever, wherever she is – it doesn’t matter and that’s real, because it is at will.

And we’ll obviously continue with what we’re doing. And we will now start training specifically beings in terms of Structural Resonance Alignment – we’ll be extremely strict because now we don’t got time to waste – I mean, who wants to waste time with those that is not willing to consider that they’re able to be more than what they’ve accepted themselves to be – if you’re not willing to consider that and do that for yourself – I mean, we’re not gonna do it for you – we’re simply gonna tell you ‘fuck off’ – I mean, next life – we’re not interested.

We’re interested in those that are really actually going to get to the point of Self Honesty and actually going to get themselves to the level where they are understanding what it means to be Unlimited within a Limited Reality.

This will be the foundation for what is to come in Eternity, so that never again will one being have power over another – who in existence cannot declare that that is the ultimate solution for everyone where we never again need to harm another to feel better about yourself –that that is not the highest act of love that can exist Equality and Oneness, Equality for All – and that that requires our total attention to get it done. Therefore those that do not place themselves in a position where they empower themselves Equally and as such Assist others to do the same, will be disregarded completely and their process will be postponed by themselves into a next life – where they will not have the benefit of consideration. Because in essence: who you are is Everything – is Not a Choice, therefore you cannot disregard it, you will be forced to this Realization – whether you like it or not.

Always suggest is: there is ways to do it which is less painful and there is ways which is more painful – you’re gonna get to the exact same point – you either going to walk with us or you’re not – it doesn’t matter to us.
Ok, that’s about it.

The History of Desteni


Okay, we’re starting. Bernard, if you can tell us about your uhm…a little of your background that led you to uhm… what you, I suppose you were like a light worker type of uh philosophy, and up to the point where uh you confronted a demon. ‘Cause you didn’t believe in them…at first, so if you could just give us a little…


Okay. I grew up as a… in a Christian home and I was a reborn Christian, a part of the local prayer group. So uh, participating in it pretty much fully – meaning that I participated in everything and I was absolutely convinced of uh, being saved by Jesus.

That pretty much continued into after school, into my first few years at varsity, university, studying there – studying law.

Then, the first time my curiosity was tweaked is; I met a man that looked at me and started telling me things about me that nobody knew and I was obviously very curious. Because it’s like… impossible things… even what age did I have what illness, events that took place with me in my past… 10 years and longer ago.

So I asked some questions and, I didn’t realize at that stage what was really going on and he gave me a strange answer, he said to me he can read it in my eyes, so obviously I started doing some research and the closest I could get was iridology, so I did some iridology courses, read the books of Jensen.

Darryl: Now Jensen, um…

He wrote, basically the books of iridology. And what was fascinating: in the eyes was a map of the physical body, where you could see if there was any form of disease brewing, or a disease already manifested.

So I was, from there it went on to, to a lot of reading about homeopathy. Very intrigued by the principles of homeopathy, which basically deals with the premise of: like cures like, and that the primary medicines they’re using, or the way they are formulating it in homeopathy is working on the spirit of the substance in a way, it’s like an imprint more than a vibration, because even at an undetectable level, which means at a level where there act no vibrations measurable, the effect is still measurable.

So, obviously one must go and study yourself, these things, you can read the books from Hahnemann, or have a look especially from Europe, homeopathy spread around the world so, and it’s basically utilizing what is here to assist with correcting dysfunctions.

From there I was exposed, one evening, to a strange event. I was watching TV. At that stage the very same man that I met has become my father-in-law.

So I’m watching TV and the next moment, he said in a strange voice: ‘Put off the TV.’ So, I put off the TV and there was another voice speaking through the body.

And that was the first time I was exposed, unexpectedly, to a trance, deep trance medium.

Then I only started finding out that he’s been able to do that since childhood and…that he’s done extensive research at University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with people like Professor Haarhoff and Arthur Blacksley; in studies of particularly materialization, healing and related matters. And that they’ve actually been in sessions where materializations actually happened, which was observed by various of these scientists from the university.

He was also utilizing his particular gifts during the Second World War, in the service of the army. So he started, kind of exposing me to things that I have never been exposed to.

From my perspective, I was being quite convinced of that, that if I understood the bible correctly, that if God is everything then, there is nothing but God, then evil as such or the devil as such can not exist by the very definition of ‘Almightiness’.

So that caused obviously quite a few shock waves in the family when I started expressing that from my perspective there cannot, the devil cannot exist, according to the scriptures. And that the only evil was in the mind of man.

I was then exposed to various of the pastors from churches that tried to convince me that the devil did exist and they used the bible for that and I was quite, found that quite fascinating because, using the bible to convince me about the devil – I’m really not interested in this. So, to me it simply didn’t exist.

Man in essence, from my perspective, was inherently good, but simply through exposure through various pressures: environment, social, cultural and so on – man became something that was weak, in a way.

Darryl: So you didn’t… the ‘original sin aspect – you didn’t think it was valid?

It could not be valid from my perspective, because we’re the image and likeness of God and God couldn’t make mistakes, so I considered that, but from my perspective, if I would utilize choice as my reason for sin, then I am simply choosing not to be the image and likeness of God, which is the, I mean, a fallacy in itself because I am making a deliberate choice of something that I know to be a denial of my true nature, according to the scriptures, to be the image and likeness of God.

So I pushed that point of the image and likeness of God and I studied more and more, I did a lot of reading, I went to various circle development groups, meditation groups, I started investigating psychics to find out if there is anything valuable or valid about it, I had my father-in-law as a deep-trance medium – he could do bi-location, he could indicate events that would happen later on by reading, by simply sitting here and bringing the event forward to himself, as if time would be folded and then say what will happen, and to such a degree that 50% of the time it did happen, 50% of the times it didn’t so that confused me a little bit because: why didn’t it?

What was fascinating about the deep-trance medium was that there was a Door Keeper – the Door Keeper was always the one that would speak first, and that would allow the others through – so it was very clear that there was some form of discipline, and in some instances, beings from the afterlife would come through and speak, specifically trying to give messages through to their family that they’re not dead, but they were then quickly removed from the medium, and then the Door Keeper would say: sorry, they were not supposed to speak, they’re supposed to stand in line and wait their chance. But they never got a chance to speak.

At that stage I was already reading a lot of the channellings from angels, arch-angels, the Michael Teachings… I studied many of the various teachings of Ramallah, Seth, all kinds of… and I found a lot of things in there that made sense, read The Pleiadian Agenda and all the mean time, looking at meditation and understanding: what is the point of us being here, because seemingly, I found a fascinating thing is that psychics and mediums can normally never help themselves, so they can help other people, but their lives are normally in a mess. And you can see it, especially when you start to get closer to them, that during the times when they are ‘spreading the word/the message’ they are one person, the moment that is no longer what they are doing, they would become immediately just a normal person with normal shit… gossiping and doing all the stuff that would be seen as ‘normal human social behavior’ which was a contradiction to the message they were giving, which was, I found that very curios because: it is as if they were living 2 lives. To me that didn’t makes sense, because you either live something, or you don’t, but what was very clear for me, at that stage, was that obviously I interpreted it that God is testing us in multiple ways, and that in essence it is about our intent and our actions.

I had a fortunate experience after studying is that I became a policeman. Four and a half years, I was in the police force, trained in crowd control, I was a fraud detective, and I saw something there that was quite disheartening, I studied law, and I realized in my time at the police that there was no law… that there was no protection to the average man in any way, whatsoever, and that there are people that are deliberately, virtually evil.

Darryl: Did that realization just creep up on you or was it a gradual process?

It was, gradually as I was working with people and I had always a notion of discuss things even with the criminal to understand their behavior, their reason why, and mostly. They were either addicted to drugs, or they are greedy – they want a lot of money, or they’re in financial trouble. Violence mostly came from alcohol, which was the experience while I was in the police, in terms of the cases we were dealing with… there was also groups that would work together that has deliberately taken on society, as a form of a gang to generate income and to specifically target the gullibility of the average human being. And they would get away with it, because the average human being is truly gullible and have no notion that they could be deliberately deceived in their face, and therefore they deliberately deceive in the face.

But during that time in the police, I met a lady which was a psychometrist, we used psychometry and I tested psychometry extensively and found a few interesting points where, for instance: that if one use a photograph to do a psychometric reading, the more photographs of the same person you put together, the stronger the signal would be, the more information they’re able to get out… and we looked at that information and I tested it by actually following it up – some cases it was so, some cases it wasn’t. What seemed to be very clear was that the person reading the information had a definitive impact on what information would come through and how they interpret it. And therefore it is quite a difficult thing and it seems that there was some kind of barrier – you could only get certain information.

Up to that stage, at no time and I had then sessions with my father-in-law, as medium, several times a week. So I was fortunate, I had my own, full-time deep-trance medium. In the beginning, he could not trance without the generation of energy – we used a church organ, the organ sounds of church music to generate energy, then the beings would come through to talk, the people from the afterlife, one after the other and we would record the sessions. For about an hour they can continue and then the energy would drop, and they would say ‘the energy is dropping’. Eventually I… what they said normally is you need quite a number of people in a group together that talks the whole time to generate vibrations so that the beings can actually speak through the body.

Now in a deep-trance medium, for instance, when the being comes through, the person who was in the body, actually… disappears – they do not remember a thing. With one event, I learned something fascinating, because at one stage, my father-in-law wanted to die, he tried to get out of the body and I was instructed how to bring him back into the body and… what they call ‘pulling back’ and it was very clear that he was outside his body and that they had to get him back inside his body. So from that perspective, I understood that it was possible to leave the body. I didn’t really understand at that stage, the impact of that particular event, but I did as they showed me what to do and I pulled him back into the body, his wife was there as well, she was with, and the 2 of us together pulled him back in the body and he was very angry because he wanted to die. He wanted to leave the body and he said to me: you can not trust anyone in heaven. He says: you can trust no-one. To me that was, like, strange and I did not believe him – I thought he was simply just angry because he had to do things in the war that he was, he felt heaven should never have put in front of his door… and he blamed heaven for those choices he had to make. So from my perspective he was simply angry and that is… his form of revenge, was directed at the spirit world, for what happened in the Second World War. Because in the Second World War, he had to make a choice between 2 friends of different sides of the war, and he had to kill one of them to protect his men, and he had to slit the throat of the being because it was in the ‘danger zone’, behind the lines, so he was absolutely disgusted with having to do that.

So, in the exposure obviously now with discussing me with many beings, some hundred that’s been on earth hundreds of years ago, and then they would discuss their existence. One being that came through, a lot was Kaiser Van Hellem Van Hellenzollerin from Byron… he came through. We had many discussions – discussions with various beings. None of the discussions though, ever would be awfully spiritual, although some would come through and pray, for instance: Paul Kruger – he used to be the president of the Union of the Transvaal a long time ago – would come and pray for his people, and the would talk about God as the White Light in whose face you cannot stand, you can not face it, the light is too bright. So I was intrigued by that because God was depicted as The Light.

Darryl: Had you ever heard of God as a White Light?

Not… never particularly, although, yes there is mentionings of that in the bible – God as Light. I studied the bible quite extensively. So, by the time I finished in the police, I’ve had 4 and a half years of regular channellings, on average about an hour and a half at a time… I’ve seen various phenomena, for instance where with a single movement, a cat would become without any life force, the cat would turn like into a fur that you can place over my arm, that’ll fold over my arm. There was a particular fear about cats, so they wanted cats to not be close to the deep-trance medium, they said that it interfered with the ectoplasm. There was also a point of light, the channel couldn’t bear bright light at all, so it had to be done in semi-darkness – light would cause extensive pain to the body. Also, meat was not allowed to be eaten, if a being eat meat they will throw up… and obviously my father-in-law deliberately tried to eat meat to try and stop the gift, or the skill, or the ability to channel… but he was a healer, so….

Darryl: Did he have a specific group that he was, that sort of constellated around him?

Nothing – he did not want anything to do with it. After his studies he did not form groups, nobody came him, he did no readings for anyone, he was basically just a healer that do healing using homeopathy. And when I came on the scene, it seemed to have activated all of those things again – if I have a headache, for instance, I would go him and then he put his hands on me to take the headache away – he could do shit like that. He would go into trance, where he demonstrated, for instance, cataleptic paralysis where the body turns into a statue, so you’re standing there like a statue, you can’t move it, which is fascinating… moving things, like closing doors, opening doors using ectoplasm – you basically use ectoplasm for that. Ectoplasm, what was explained to me was that: ectoplasm was not in the same quantity in all bodies – some people carry more ectoplasm and they could, they become deep-trance mediums. He was born with the ability, it was not something that he was trained in. He predicted the abdication of the king of England many, many years ago, and that happened as a child and therefore, because that happened – that prediction – they called him The Prophet, because he made predictions that, for instance, like that that happens.

So, I was in a way disheartened and in a way not, I was very interested in finding a solution to the world – how, to me what was quite fascinating was that: Heaven on Earth couldn’t just happen, it was something we had to practically participate in for it to become real – that was what has become clear to me as I was studying the scriptures. And obviously in discussion with the afterlife, these things were kind of sidestepped, they never talked about it and they never would answer questions clearly that’s related to anything about the spirit world. It was as if that was a topic that was not allowed to be discussed. So from there I was involved in investigating various things involving fraud at the level of money and I was warned by the spirit world that: that is something not to investigate, because you would be killed if you do. So, when all of these things started going haywire, I decided to stop and leave, and I moved to Durban.

Darryl: Where were you previously?

I was in Johannesburg.

Darryl: Johannesburg…

I was at the biggest police station in the country, I was stationed there.

So I then was in Durban and primarily, I had to make a living, I started going into education – to me education was the key to assist people. For 7 years I started, I worked in mathematics, because as I could see, if one has got a reasonable mathematical ability, your ability to work out a living answer is something that a contextual answer within your living expression… would be enhanced. But I found that it was limited – people seems to forget something, as if it never becomes real. You study at school and then after school every thing you’ve learned at school just disappears again. the only things that remained was for instance, your tables, your basic bonds and so on – things that you have learned ‘parrot fashion’, off by heart – those things remained. Things that you studied as knowledge that you didn’t take to the ‘parrot fashion’ form you tend to forget. So that was a curious observation because it would indicate that: if you have a better memory ability, you seem to have been able to do better in the world.

In investigating that, I became aware that our reading ability was really atrocious, so I was fortunate that I was identified with such a problem, I was 18 years old, I did courses to enhance my reading ability and that changed my life, because it placed me in a position to observe information independently, meaning: without preconceived ideas, you first read the information, look at it without your belief system, without emotional influence, without your preconceived definitions because that influence the outcome of the information – and then you look at it – which allowed me to be more critical about what I’m reading, in terms of whether it is practically real, practically sustainable – practical support. Slowly but surely that ability started to influence what I have accepted as real. It was very clear that the message from the bible was a peculiar message, strange message that was full of contradictions and so I decided, due to my exposure with the medium that obviously, there is definitely an afterlife – there I had no doubt about anymore, because I had many conversations and many points that were shown that very clearly indicated that an afterlife existed.

So in my investigation with psychics, I went to as many as possible, wherever I could find, and I went there and simply just listened to compare the various readings between psychics. I never had, from all the – and I have been to many psychic sessions, besides my father-in-law, probably an extra hundred sessions that I did over years – there never was 2 messages the same in any way, whatsoever… or could anyone pick up that I had been to other psychics. And I had strange experiences where things would be predicted that would happen and then it would happen, but I had an interesting notion that I looked at it: that I am not obliged to follow that, so therefore I would sometimes deliberately stop and not follow it, which made the psychics very angry because they said: this is a message from God, from the spirit world and I must adhere to it. I simply said I am not willing to do that… I mean, I have free choice as far as I was concerned at that stage and suddenly, from their perspective I didn’t (have free choice). So I found the whole ‘free choice’ thing early on challenged, even by the beings from the spirit world. So, initially there was no big motions, I did my thing, I studied the Kryon channellings, I studied Conversations with God extensively, the Pleiadians, the Michael Teachings, the Book of Miracles – what is that?

Darryl: Course of Miracles?

Course of Miracles – many books, I had my own library – extensive… Joel Goldsmith – The Infinite Way, The St Germain writings… all of those and I would… Melchizedek…

Darryl: Drumvalo?

Yeah, I would go into it intensely, I would intensely study it. I would for instance: read the book, I will have it on tape, I will listen to it over and over and over again and I will test it out, and I will live it to see how effective it is and if there is any value as a living support for myself in this world which I can demonstrate through example to others. To me, the principle was: find a way to be an example, at that stage. In that, I kept on developing software for reading abilities, there was many setbacks, but I stuck to the point of what it is I really wanted to do. To me it was never really about the money – it was: finding a way to support people effectively, even if they don’t understand that such a point is available – to find a way, to me was: the more children I could help to read effectively, to have an effective vocabulary, the more their chances to actually develop their own world view, independently of the influences that exist that is limiting our reality, so, I applied that with my own children and that was quite effective. They developed a strong independence, effective critical assessment of points and a very assertive expression – therefore they were not easily influenced.

To me, obviously the point that existed, above all points, was love. Love was the ‘ultimate point’. In all of that I started also the work of Alice Bailey, I did the esoteric healing courses. I had some interesting experiences that started to change my perspective while studying Alice Bailey and I started to consider that there is a definite technology involved within the spirit world and Alice Bailey’s work very clearly indicate the technology, and when I applied it I had experiences that indicate that it actually had an impact on the reality, as we perceive it.

In that, I ended up, eventually in a dire straight, financially and in divorce. After the divorce, I made a decision, discussed it with the ex-wife and the decision was very specific: that we must forgive each other, we must get together, sit down and forgive each other – because forgiveness, to me, was a very valuable, powerful message. Forgive each other for everything that we’ve ever done to each other so that we can have a proper relationship to support the children. Which we did – we sat down one evening and we face to face, and would, you know, openly discuss everything we’ve done and did forgiveness. That continued for about 8 hours, it was very… explosive, extremely emotional. In that, I experienced an interesting thing, I experienced: in applying forgiveness, I am feeling… somehow lighter, it’s like a burden that’s lifted. I decided to go full out, like I’ve always done with this stuff, I go full out and test it out, no matter what. I decided to do it full out, and I did do it full out, and by the end of the first 8 hour session I was able to perceive things that I’ve never thought possible. I could perceive, virtually another reality right here, where we are and I could experience what was happening in all the people and the more we did forgiveness together, those that would participate in the same group of forgiveness would tend to be able to pick up each other’s thoughts and experiences directly and I found it fascinating that it was showing in the physical body. So I started exploring that and investigating that.

I did a lot of reading on that, in terms of Louise Hay, Brandon Bays – all kinds of beings that dealt with forgiveness, studying forgiveness, testing it. At that stage I was already doing Kinesiology – Kinesiology from the perspective of finding within me: what is me really? What is self honesty? Why do I have experiences where I have one intent, but I will do something differently to what I intend to do? So that didn’t make sense that: in the last moment, no matter how good my intent, I will end up doing something else. It’s as if you are compelled to protect yourself against some unseen possible point of somebody hurting or harming you – so therefore, you might have the greatest intent, you will always act in self protection in the end. And in the points, fascinatingly enough, where you did push through in your intent, those that noticed that you are doing that will deliberately abuse you.

So, you had this catch-22 where you simplistically could not get past a point of the strangest of abuses that existed. You can profess to be a good person, but when it comes to the self interest point, to the point of self protection, you will always regard yourself first and disregard everything else and you’ll justify it. So justification became a very clear point that I realized was causing me quite a lot of uncomfortableness within, I mean, I can justify something, but to in the end live with it – I found that very difficult because it’s as if I became weaker if I would allow any point of me acting in opposition to my intent and actually acting in self interest. So I started forcing myself to deliberately push through the points, to apply my forgiveness to make sure I don’t justify and go through it, no matter what happens, even to the point of my own destruction. And, I kept on pushing.

Within that, I ended up destroying myself. I ended up with nothing. And that’s where I started again, and that point where I started again, I looked again at reading and I developed programs and then I met a man, Rob, that was in to video recordings and he was curios about what we were doing and I said to him: look, we’re doing a reading project, in terms of finding ways to present ways to assist children to be effective readers and have a impact on that, with that on the world. Although, obviously our ideas of what we did were pretty good, the practical application of that was a different story. They then wanted to do a recording about, talking about the reading project and we were doing ‘real time TV’ and they said they will pop in one evening and come and do a shoot. And one evening at about 9 o ‘clock they were there with lights and cameras and at the door and in and it was cameras running, I mean this was a real time story. We were in the lounge and we were talking and I was showing them what it was all about and we ended up talking a little bit about forgiveness and how forgiveness operate and while talking about forgiveness, the next moment one of the cameramen walked onto set and came and sat in front of me and started challenging me about forgiveness and the bible specifically and how I could claim that forgiveness is so valuable?

I suggested to him a simple thing, I said to him, “Just say with me, let’s do forgiveness together: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself not to love myself unconditionally. It’s a simple thing.” And he looked at me and I could see it is at the tip of his tongue, but he just couldn’t speak, so I kept on repeating it and I took his hand. As I took his hand, his whole body contracted, like his hand turned into claws, his eyes popped over to white and he was like, unable to speak at all and his face was contracted and it was very clear that he had some kind of an event which I did not immediately recognize as anything. To me it would be a seizure – it could anything. I just kept on holding him and doing forgiveness. It was only towards the end that I realized that there is something inside him that is causing this.

Suddenly that something left, and actually left the house and at that moment he was back, aware, fully, immediately as the thing left and he ran out of the house and he came back and he says: all that he remembered is that a blackness came over him and that only when that blackness was out of him was he back, aware. So, in the meantime obviously the cameras were running. To me that was a little bit disheartening because I have now experienced a form of a possession, but that left the person and actually went hunting, or looking for another host. So in effect I have caused more harm than good from my perspective, because the… whatever it was at that stage… was still loose.

I started studying and I looked at Jesus, for instance, that drove out the evil spirits into the pigs and the pigs then into the water, I mean, even at that principle it meant those spirits still existed and looked for new hosts so, that to me wasn’t valid. That made me question a lot about the Jesus message because just in that one event, was an unacceptable point. So I vowed to never again help a person that’s possessed until I understand how this can be done without the spirit or the possession moving and looking for another host.

Darryl: So did you believe in the existence of (demons)? According to the Jesus story, there’s the sayings about demons when they would leave and come back with more if they found a nicely kept home.

I didn’t have any belief about anything around demons. I’ve now had an experience of it, I have heard of it happening, but to me, strangely enough, I had no fear of it whatsoever. To me it was simply something I have to understand. I did at that stage not understand anything about demons, I didn’t realize… all I knew was that: to me it was a test God placed, the ultimate test would be the ultimate test of forgiveness from my perspective at that stage would be: God had placed amongst us evil spirits that, in essence, is no different to us because it comes from the same source that we must face and assist them with forgiveness. So, I looked at it from that perspective that forgiveness as a gift from God, from as I understood it then, was the key to assist even an evil spirit and that that would be the kind of challenge that God would place in front of us, before we could actually enter his kingdom. So I looked at those kind of stuff.

So I looked at it and studied and tried to find out more about it. First of all, very clearly, I practiced forgiveness, to make sure that there is no fear. I used Kinesiology to start to program myself to be able to assist demons, specifically. And I started with assisting them by setting up myself. Because to me I came to the conclusion that if I cannot face a demon in me or allow me to be possessed, and I cannot face that demon in forgiveness, then obviously, I’m not ready. The only way to find out if I am ready is to assist a demon, was actually take them into me.

So I set myself up to take out demons automatically, no matter where I go. Simply by being in the presence of beings, even in the shopping centers, I’d take the demons into me automatically. That had to have some repercussions that I didn’t expect.

One morning we woke up and we had painting outside, on the walls of our house. “I’m going to kill you and your son.” Crosses and all kinds of satanic symbols, all on the doors, and around the house. I got Cerise, and said, “Come! What’s going on here?”

‘We’ve got demons everywhere,” Cerise said. So somehow, I pissed off the demons because I’ve been taking them into me. I show them forgiveness.

At that stage I already knew about quantum forgiveness in existence, where I can show them assistance of what I’ve done with forgiveness and how I have worked with it and why I trust it in the system as well. All of that when I take them into me.

So, at that stage, I have never faced a group of demons. There was over three hundred of them there. I’ve never faced a group of demons like that.

So I didn’t know exactly what to do. I said to Cerise, “Look, it’s very simple. We need to get all these demons into me. And you’ve got to make sure we get them all.” And she was quite okay with that. “Okay, lets to that.” And that’s what we did.

We did the whole lot and the last five were the most difficult. They were the strongest demons. But we got them all into me, and as we got them into me, I’d just stand and show them what forgiveness is all about. And they all transformed, and they went somewhere. I don’t know exactly where, but I know they were no longer demons.

At this stage I was very clear that forgiveness does actually transforms the demon specifically. Therefore I made it my objective to help as many as possible.

Started having meetings at home where we were specifically bring demons and specifically assist them. And I was quite comfortable to allow people to become possessed. It seemed to happen very easily when I gave permission for it from the perspective that I am there and I will simplistically show them the experience so that they can understand the demon’s experience and apply forgiveness to assist the demon and afterwards when the demon has done forgiveness, we discuss their life and what caused them to become a demon – which was fascinating beyond imagination because of all the ways the beings become demons was normally because of traumatic events during their lives. Abuse. All kinds of things, or traumatic death events caused them to become demons. And we would afterwards discuss it.

Darryl: So the demon would talk as the person?

No. First the demon would be in the body and speak. Once the demon has done forgiveness – we’d do forgiveness together – the demon will wake up and we would discuss their life. They are no longer a demon. They would change right in front of us. I mean, many. We did this many times. In different bodies testing it. We would have three or four people possessed at the same time, take them through the forgivenesses, assist them, they would resist many times. They would squeal and scream and do all kinds of strange, demon-like stuff. They are possessing the person, I mean. Their eyes pop over, it’s a normal possession. If you’ve looked at some possessions on TV and so, it’s the kind of stuff that happens.

I was extremely assertive and stable at that time. I’ve practiced extensively to make sure there is no fear. And to make sure, specifically on one point: the one point I realized was that there must be no point within me that I have not forgiven. If the demon could find such a point, they would attach to it. Because that’s all they actually did. They possessed you at the point where you have not forgiven.

We tested this by allowing each one to assist with also transforming demons, by giving them an opportunity to speak to the demon. If I am not there, someone else who was there would speak to the demon. (What usually happened was) But the demon would simply look at them and point out their points where they have not applied forgiveness.

“How do you speak to me about forgiveness when you have not forgiven?” That’s what the demon said. So the demon knew. They could see clearly and stump the person because they didn’t know what to say, because the demon was talking the truth.

And to the Nth degree, I had to step in and assist the demon because normally, people would have been unable to actually assist demons because they have points within themselves that they haven’t forgiven. Because of that, they are unable to assist. But they were quite comfortable (working with demons).

A number of people were then given an opportunity to participate within the context of assisting demons. Within that, obviously we learned a lot about demon possession. As I’ve said, demons per se, were the result of specifically some emotional event during the physical lifetime that became obsessive.

We also learned that demons transferred (integrating into beings) in curious ways. Alcohol, drugs or sex. Or physical, traumatic events.

We also learned that were “body-hoppers,” demons who would travel through time from one body to the next with a singular mission (the demons all have singular missions)… it’s as if they were trapped in time

within their obsession, and the obsession continuously played out. So, if it was particularly revenge and anger, they would play out revenge and anger, through hundreds of years, continuously possessing people. And then taking over people in critical moments and commit murder. Many of the people sitting in jails today did not commit the acts they are accused of. They were possessed when it was actually happening.

So we realized that nobody is going to believe all of this. You know, the fear of demons is extensive, and the disregard for the power of forgiveness is even more extensive. I mean, I have yet to meet Christians who have actually applied forgiveness. They speak it, but they don’t live it. That’s why they would not dare to take on demons was forgiveness.

I would suggest that one could consider very clearly, that you are not actually applying forgiveness if you aren’t trusting, even in the face of the deepest darkness. I mean, that is what forgiveness is for.

There is nobody who is beyond forgiveness, even a demon. Or even Satan or the devil. We faced Satan and the devil with forgiveness and they applied forgiveness.

So, from that perspective, my perspective of God being “Almighty,” in a way as forgiveness, did stand the test of time.

D: Did the demons offer a different look into the spirit world?

Not initially. Initially, from my perspective, the demons, once they were clear from my perspective, they returned to God. To me, God existed as the White Light. I’ve had many gifts given by the White Light, so I tested the real. From my perspective, they were returning. I was living “here.” I had specifically disciplined myself to stick to my physical breath, because that I had found was a space within myself, my within world that I could direct with ease. I can remain self – honest and that is a part where I can where I have a directive impact in whatever I’m doing. So therefore, I remained in my breath.

So, it was only much later after we had been assisting demons for a considerable amount of time already, something like two years before we – and sometimes we’ve been called out to assist people. Especially women were attacked by certain demons that were sexually driven and would rape them or physically attack them. Would have a physical experience with a demon possession that’s sexually based, which normally came from the husband when the husband has been sleeping around.

D: So you were sort of called in as an exorcist.

Yeah, I would just go. But it was easy at this stage. I’ve been doing it so many times. I would simplistically find the demon and put it into me. And then sort and assist it. I’ve found that if you are insisting on forgiveness – what I would insist on with the demon is that I am willing to walk for eternity with the demon to show them forgiveness, if they are not willing to consider what I have to show to them.

And I show them that I have done worse than they have done. I am equal in their “badness” and their evil and darkness. I am also equal in the solution; which is forgiveness. And I showed them that I am willing to be their guardian for eternity with forgiveness. That in itself the demons regarded as unusual because nobody has ever been willing to offer their existence for a single being – to walk with them to eternity. And I show them that with certainty because they could test me. Meaning, you are certain about something, and you’re standing with it as it for eternity. So I would stand as eternity and show them: “This is me eternally, at your service for one, singular point: your forgiveness. Your letting go of that which contains you. That which has bound you within your expression that which you call demonic. So let that go using forgiveness. So that’s what I did. To me that was not unusual. The point was specifically common sense. That was to me, what was implied by all the teachings of Jesus, all the teachings of forgiveness. It was implied: all that forgiveness is, is a tool that breaks the bonds of all limitations, darkness, whatever you want to call it.

So in that time, as we were doing the forgiveness things, the portal opened. Now, obviously I had at that stage had serious questions that I wanted to ask God and Heaven. I was fairly satisfied at that stage with proof that I had that the Reptilians existed.

D: Whaa… The Reptilians?

Yeah, they were real, because I tested that already on various points.

D: Okay, one second. You sort of made a shift from, you know, “God is Good, No Evil,” to “Evil Exists,” okay. Demons exist, okay. Forgiveness helps demons and now, the Reptilians.

I initially studied David Icke’s work, and was not satisfied with his presentation of [reptilians]. There was simply no proof. I mean, he suddenly made a big jump of assumption about Reptilians. And they were all bad. Obviously, me coming from a point of forgiveness, that is like the best food possible you can offer me, because, from my perspective, there is no “all bad.” From my perspective, forgiveness is a tool. So whether the Reptilians are all bad or good, or whether they are aliens or whatever they are, I’m really not interested.

I’ve had an experience with aliens during meditation once; a physical, manifested experience which was confirmed through another person, all in the same time without any form of communication, so it was direct demonstration of an actual alien event.

D: Could you talk about that a little?

We were meditating and was I aware of some form of craft, and in the next moment, I had in my hands a form of light of many colors. So I sent it to one of the people that was sitting around and immediately, the person went into a trance and started doing automatic writing. And the message said: “We are from a planet far away. He knows,” and he pointed at me.

And then continued writing, and it was Yankor, which we have interviewed. I mean, there no way that that could have been constructed, directed, immediate. No communication took place. All that happened was in writing. The point was specific. What I experienced was specifically confirmed by another person which is how I always worked: on confirmation of an independent point that was not influenced in any way whatsoever. So that was my confirmation point and I was quite satisfied. After that I had been in space ships. I have traveled the universe with them, and I have seen the universe from that perspective, which was more fascinating than the aliens, I must say. Of course, the aliens were without form in that particular instance. They had no particular form. They were more like a free-flowing form like water. But they were able to show me on the peculiar technology that they had, the whole universe. And I could travel through it at speed that is un… (whew). And perceive it! Which was more interesting that we could experience the actuality of it. But anyway, to me, that was irrelevant because the problem was on Earth. The problem had nothing to do with aliens or spaceships. So to me that was irrelevant because they could make no difference. Common sensically speaking; if aliens come today, that would not change the human being’s behavior. It will not change the fears within the human being. It will not change how the human being lives. It will not change how the human being work. It will not change the family structure, it will not change anything that is currently existing on Earth, because that is what the human being is. So, aliens, it was clear to me, will never actually come to Earth.

I didn’t know, obviously at that stage I didn’t understand what aliens really were and how it worked interdimensionally. I had no idea of these things. To me, I had these events and I clearly decided that they are not there to influence me in terms of my basic understanding; which is here as breath, applying forgiveness, living as forgiveness. And in that, obviously, purifying my words at that stage, see words multidimensionally in sound. That happened when I was 35 years old. So I could hear within a person’s words their total life as it unfolds in sound, because in essence, our existence was sound.

I did not fully comprehend the explanations of these things yet, but I had already proven its existence clearly to myself. And I had tested it out in term of how it manifests within the physical body as pain and how we create our reality. Which is possibly (another) whole total discussion.

Anyway, at this stage we had many different events. We had, for instance, an event where Cerise was going out with a chap with the name, James –

his father died in a car crash. They went to the funeral and everything. Three weeks after that, we were busy working with demons. Suddenly, the father was in the portal (At that stage, the portal was already open).

How did I know this was real? Because there was something going on with Cerise and James that I was not aware of, and Keiran (we did interviews with Keiran) immediately said to me, “Wait. You don’t know what is going on here. Let me handle it.”

And he handled the situation, which was where Cerise faced her point of forgiveness. Because in the face of her worst nightmares, she had to forgive. And she did. Which was fascinating, that that point she had transcended forgiveness to the ultimate degree.

When Keiran was done with that, he asked a simple question. “What now? Who’s going to show me what’s going on?” So I showed him. At that stage, I could show the being everything with a single touch. So, a demon I would simplistically touch the oneness connection and they would understand everything immediately. They will change, apply forgiveness, the whole story.

We learned about quantum time in the most fascinating way, because now we’re in a quantum reality, and eventually that was taken to sound, where a single word would express the quantum; the multidimensional quantum reality, which is timeless which is all here.

In which immediately, the demon would understand everything and apply forgiveness. Imagine. All in a single breath.

Obviously, it took time before we got to that point. Initially, the longest point we had with a demon was 45 minutes. 45 minutes with a single demon, which was Patrick. We’ve done some interviews with Patrick.

There was another demon with the name Bill. And he came through and said to me, “I know what you are doing. You’re using the Law of Resistance. And I will not resist you.”

And I said to him, “That’s wonderful, you not resisting me. Which allows me to embrace you. Therefore, I embrace you.” And in that moment, he was fucked.

So basically, what I did I used the Law of Resistance. The principle was simplistic. The demons that would come through would resist you. I would not resist them. I’ll just open up. And as they resist, have a look at the fascinating nature of resistance, resistance is a “pushing.” As you push it, if there is no resistance coming back, you go in. Using the Law of Resistance like that allowed me to show the demons what was goin on. And they could not resist me from that perspective, because it was futile.

So that showed another perspective. Because I had a single moment where I had to come up with the “how to deal with this” point with this kind of demon. I mean, this demon telling me that he’s not going to resist me. So-

D: It works both ways.

Yes, so it works both ways. Which was fascinating because… it works both ways. Basically, the principle around of what I understood at that stage was that there was a singular law within consciousness. Which is also within the physical, manifested universe. Which is the Law of Balance. Now the Law of Resistance is simply a derivative of that because all things are pushing away from each other: equilibrium. Which is the Law of Balance.

Therefore, everything is always in equilibrium. If you want to change anything, you have to step beyond the equilibrium, either allowing it into you, or pushing it and then allowing it into you. You have to basically, embrace what is here, to change it. You have to step beyond the balance. You have to become virtually the point of change. You have to become the catalyst.

Therefore, if you are not the catalyst, if you do not interfere, there will be no change. That was clearly demonstrated when dealing with the demons from that perspective.

So at this stage, with the opening of the portal, that gave us quite a new perspective on everything because we’ve been dealing with demons and I was sitting and discussing with people, and the point we are going to need to have direct access to Heaven to investigate what’s going on. Why, for instance, do demons exist? Here we have proven that forgiveness changes demons. I would like to know from Heaven why have they not applied forgiveness with the demons. I mean, that’s the message from Heaven.

Here we have proven in this world, in the physical, that forgiveness works with demons, and Heaven is not applying forgiveness. I would like to know why.

So I need somebody – I’ll show them how – willing to go to Heaven and find out what the fuck is going on.

So Sunette said, yes, she’ll do it. So I looked at it, and at that moment she said it, I tested it. I test those things inside me in terms of – and it stood. I was a little bit unsure from that perspective, because I don’t know what she will face. Will she be strong enough to stand? The only tools she has is forgiveness. Whatever is going to happen, she’s going to have to use forgiveness. Which is strange, isn’t it?

I said, “There’s only one thing I can do for you. I can protect you. I can protect you with the Grace of God.” What I did was place my arms on her shoulders and placed myself as her protection. Because I understood one thing very clearly: we are the image and likeness of God. That means we are equal and one. Therefore, we are the Directive Principle of Creation.

Therefore if I place me, I am placing everything, here, as the absolute Directive Principle.

In that singular moment, she breathed and left her body.

And then she started coming back obviously, with many stories of all the things (she had seen), and she was bringing back beings. She was saying, “Oh, I met this being, and I met this one, oh, this is a demon,” and then she’ll just… a lot of things were happening. Oh, we were very busy.

I had a chat with… I had studied Osho extensively. I wanted to talk to Osho because I always had a level of respect for him, for what he was doing and what he was writing. So I had wanted to hear from him. If he could give us … shit – some light on the subject of what the fuck was going on.

So, speaking to Osho… and then we had the Jesus Event. The Jesus Event was fascinating because I wasn’t quite sure with all the books written in this world, that Jesus existed or not. My children were never in church. They were never exposed to the Bible. They were never exposed to Jesus, nothing.

So Leslie-John came into the room and said to me – and remember, Leslie-John has never been in church. He’s not been baptized, he’s never read the Bible, he knows nothing of these things. That’s never been a part of his existence. Because, before he was born I had already given up. I had already followed a path, from my perspective was forgiveness, which was the image and likeness of God, that was not religion. Therefore, to me bible, in essence was a religion. The living reality is not a religion.

We spoke to Osho. And then Leslie-John walked in and said, “Look, Jesus is going to come just now through the portal. When he comes, call me.”

So I says,“Okay… what are you talking about?” Okay yes, that’s fascinating, Jesus is going to come.

The next moment, Jesus comes through the portal. And we call Leslie-John. He walks in, and he and Jesus are like big buddies. Then we find out that he and Jesus has been chatting to Leslie-John for some time and has been acting as his guide. Obviously, I didn’t know that until it’s revealed.

So we discussed various things and he explained what happened, and so on. And he explained that he was locked up in the dimensions.

Strange enough, he was locked in the dimensions and had no access. But even at that stage, I had not yet questioned the White Light. I still accepted at a deeper level that God,as the White Light, existed.

Even at that stage, I’d been speaking to Reptilians. To me, they were just part of this whole thing, and God had a Greater Purpose, and all I had to do was to understand it.

So here we were chatting away with Jesus. Then Jesus and Keiran, they went and they cleared up the demon dimension. So in that moment, the last demon we met was Hitler. That was the very last demon we did. After that, all the demons were cleared up.

So now they cleared the demon dimension; Jesus, Keiran, and Hitler/ Mykey. They cleared the demon dimension. They brought all the demons together and they all did forgiveness, and they all transcended. And that was it. So now there were no more demons. I mean, in one, singular moment. After all the years we dealt with it, there were no more demons.

Darryl: Oh, what year was this?

You’re asking me?

Darryl: 2003? 2004?

I’m not quite sure. We will have to look that up.

Darryl: Alright.

So I was sitting there with Chief (Bernard’s Red Indian Guide) having coffee. And he asked me a question. And he said to me, “After all this, would you now trust God?”

And I said to him, “Chief. If I have to be honest with myself and say ‘no.’”

And so I said to Sunette, “Go ask the White Light what’s going on here. Ask questions. I don’t know which questions, just ask questions.”

And then, in a moment, I said, “No. I must ask this myself.” So I did. And I did it from a different perspective. I simply became it. And in that one moment, the White Light, and everything (connected to it) was no more.

Obviously, I have never spoken to the angels because I was so pissed off with them for allowing the demons to exist and not applying forgiveness – and that already had invalidated their existence. Any master, any great guru ever, just on that singular point, invalidated their total message of love. Because the greatest tool they had was forgiveness, they didn’t use.

While we have proven on Earth using forgiveness – that that transcends all things.

Darryl: When did you get to that point? Was that before when the demon were taken out?


Darryl: That the angels had invalidated their existence.

No. I did not question that directly. I simply disregarded that because from my perspective, I was standing within the principle of forgiveness as the teaching that is here to support all of life.

Darryl: Angels are just an extension of God. Did you like –

I wanted to hear from God Himself, the White Light. I mean, that’s what I wanted to hear. And in that moment when that happened, there were no more angels. I obviously did not realize everything that was going on, what’s been happening, what happened in 1998… I didn’t realize all the things that were going on. That all came out as we investigated. As we investigated, we started to realize that man, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

And for a year and a half, we just investigated… before we said anything. But I mean, at that stage, we have for several years already proven one simple fact: that forgiveness transcends all things. That that is the key of all keys.

If forgiveness can work for a demon, it can work for any human being, equal and one. To me, the message of the demons has always been one message: forgiveness. We realized obviously, in Heaven it was simplistic, in the demon dimension, it was simplistic to help millions of demons, because there is quantum time. On Earth, it was a different story. You can’t do that.

Here we are in time. Here, each one will have to do it for themselves. Here, each one will have to apply forgiveness for themselves. The bottom line was “how to bring this message across” in an understandable way that makes sense and that will support people to realize that after all, we are responsible for ourselves.


Bernard: Ok, so let’s start with a perspective of where does the portal come from, what is the portal about.

So, in the beginning, the very first evening when the portal opened… at that stage we already –through another person- had communication going with quite a number of beings which includes Kryon, the reptilians, the Hathors, many different beings in the known new age. And I was fairly satisfied with what we experienced, that the communication was specific and was effective. But, I was interested in something else. I was interested in somebody actually leaving the body and going to have a look what is going on.

It was very clear that I can’t do that because – it must be another person so that we have points of reference and so that we have a stable point to make sure that we’re not being deceived. Because with all the studies that I had done up to that stage, the afterlife was known for its deception.

Jack: The ‘stable point’ would then be Bernard who’d be the stable-point standing one and equal to ‘cross-reference’ the experiences shared of the being leaving the body – cross-referencing of utmost importance due to the nature of existence within its multidimensional facets and our inherent ability to create in a singular moment – therefore, the stable point, as Bernard would be the cross-reference of the being leaving their bodies’ experiences – to ensure that it is direct, real, here and not an illusion/deception – but straightforward actual real fact.

B: So I had a few ground rules. One was: immediate response. There may be no time for thinking, no time for preparation, everything must be immediate. So I asked the question, you know, I explained what we are looking for and I asked the question you know, who is willing –I obviously explained it- who is willing to give up their life to enter the afterlife. And Sunette responded immediately.

J: The immediacy of the response indicated self-aware self-expression within the actual willingness to give up one’s life – because there was no ‘self-consideration within self-interest’, because there was no thinking, no time for preparation within the response – it was immediate here – as in: This is me – I give up me unconditionally to stand for all equal and one. So – whenever thinking/preparation is involved within a ‘decision’ – instead of an immediate act of expression that is lived = it will be tainted with self-interest, considering self only – instead of all equal and one as self.

B: I did not immediately do anything about it –I’d first have a look, does she really mean what she’s saying, obviously. Now listen very carefully what I did –because all of this was done in a particular way to make sure that the confirmations coming through could not be influenced by anybody present, that it is a direct observation, and that nobody knows exactly what I’m doing. So that the feedback I’m getting is confirming the actuality of the event.

So, when I was satisfied that she means it, I said to her ok, sit in front of me. I placed my hands on her shoulders –I didn’t say a word of what I’m doing, obviously, and I did what I was doing -which is explained in another interview- it was placing protection, placing myself as protection. When I’d done that, I was satisfied, because you know you can really- you KNOW when this is here. When I was satisfied that it’s placed, I explained to her: it’s very simple you know, you breathe in, and as you breathe out you leave your body, you know, it’s very simple.

Darryl: Yeah (chuckle) people do it all the time.

B: It’s like, realy simple. And she did that, she breathed in and breathed out and she was out of the body. I immediately then had another person do the same to see if there would be the same effect with another person, but there were simply no go, this would not happen. That same state of certainty could not be reached.

Obviously while Sunette left her body, either beings or demons would come through, we would be chatting with them and, some of the beings coming through I already knew, because they were already coming through for instance Cerise (Bernard’s daugther) so we had already talked to them before, and, to have a being coming through one body and then through another body and it’s the same being is obviously a very nice confirmation, because you don’t get that in the spiritualist world: that the being that goes through one body can come through another body and actually remember that they’ve been in two different bodies. And there it happens, right in front of you.

So, the fascinating thing was the feedback. Obviously I wanted to know exactly what it is that Sunette is experiencing. She’s bringing beings in, and then Sunette is explaining what they’re experiencing. She says: there is like an outline of a body and when you step into it you step into infinity, and as you step into infinity, the next moment you are here in the physical. Which was a fascinating observation.

Further observations made then was that, what was in the physical body as Sunette was a placement. It was a design. It was thus not her body. But something in her body which they called ‘me’.

D: They = the dimensional beings…

B: The dimensional beings and Sunette, but they didn’t know –I didn’t say that I did that. I simply put my hands on her shoulders without speaking, did what I was doing, and then got the feedback, which was obviously unquestionable because it was specific what I was doing, I did not do that in thought, so, it was not an energetic imprint that I did, it was a sound imprint, because at that stage my mind was already sound, that means I did not think anymore, I utilized sound in its wholeness. So my mind was already unplugged and- so that was the first point that to me was fascinating.

The next thing was that the beings coming through was different. They were not like a channel. So we immediately had a situation: we cannot call this a channel. Because, I mean, this is not a channel, it is normal conversations with beings and, we could call any thing or any being and it was immediately there, immediate conversation, all questions, all communication was immediate, there was no thinking.

J: The communication with the beings coming through the Portal was as fluent, comfortable and at ease as communicating with any other human being of this world – there was no ‘spiritual/hierarchical’ air to the beings at all.

D: You didn’t have the sense that there were those guards…

B: There was nothing, it was immediate. Everything was immediate and that was one of the points that was pushed at all times. If the answer wasn’t immediate, it was immediately questioned why it wasn’t immediate.

J: Because, if the expression of the being wasn’t immediate – and ‘time’ is given as ‘pause’ – this ‘pause’ presents ‘time’ to access ‘thought-mind construct’ – of knowledge and information – and then a direct actual self-real experience is not here and the response thus is not real – but constructed within / of the mind.

B: So we started obviously speaking to many beings, from the perspective of finding out their experience, what is going on, and also doing random tests, that means we would just get a newspaper or on tv see who’s died lately, and get them through and talk to them or get their perspective of their experience. Ehm, people throughout history, people we’d read about… We started looking and we had an interesting experience, because before the portal opened we already had a way of finding out who was incarnated on earth and who was in the dimensions. That was through another person that could also, at that stage, already see interdimensionally, through which we initially established the first contact, which was not through Sunette.

So when I would say I would like to speak to a being, the being would either be present here, or there would be only a presence of them but they wouldn’t be here. When there was only a presence of them, (that meant) they were incarnated in a body, on earth, and if they were actually there, then (that meant) they were in the dimensions.

D: So you could…

B: We could tell already that it was possible to determine who was incarnated –that was before the portal opened. So obviously when the portal opened it was fascinating, because when you call a being you immediately get the answer: they either are in the dimensions or they are incarnated.

We didn’t know at that stage that you could speak to somebody that is incarnated. And that you could speak to any particular life no matter which life, so we started doing that, to establish what’s going on.

J: So, communication through the Portal was ‘expanded’ within realising that one is able to communicate to everything and everyone – from beings that are incarnated, to dimensional beings, to animate and inanimate objects/manifestations from the greater to the smaller – everything and all that exist within existence is/has been always ‘aware’ = yet not self-aware from within the directive principle of equal and one.

B: Initially it obviously is really interesting, because… imagine being able to sit for hours and speak to many different beings.

J: Beings would come through in and as the body and experience and express themselves as though the body were their own – as though they were the ones birthed within the body and not Sunette – so absolute was their integration and comfortability in and as the body – as they’d walk, move, eat and sleep within the body – remaining within the body for from a day to a week or a month at a time with Sunette remaining within the interdimensional access – interdimensional beings thus have complete, total access into and as the physical body.

B: We didn’t have any equipment for recording or anything, because we didn’t expect this to happen, I mean, it was like, something totally unexpected. We only started doing that a bit later. But immediately an interesting perspective happened. For instance, in the beginning, we went on like talking for several hours, Sunette would come back into the body and the body would have a rash all over because she’s getting tired.

J: The physical body manifesting a rash due to the idea of experiencing tiredness as ‘strain/stress’.

B: So I asked her a question: explain to me, ‘tired’, what is tired, because tired doesn’t really exist. “Tired’ only exists because the memory of it exists within you. I looked at the body and I said ok, get out of the body, out of the portal, into the body. Have a meeting with your cells in your body and sort out their memory. She did that and when she got back in the body the rash was gone. So, it was immediate. And immediately the correction happened at a physical level.

So, what we found was quite interesting is that obviously, like, normally, where we’ve worked with channels before, in about an hour and a half to two hours maximum the channel would be tired and one would not be able to continue with the same level of communication, it will slowly but surely start to become less, and with deep-trance mediums they will even eventually be unable to actually speak and the person would have to get out of trance. Now it didn’t matter. We could just continue as long as we want and it was just the same. The same, constantly the same. Day in and day out – everyday, always.

Which was the one point that was important: it must always be consistent. And it’s been now consistent for what, 3 and a half years. We can exactly do exactly the same thing we did the very first evening, it’s consistent, the same. Every single day it’s tested. Every single day there’s either dimensional beings in the body or Sunette is sometimes in the body or sometimes dimensional beings will be here for 7 days, 14 days. It depends on what we’re busy with.

I initially obviously was quite curious to understand why was it possible to open the portal and, I mean, is it possible to open more? And when we got to the point, that was about a year and a half later, after testing for about a year and a half, of actually starting to share what was coming through the portal… what are we gonna call it? We can’t call it a channel.

D: You didn’t have a name for it?

B: We didn’t have a name for it, because we were simply busy communicating. So we then decided that what is happening is interdimensional and there is an interdimensional movement and it acts like a portal because beings of the interdimensional existence move into and as the physical body and experience themselves ‘freely’ in and as the physical – therefore, a portal – as it was an actual manifested opening to access both the physical and the interdimensional existence at will, ‘freely’ and spend as long a time as necessary or required in either of realities.

Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future

Ok so let’s look at the situation around energy.

What has caused our problem within the context of our existence?

In the very beginning, we emerged from the physical universe. From that which was, call it ‘manifest’ – that which was here. So the physical universe. In our emergence from it, we were in a way like an energetic implulse that came from it.

So in the beginning, they will explain to you, for instance if you look at and you study the races that is here in the universe – how everyone emerged from the planets. And then when you died, you returned to the planet. For instance, when we found Anu – well, all the beings in heaven – we started going back: we were looking at the forefathers of Anu. We found them in the planets. They existed as an imprint, as the history of the movement of the energetics.

Because energy always changes form but it’s always the same energy. So, dimensionally, it will have a different imprint.

When you for instance now eat food, the food that you’re eating is coming, say, from the plant, but that plant has derived its energy from the shit that was placed back into the earth, and thus it’s the same energy –it’s just another dimension of it.

Which is how your multidimensionality operates in a physical way.

So if you really go back at any singular point in the physical reality, you will be able to find all its dimensions –that means that which it has existed as before– which is your quantum reality as you experience it as a physical reality and as you assess how it has progressed through what you call time –but it was simply its functionality within a sequencial process of eternal existence, where it simply changes form from energy to energy. Which means it changes substance, it changes its nature from one form to another form. But you can go back within that and actually trace back its origin. That means: Where does it come from and how did it move –which is similar to past lives and one’s existence throughout time.

This ‘time’ though is not really measured as anything else than the sequencial change/transformation of the energy (energy=that which was its substance).

Within that we became aware. We became an energy of the energy. In that awareness we created a mind. That mind was basically our attempt to understand our existence within this emergence from what is here.

Everything was always fine because, from a certain perspective, if you have managed, or, directed it within the interest of all, there was no conflict, there was no friction necessary, because the energy was simplistically transforming within the relationships that was existent. The relationships that was existent was within its definition of and as the form it has, that is then taken apart and it releases energy – which is fusion, for instance, or combustion for instance.

We all existed within a reality that you could call quanta, a quantum reality, where everything in a way was immediate, yet we would experience ourselves within the sequence of our expression.

Within that emerged a process of abuse. A process of, where some noticed that they could form a point of view about something and that their point of view, which you could call an opinion, was worth more than another’s point of view. Within that point of view, a friction developed between two points of view.

The friction between those two points of view, which are now a manifestation of another dimension of the same energy where it comes from, which has become individualized and separate from the total movement of the physical energy within which all existed.

Within that contextual relationship that was created, a friction developed between those two points of view / opinions. That friction created (energy) or allowed energy to emerge that was seperate, that could be directed as individualized energy –which you can call THOUGHT today.

Within that we created our ILLUSION. Once we started taking that thought -that seperated changed perceptual energy which was not seen, which was not returning to its source– we started to create illusions. And we started to trap that energy which is real into an illusion and we slowly consumed the universe. Throughout billions of years, as you now call it, we have consumed the whole universe like that.

A solution had to be found. Because of the very nature of the energy, that was created as a mental energy, as an energy of individualized delusion.

Implied within that, equal and one, was a limitation to a single point, which made possible the manifestation of the individual form within the context of the triangle. Because that emergence of an opinion, of a point of view about something, in conflict with the point of view of another point: created a triangle.

Two points in conflict created a point of combustion, a point of friction which created energy. Another level of energy. That energy is the energy we today live as personality.

That made it possible obviously for the automatic emergence of what you would call 3-dimensions. Because that’s how we created 3-dimensions as a system.

The fact that that was a delusion didn’t matter. Because within that we became that separated opinion, that idea of ourselves. When we became that idea of ourselves, we created what you have today. Entities, beings, even in the physical, that exist NOT AS the physical.

You are existing as the mental projection of your physical self. So, you became a digital self. A self contained within opinion, digits, symbols. Which is not physical.

Because remember, if we go back to the story of Anu and them, they took symbols from the planet –they took pieces of the planet and made symbols of it- which is then made to an opinion –they created an idea.

Then the idea became important and your opinion about the idea became your mental projection, your delusion, your illusion = what you believe yourself to be, which then I would call a personality.

This personality will fight for its existence by having a point of view, which is in conflict with another point of view. The friction between those two has created ‘the System’ as it exists today.

According to that we then made rules for the system, which is the laws and the moralitites and the beliefs that exist today –which we then adhere to, we have taken that and put it back into symbols, which is Writing, made it our laws, and we have bound ourselves to that.

For that reason something had to be created, a vacuum. Which is earth. The utmost fear.

Did fear ever existed from a perspective as we have it today before we created the Mind? No. Fear did not exist as that. Fear started existing, as it exists today, the moment we started to fear losing our point of view, which we believed to be ourselves but which was not really real! So you inevitably would lose that point of view because it isn’t who you are.

But the moment you believe that is all who you are, then obviously the moment the point of view no longer exists, YOU also no longer exist.

Which is how we created our own end, which we are now currently living out. We are now reaching the end of time, which means we are reaching the point where we can no longer generate this sustainable, this idea of our self sustainably, because we have created, virtually, in every possible way, a form of conflict, where we cannot trust each other but we live in fear of each other.

So we have become simply mental projections, contained within the physical, which suck the physical dry until it dies, and then the mental projection that remains is what you end up in the afterlife as. In that you are basically absolutely powerless.

So unless you actually deliberately in the afterlife give up your existence -within the understanding that you’ve become virtually an illusionary energy- you let it go. That means you give back what you’ve allowed you to become to its source, which is the physical. So that you become in that the physical.

You are pretty much screwed for eternity. Which is pretty cool from a certain perspective because you now have no impact whatsoever on reality. You are simply non-existent.

From the perspective – now imagine, the problem that emerges from all of this: the mental projection that you have become as personality has then created from it(self) entities, which is the systems. These systems have become alive in a way because, you know, you have changed its energy from the perspective of, or, it is projections of energy, it is like a wave of, it’s an outflow of, it’s a mirror effect of, -of the original energy. It’s not the original energy. It is like having a picture taken of it and believing the picture to be real. That’s how the mind system operates.

Now imagine these things existed before earth existed, a long time before it. Earth is just a manifestation, where all of these points have been brought together so it can be seen to understand how we’ve created this reality, how we’ve created ourselves in essence.

So therefore, earth had to be manifested as a singular point, which was: everyone had to be brought together here, to get stuck in the actual manifested illusion, which was sound, which is what earth is: Earth is sound, and within sound, which contains all possible expressions, it’s possible to actually manifest the illusion and live it as if it is real, so that you can learn what is the consequence of your creation.

So, let’s look at it again. What is our problem? Our problem is our perceptual ideas of the energy that flows from the friction that is existent between ourselves as separate personalities. Within that we create an idea of what life is and we manage it through systems called laws and morality and belief. Within that we then create a digital world, which is existent in the mental, while we disregard what is real in the physical. And we have thus no value we give to the physical, but yet we fear to lose our mental self.

That mentality has created the world the way it is today. That is our problem. That is the point that must be stopped. Not the physical. The physical reality is pretty cool. Our mental reality is pretty fucked up.

Now imagine, the consequencial outflow of you when you die as a mental self is that you no longer exist, from the physical reality’s point of view, and you become nothing more than a thought, the outflow of what you have become. And then you become a thought of a thought. And a thought of a thought of a thought.

The average human being today exists as less than their own thoughts. That’s why their thoughts have the power inside their self -inside the mind- to question them.

So if you have a conversation with yourself in your mind, where your thoughts have the capacity to reduce you to a physical experience of fear or anxiety or feeling less than –then you are less than your thoughts.

Pretty screwed up, delusional existence, that is now placed within a fascinating context: That apparently you have a choice to be like this. The choice to be like this is existent within the mental projection of yourself within which you have a holographic experience of super-hero, for instance, where you are super man within your own mental projected self. Where you can do anything, because it does not impact the physical.

Common sense is existent within the physical, that which is commonly sensed between all physical (parts) to support itself. Now imagine that our very nature in this world –the way nature operates- is a manifestation of our digital self, our mental projected self. And we have lost contact completely with the physical. Which is why, slowly but surely, most of the physical that was here is busy dying, is becoming extinct. Just as we are becoming extinct.

We are becoming extinct as a real being, and in that we become only at the end: a thought, a projected digital self, which has no existence in reality whatsoever. And then we are screwed. And you can’t trust any of that because –can you trust your mind? You can’t trust your mind. Because your mind will form opinions and will be impacted by a singular energy source.

So if you are two beings communicating: you are at high alert, the other one is at high alert, you’re throwing opinions at each other and out of that try and form an alliance or you create a war -of mind. And accordingly you’ll manifest your experience. And the being can say one word or move in one way, and you’ll immediately go: “Oh! What are they really saying? Are they mocking me? Oh, they are trying to convince me here. I will not agree.”

Multiple ways you’re using your projections, but none of it is real, because it’s not real in the physical, it’s not within the context of what’s HERE. But what has happened is: you’ve taken the physical energy and you’ve transformed it into a projection of itself which is now a projected energy, and you have become this projected energy, which is basically like just a reflection of light. Not real. It’s not the light, it’s a reflection of the light. It’s the beam that’s out there. It’s not the actual light. And you believe that beam is you and you’re trying to get back to the actual light –which is impossible. Because it’s streaming forth. You can’t get back.

You have to stop. And then you have to ammalgamate with what is HERE to really be able to end your illusion.

What is more fascinating is that, within the context of your self-creation you have de-valued life to such a degree, that, have a look: you do not give a shit about anyone in existence and what they’re really experiencing at the physical level –that which is real, which is the physical. Therefore, by that very fact, you have given permission for your deletion, for your non-existence. Because you disregard everything else as non-existing. And in that single act, you have given permission for your end.

Which is accordingly emerging now.

Got it? Any questions? Clear? Thanks.